New complex project defense 50R6 «Hero», which should change the eminent C-300 came to the finish stage. Disk imaging on «News» from the Ministry of Defense, the Main Command of the Air Force and Air Defence Concern «Almaz-Antey» appointed the first tests in the fall.

— This will launch and other preliminary field tests. According to their results, we define the date of the municipal complex testing and acceptance into service — said a source in the Defense Ministry.

Widely known in the world of S-300, against which Israel is developing a special electronic system of oppression, are armed with the 1970s. Despite the great tactical and technical properties, they need to substitution modern complexes capable to fight for unobtrusive and highly mobile radar aerial targets, including cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

«Hero» started to be developed in the midst of the 2000s to protect strategic installations and ground forces at a distance of 8-40 km (9M100 missile) and up to 120 km (missile 9M96). Unlike the S-300 having fixed modification, his replacement absolutely mobile, because it will be mounted on wheeled chassis Bryansk auto plant KamAZ either.

Despite the alleged miracle characteristics, military range in the prospects of the new complex. The representative of the Main Command Air Force involved in acceptance activities, recalled «Izvestia» that according to the signed contract in 2010, the 2013 «Hero» to go on air defense forces, and not tested on site.

— It seems that did not have to endure tests illumine indefinitely. Migraine deliver his regular anti-aircraft missiles 9M96 and 9M100. Not counting the «Vityaz», they must be equipped with a ground complex S-400 «Triumph» and the ship «Redoubt». So now, no start was not successful since the creation of missiles in the 2000s — he said.

In 2011, products and 9M96 9M100 shot S-400 and «redoubt.» In both cases, a takeover target seeker (GOS) was broke, and the target remained intact. All 2012 Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» arguments GOS to the brain and their own ground tests.

Oboronprom representative familiar with the situation said, «Izvestia», the missiles absolutely ready for acceptance activities, and now «the embarrassment does not happen again.»

— This summer, in other words before the test «Vityaz», we will test firing refreshed complex «Redoubt». Their terms depend only on repair corvette «savvy» who resettled «Redoubt» and that burned in September last year in Sweden. Military test results will be delighted — he says.

He added that if the sea of ​​fire will be successful, the test in the fall and «Vityaz» problems are not expected.

President of the Institute for Strategic Assessments Alexander Konovalov told «Izvestia» that Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» several problems that hamper the establishment of modern systems tools.

— Concern is located in Moscow, and after the restructuring is the brainchild of Lawrence Beria could not keep all the production area and capacity. At the moment there are only a about 15 buildings instead of the previous 150. Imagine if assembly plant SAM «Patriot» is not far from of the White House in Washington, — said the expert.

In his view, the Russian defense industry in dire need of design offices and factories that are not inherited as a legacy from the Soviet Union, and built from scratch on the latest developments.

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