Sayan — quarry-anthill

Sayan — A vast system of labyrinths, just 10 kilometers from Moscow. Inside it looks like a huge ant hill, as it is constantly moving people …

In the famous quarries Syanovskih two centuries ago limestone quarried white stone for the construction of Moscow, and today a huge underground complex with dozens of tunnels, caves and caverns became a kind of Mecca for thrill-seekers. Seasoned Pioneers even lead tours there.

Even the soft limestone can not drown out the conversations and laughter. At a depth suddenly crowded. As if the 40-km-long web of roadways and tunnels — not a wild cave outside Moscow, and the transition to any subway station.

People meet in the tunnels, and hello again diverge. Leading the way — one of the experienced leading a group of tourists. Free of charge — so decided to Sianov.

"There is a feeling that you are present in a dungeon of some castle — recognized one of the tourists Irina. — In fact, I like it here. "

The central alley, Cinematography, Columbine: each gallery, as in the urban area — its name. Hotels, taverns, area, sleeping areas, even the church — say, to consecrate him down Sianov Orthodox monk.

Many come here for the vivid impressions. Others — on the contrary — look for the rest, running away from the bustle. Such a map in hand do not take — is guided by the patterns on the walls of lime. If we get lost, look at his feet. Paul, reminiscent of cobblestones, polished hundreds of shoes. Where the coating is harder — there is wider trail. There are still signs of its own system, clear each caver-seeker.

"There are, for example, the so-called ax — says Vyacheslav Klimov. — This is the main sign of the system, the end of it, as a rule, shows the exit №.

Experienced do not go wide paths. In search of new roadways and tunnels they climb into all the cracks, expanding the geography Syanovskih quarries.

400 years ago the white limestone quarried for the construction of Moscow. Then, the quarry was abandoned, and after the people there got into the habit, and even filled up the entrance. But cavers Sianov "printed", and now they are intensively developed.

Frequenters of these places disturbs the influx of tourists, who are trying to explore the catacombs themselves. Dungeon is beginning to thaw. Beginners hardly make out what plate is held firmly over his head, and what are the change. Had PE — inputs again flooded with concrete, and the whole world with its own culture and traditions will once again be buried under a lean ground.

If anyone is interested in this place, here you can find a detailed plan of the caves, as well as all the routes.


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