Scholarships are missing or an apartment, or a food

By the beginning of the new school year — less than two weeks. Many students are now — in search of a roof over his head. According to the Ministry of Education, more than 45 percent of students will be forced to rent apartments from private owners. In Brest, Mogilev, Grodno and other regional centers (not to mention the Minsk) holiday apartment now costs more than the amount of scholarship. Even taking into account that 11 percent fees, which ordered the provision on the eve of the election, Alexander Lukashenko.


Students compacted in existing dormitories, and do not build new

Not all students Mogilev enough beds in hostels. First of all, there satisfied beneficiaries and foreigners. Outside the dorms are the ones who pay their own tuition, and freshmen.

Neither the university Mogilev can boast absolute security student dormitories. On the construction of new dormitories in the regional center of conversation is not, as there are no funds. Each institution has to decide for itself the problem of homeless students.

At the University of supply, for example, fifteen percent of freshmen are already looking for a place to live:

Rent an apartment in Mogilev — means to pay from $ 70 …

"We have two hostels. All are full. We are creating a database of apartments that are rented, and will offer students the shoot there apartment. This is our usual practice, it is happening every year. Fifteen percent of these students will live only in the first year apartment, and then we are they allocated in the dorm, "- said an employee of administration.

Living in a dorm on the average student costs to forty thousand rubles a month. Rent an apartment in Mogilev — means to pay from $ 70, and then, if you're lucky.

In the Belarusian-Russian University in internatavskih rooms increase the number of students living while reducing the allowable six square meters per person, up to four and a half.

Build a new dormitory for the students gather in Gorki Agricultural Academy. In the meantime, the same twenty percent of future agricultural experts live in apartments.

However, not all students are going to live happily in the dorms. Student Stanislav rents an apartment:

"This, of course, very cheap, however, a small room in a dorm, home to a few people, in addition to the lack of self shower, toilet. Where ever the noise, where neither sleep nor eat.'s Not for me."

Will the student to increase presidential scholarship? — I asked the Stanislaus:

Good money on which to live — it is 700-800 thousand …

"I have increased scholarship. I get one hundred thirty thousand a month. I do not think I notice these eleven percent do. They would be, that they will not — I will not be pleased. I do not think that thirty thousand a month — good money, which you can live. Normal money, which you can live — is 700-800 thousand. "


The best places — for students from China and Tajikistan

The Brest region this year has not built a single dormitory. Additional costs for rent and there does not cover the scholarship.

Student of History Department of the Brest State University Sergey says that every year to get to the hostel is becoming more difficult. This is due also to the increase in the number of foreign students, particularly from China. Therefore, students have to turn to their friends and relatives. Rental studio in Brest are the sum of U.S. $ 50:

"Every year, get to the hostel is becoming more difficult. Every year the influx of students from China, Tajikistan. But the new dorms are not built. I think that we are not very rich and build a new dormitory hostel just no money."

Biology student Daria will rent an apartment together with friends, going to share the costs in half. Still simpler and easier. According to the official response officials university dorm limited in their ability to accept students. A compensation also provides:

"At the university, we were told that the dorms are closed for repairs in the neighborhood Rechica, and Dzerzhinsky Street. Because should look flat."

Student Brest Technical University also says that very few people inhabit in the dorms. You have to find their own housing:

"We have a few who gets a place in a hostel. Many seeking shelter on their own. Okay, that though scholarship was more. Example, I get the maximum grant, which is about 160 thousand rubles. This just is not enough for pocket money."

study abroad will cost less …

Student of the Faculty of Physics says, that another problem in addition to self-pay for an apartment, with no place in the hostel are also the price of tuition, which is the sum of one million rubles. A resident of Brest Catherine felt that studying abroad will cost less, and went to Poland. During the first year of higher education in the Bialystok School of Law she paid about three million rubles, but next year will be to study free of charge:

"This year I passed all the exams perfectly well and now the next year did not pay. Generally, it is a good form of promotion. Anybody who gets high scores, do not pay tuition."

Grodno region

In educational institutions, the Grodno region more students pay tuition and do not have dorms. They are the most difficult.

One second-year students of Grodno meduniversitetu critically respond to a question about the current increase scholarships:

at the end of the last academic year scholarships reduced by about the same 10% …

"Given the fact that at the end of the last school year, it decreased by about the same 10% now, when increased, there is no difference, we do not feel anything."

Her friend Larissa, who is studying at the Grodno State University named Yanka Kupala adds that the grant of 110,000 is still quite small, and they are already adults who have to live at the expense of the parents.

"Well it just enough to pay for their phone calls and even put some money on the internet, and all. And if to go somewhere to sit in the café and coffee costs about 10 thousand rubles — this is not normal. And then what can be expect? "

However, according to the girls, especially difficult for those students who are studying on a paid department does not have a scholarship and rent an apartment.

Student Svetlana, who finished 3 courses meduniversitetu, says that to pay for the lesson with a loan, a room in an apartment with his girlfriend shoot for 120 dollars, tend to eat from the fact that they put on the parents, but the rest of spending is still in the 110,000 do not fit.

Why not give them a place in a hostel?

"I'm still in line for a settlement. True, some more luck. For example, the guy with me studying together, he on the first course was given a seat in the hostel. Many of whom say that there are no places, but at the same Time inhabit those who join me in turn become. "

The student union committee of the University of Yanka Kupala, Igor Kerget, says that this year, as every year, they will be able to settle in a hostel about 58% of nonresident students from 3800. The rest have to rent an apartment, and a new dormitory for students of speech does not.

Kerget: "While the constructi
on of dormitories are planned. Specifically, the plans are, but there's no money. So in the near future will not build anything."

"On the scholarship can not live"

Are they an addition to the scholarship, and that all can afford for a scholarship? Meet the Grodno studentyv.

The student: "Well, that added, but it can not buy anything in particular. Their scholarship I almost feel like I'll make money on the job and everything."

Reporter"A scholarship that goes on: beer, on books?"

The student: "On clothing usually, but the scholarship will not live."

Reporter: "And in your group or everyone gets a scholarship?"

The student: "Everything. Basically, all work well, because everyone says is impossible for a scholarship to live."

Reporter: "A student can be found in the work not only of the season?"

The student: "Yes, not only that. But most who own a business with whom acquaintances, and just a student to work is not arranged."

The second student: "I do not know, gain work — ten thousand, in the area. There are various scholarships — the minimum, average, have increased."

Reporter: "Specifically you?"

The student: "I have and will — ten thousand. Box of chocolates for the girl and the flower …"

"The power of holding its creeping revolution in education"

The former rector of Belarusian State University Anatoly Pavlov believes that in Belarus with the current political leadership will get worse financial situation of students. He said the process of moving to a constitutional crisis:

"This is now seen figures for BSU and as it turns out, now more than 50% of the students are forced to pay for their education. What does that mean? Who abolished the Constitution? In theory, there should be a referendum to the people voted, is to change the relevant article of the Constitution of free education. But no it does not. The power of holding its creeping revolution … '


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