Scientists have begun to doubt: is there now?

February 28, 2013 2:00

Mind games give birth to researchers in a deadlock.

Is our world is real? That was the question asked earlier fiction. Today and physics doubted: maybe the universe is a matrix, as in the same film? The question seems so seriously overdue, that publication on the subject poyailas a respectable scientific journal NewScientist.

Information about the world is as a single, one-step, but in reality, it comes to us at different speeds. And there are events — the light blinked, someone snapped his fingers — the duration is shorter than the time required for their perception and processing. By the time we become aware of such a case, it has long been in the past.

Our perception of the world like a TV show with a delay of up to the live broadcast us away. Special reasons for concern, but just the minute broadcast delay allows censorship, our brain sometimes does not show us what really happened, but something fantastic designs.

The classic example of this — the effect of the lag flash. Imagine a rotating disk with an arrow. Next to the disk is the lamp which flashes at the exact moment when the arrow pointing up. But at the time of the outbreak seems to the person that the needle is in the position in which it will be in a few moments.

One of the explanations given by David Iglmen of Baylor College of Medicine and Terrence Sejnowski of Solkovskogo Institute for Biological Studies.

Scientists believe that the fact that the brain reconstructs what happened in the past. The perception of what is happening at the moment the flash is determined by what happens to the disk after. Subsequent studies confirmed that what happens in a moment, is seen under the influence of what happened afterwards.

So do not blindly trust the common sense, which convinces us that we live in the present.

By the way, the reality of our world doubted serious philosopher, winner of many prestigious awards, an Oxford University professor Nick Bostrom admitted in an interview that the movie "The Matrix" has made him feel that he is one month written a book called "We live in computer simulation? "

Scientists argue that a 25 percent our world now is a matrix — a computer simulation of reality. Philosopher had in mind a program that simulates the consciousness of one, several, or all people of all humanity.

— A simulation has created a so-called posthuman civilization, consisting of the descendants of the people present, but internally and externally altered so that they and the people, it is difficult to name — explained Bostrom.

These super-being a scientist is considered a representative of "true humanity." And endowed with extraordinary abilities — such as computing, acquired as a result of fusion of the brain to supercomputers.

— So cyborg cost nothing to create a virtual world — claimed philosopher. He even suggested, why should they be needed. In order to study their own past.

— Our descendants faced with gaps in its history, and decided to fill the void by starting the game a lot of simulated people — you and me — keen to build its extraordinary theory Bostrom.

After the publication of the book Bostrom took almost ten years. It would seem that crazy imagination of the philosopher must be forgotten. So no. Conversely, physics took to prove that computer sverhsimulyatsiya possible. And our world is just a matrix.

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