Scientists have found a wife of Christ

September 19, 2012 15:27

Harvard professor deciphered ancient papyrus, which refers to the wife of Jesus.



In an ancient papyrus found mention of the wife of Jesus Christ. On Tuesday at the Tenth International Congress of Coptic Studies in Rome declared a professor at Harvard Divinity School, Karen King, who managed to put the previously obscure scientist fragment. The results were published on the official website of Harvard.
A total of eight lines of papyrus. Despite the fact that many words are rubbed, King deciphered part of the phrase, "Not me. My mother gave me life, "" The disciples said to Jesus, "" deny. Mary deserves this, "" Jesus said to them, my wife "," She can be my disciple, "" Let the wicked people swell "," As for me, I'll be with her in order to "," image. " The back of the papyrus shows only a few words. In particular, "my mother", "three".

Attracted the attention of scientists phrase wife of Jesus Christ. As explained by the researcher Karen King, this is not proof that he was married. An excerpt of a previously unknown gospel shows that at that time the Christians did not have a clear opinion about marriage, although a century after Jesus' death, they were against the marriage. "Christians have traditionally believed that Jesus was not married, although reliable historical evidence of this not" — as King said.

Despite many unresolved issues, this discovery could reignite the debate as to whether Jesus was married, whom he had to Mary Magdalene — wife or student. Such debates were current among the Christians in the first century, writes The New York Times.

The origin of the name of sensational papyrus and its owner were not disclosed. Given that the ancient text written in Coptic, experts believe that the papyrus was found in Egypt. In Coptic Egyptian Christians said.

Recall that Jesus was the theme of the marriage of one of the central problems in the bestselling novel by Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code", based on who was later released the same film with Tom Hanks in the lead role. The book, which states that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a child, received harsh criticism from the Vatican. One of the first to express Archbishop of Genoa, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, wrote Brown called "shameful and unfounded lies", reports BBC. Acted against the book and the Russian Orthodox Church.

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