Scientists have learned how to see through walls

May 9, 2012 7:42

Scientists have learned how to see through wallsScientists from the University of Texas learned to image objects behind walls, as well as plastic, paper and wooden barriers.

The technology is based on the terahertz radiation whose frequency lies somewhere between the very high-frequency and infrared radiation, said WellNews. Such radiation has the ability to penetrate objects and reflect on what is located behind a barrier.

Previously, the main problem was the fact that the analysis of the image can be obtained only has a lot of different lenses, which affect the dimensions of the device. Scientists have been able to overcome this problem by using a CMOS-chips, which are used in televisions and computers.

Now experts are focused on overcoming barriers of thickness less than 10 cm, but with time, is expected to be able to increase the distance.

Interestingly, the small size of the device will incorporate it into gadgets, so the most advanced companies in the electronics market is interested in developing. Perhaps if in the near future mobile phones equip with a built-in viewing objects through walls, reports NewsLiga. And then the vision through walls is no longer the prerogative of the comic book characters.

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