Secret history. Year 2009. Breakthrough into the abyss

February 16, 2013 19:15

August 1, 2008, during a total solar eclipse, scientists observe the mysterious phenomenon: when the Moon's shadow completely covers the day-star, disappears solar corona and the sun is like a black hole. This has never happened before in the history of observations. Astronomers speculated astrologers are assured: this eclipse — a sign of the heavens that are coming global changes.

Muscovite Leo Fedotov was born in January 1923. 17 days before the German attack on the Soviet Union, he described in his diary of when and how the war starts, the pace at which the German troops will move and where they will be stopped. Future soldier, who had even completed secondary education, foresaw a grand scale historical events.

He predicted the year Americans flying to the moon, the fall of communism in the 80's, the invention of the collider and the consequences of his probation, the election of black U.S. president and his destiny, and in 2009 he called a breakthrough in the abyss … Why?

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