Signs of illness in children

Signs of illness in children.  Photo from

The baby is too small or, on the contrary, a lot of eating, he restless sleep or unexpected outbreaks of aggression — is disturbing, as a rule, caring parents, the others waving his hand: will not pay the same attention to every rustle! Meanwhile, some of the features of the behavior and the state of the child's signals about the predisposition to certain diseases and even about their development long before the doctor will diagnose.

Anorexia system

Usually, parents pay attention to your body temperature: normal — so all good, high — you need to give aspirin. But even this is not so simple. For example, the temperature rises and the hands — like ice. This suggests a spasm of peripheral blood vessels.

If the hands of the baby constantly cold, this is a signal that he had raised the excitability of the nervous system. Generally violation of thermoregulation says about the vulnerability of children's body, the inability of his nervous system to cope with stress. This applies to a particular child, as sweating. Constantly wet palms, always sweaty underwear, even if there were no violent games — a signal about the problems in the nervous regulation of the body.

On a state close to a neurosis, and show other signs — the kid loves toying anything in his hands, nail biting, often suddenly shudders, talking in his sleep (do not worry, if it happens from time to time, but if repeated every night, it makes sense to consult a neurologist).

If baby constantly excited, excitable, if it is difficult to carry away the game and started to play, he can not stop, forgotten, is the attempt to aggressively intervene long enough tantrums, you should not write off all of the bad character — maybe it's symptoms of increased intracranial pressure. Such a child neurologist recommended show.

By over-excitability of the nervous system and can lead to malfunction of the thyroid gland. In this case, the baby can be heart palpitations. An excess of thyroid hormones also say slightly protruding eyes. In this case, necessary to consult an endocrinologist.


The doctors of the old school inspection starts with a request to put out the language as much as possible, even if sick stomach or back. Language — a mirror gastrointestinal tract on it, "painted" all our diseases are not worse than in the prescription form.

If the language is constantly yellow or white coating, this constitutes a violation of the stomach or intestines. Should alert the so-called "geographical" in the language of patterns, which are often seen after long-term use of antibiotics or intestinal dysbiosis, lack of beneficial bacteria that inhabit it.


A baby's skin can also tell a lot about the state of the body. Thus, when it is dry dysbiosis, shelled, it often appears to allergic rashes. If dry and cracked lips, the reason could also be serious irregularities in the stomach and intestines.

Should alert the so-called "marble" skin — pale, with a clear pattern of small veins near the surface, lightly spotted. It is very likely that the child has disrupted the activities of the autonomic nervous system, automatically control the work of our internal organs. This can lead to fatigue, irritability, headaches.

Dark circles under the eyes can attest to the fact that the child does not have enough iron or some vitamins. If under the lower eyelids are formed "bags", do not rush to conclude that poor kidney function — perhaps this is just a feature of the subcutaneous tissue.

Nails and teeth

Pay attention to the nails — in adolescence they may crumble, they form white stripes, "signaling" about the lack of calcium in the body. Deficits it also affects the condition of the teeth. Generally teeth — an indicator of the entire skeletal system. If them something not in order, are experiencing the same problems and the child's bones.

Appetite and sleep

Parents often pay attention to the most obvious things: for example, appetite and sleep. Does aanything poor appetite? Of course, since this is a reflection of the general state of the nervous system of the baby, her balance, comfort.

If baby, what is called "skin and bones", with dark circles under his eyes, he often gets cold, you can suspect a tendency to tuberculosis, and in this case, you need greater visibility TB specialist. Appetite must meet the energy expended by the body, and when baby slow-moving, loves to play the "quiet game", it's okay if he eats a little bit. Ifon the contrary, it is worn all day and coming home "with his tongue hanging out," you probably do not have to coax him to eat properly.

However, if a child eats a lot, regardless of their physical activity, and it does not get better, it may also indicate a disease, for example, the presence of worms or some psychological problems.

Alarmed parents and poor sleep child. More often than healthy children do not wake up at night, but may be difficult to fall asleep. Think about how often do you neglect the regime of the day the child if he goes to bed at a fixed time, is not looking for a night of terrible cartoons or action, not sitting out a night on the computer. All this stimulates the nervous system of the child, confusing his biorhythms.

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