Signs of Pregnancy

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How do I know came to pregnancy? You are not the first day delay, swollen breasts, nipples darken. Besides, you feel sick in the morning, and the smell of your favorite perfume suddenly became unpleasant. These and some other symptoms in many cases indicate that "the family way".

The simplest and most convenient option to confirm pregnancy — use a home pregnancy test that can be bought at any drugstore. To be sure, one can Repeat the procedure for several days. If each time the tests are shown two strands, one can with a very high degree of probability say that you are pregnant.

Then, without delay, go to the gynecologist. The doctor will examine you to the chair, and the characteristic changes of the vagina and uterus can confirm pregnancy. In addition, he may designate a blood test for the hormone hCG and ultrasound to determine gestational age and exclude the diagnosis of "ectopic pregnancy".

Signs of Pregnancy

  • The main symptom of pregnancy — is the absence of menstruation.
  • The majority of women starts to ache and grow breasts.
  • Changing appetite and food preferences. (For example, a woman may refuse to eat chicken Kiev, fried potatoes, but to be indifferent to the spicy dishes of Korean cuisine, pickles, and in some cases — even to the clay and chalk.)
  • Nausea in the morning.
  • A woman may be some unpleasant odors. For this reason, it can throw into the garbage bottle of your favorite perfume and a hundred times a day to open the window to erode the smell of tobacco smoke.
  • A pregnant can dramatically change the mood. She laughs merrily, then irritated by little things or crying over the difficult fate heroines of the series, then throws his anger on the people around them. In addition, it can be constantly want to sleep.
  • Some spots appear on the face, darker nipples, areola (nipple) and the line on the abdomen from the navel to the groin.

How to confirm?

By itself, delayed menstruation — not yetsign pregnancy. Sometimes, after a week, after a delay, they still occur. However, if your period has not come in time, the very next day you can begin to measure the temperature of the morning. The thermometer must be entered into the rectum to a depth of 2 cm for 5-7 minutes at about 7:00 in the morning, getting out of bed. If the temperature for several days exceeds 37 °, most often it is evidence in favor of a possible pregnancy.

If you delay menstruation for 1-2 days or more can be purchased at the pharmacy a special test to determine pregnancy. It is simple to use and quite reliable. Accuracy response is higher if study to 2-3. More reliable results can be obtained if from conception has been more than 14 days (or come delay menstruation).

If test showed pregnancy, you should definitely go to a gynecologist. It will examine on a chair and on changes of the vagina and uterus can confirm pregnancy. Also, the doctor may order a blood test for female hormone hCG and ultrasound to determine gestational age and exclude the diagnosis of "ectopic pregnancy".

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