Simple and effective prevention of colds and flu for the whole family

Autumn and early winter, with the onset of cold weather, we all — both children and adults — lurks a cold or SARS.

All sick with colds, but some less and some more. On average, the person has a cold three times, especially dangerous seasons — spring and autumn. Symptoms of the disease in all patients with very similar — "flows" from the nose, sore throat, lost voice and a cough, a fever.

How to prevent a cold?

When the first symptoms of the disease should stay home, carry cold "feet" is very dangerous — complications can occur. Home go to bed, keep warm, drink plenty of water, tea with honey, fruit drinks, fruit drinks with a high content of vitamin C — cranberry and cranberry.

During the epidemic period, avoid crowded places, such as theaters, restaurants.

From colds no one is safe. Moreover, they are not immunized. Vaccinate only against the influenza virus, and it does not give any guarantee that cold SARS and you pass by.

The most important rule in a dangerous period of colds — is prevention. Of course, no one has canceled recipes of traditional medicine, but we must remember that the modern means of prevention are effective and safe.

Toothpaste "New Pearl Coniferous Balsam"— The first medical-prophylactic toothpaste for comprehensive care of your teeth and gums with a proven [1], the effect of preventing colds caused by influenza viruses and herpes. It not only cleans effectively reduces bleeding of the gums, periodontal disease preventive provides, promotes healing of wounds and reduce inflammation in the oral cavity, but also has an antiseptic effect.The composition is highly concentrated pastes pine extract (2%), which comprises coniferous carotene, chlorophyll, a set of important vitamins and antioxidants (A, E, C, F, K). Proved that regular use of a "New Pearl Coniferous Balsam" to reduce infectious virus activity of 4 times, adenoviruses (ARI ARI) — 3 times [2].

According to a survey conducted in 2011, 71% of respondents in 2 weeks after using the toothpaste "New Pearl Coniferous Balsam" a distinct improvement:

· Reduced inflammation in the oral cavity (38%)

· Decreased bleeding (33%)

Pasta does not contain fluoride and dyes, green it gives a natural pine extract.

"The New Pearl Coniferous Balsam" can be used at any age for the prevention of periodontal disease. And 25 years is recommended to apply this paste on a regular basis, as it is at this age begin atrophic processes in the gums. In the period of acute respiratory diseases paste is recommended as a family, including children from 3 years.

Toothpaste "New Pearl Coniferous Balsam "is easy to find in pharmacies and shops of your city. A reasonable price and quality assurance will allow you to easily take care of the health of the family.


[1] The effectiveness proved Research Institute of Influenza.


[2] In order to exhibit therapeutic properties of paste to brush your teeth for at least two minutes.




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