Skin? Physical therapy can help

What do you mean by "problem skin"? The presence of pimples? The tendency to redness and irritation of the skin, any action? Or maybe you have always irritated, scratched themselves, tormented dandruff scalp? Doctors concepts "problem" skin no. But if you begin to deal with all these joyless states that doctors are called different diagnoses, and people — "problem skin", you can find a very simple common symptoms. At the heart of all — a violation of the so-called "skin barrier." Actually, skin — A powerful protective body, almost mythical chain mail, with many ways to meet the attacks of others have harmful effects. But for a number of reasons for its protective properties are reduced. This may be a violation of neyrotrofiki, microcirculation, overcrowding microbes increased oiliness / dryness or disruption of the normal process of keratinization of skin cells. And in this, and so is not a simple situation even begin to show different genetic predisposition. After all, all of us are so-called weaknesses, the same predisposition. Someone genetically inclined to corpulence, someone to acne, some hair loss. But until the skin is functioning like a healthy body, these predispositions are silent. But as soon as the skin is weakened, that's where it all begins. This implies a very simple conclusion: before you come down on the skin with masks, cleansing and injections, is to strengthen its functional properties as the body. For this you need to do two things:

— details consult a dermatologist about the "habits" of your skin as well as the power of your character, emotions, daily care of themselves, the microclimate in the apartment and at work;

— determine the course of physiological methods of correction of the skin, as well as recommendations for routine care.

The most physiologic way to bring your skin back into balance — is physiotherapy. Methods based on ultrasound, laser therapy, Magnetic, variable pulse electrotherapy. Golden Classics physiotherapy is being "pushed" in the shadow of high-energy lasers, which do not have good skin, and are based on the selective destruction of certain skin structures. Of course, they are convenient to clean hair, stretch marks or spots. But from the fact that all the time something razrushetsya, do not use will come. For the "problem" of the skin excellent option is a combination of ultrasound, MENS-therapy and magneto-laser therapy. Can be used as a supplement local UFS or oxygen-ozone therapy. This combination is quietly and gradually normalizes the process of keratinization of skin cells neyrotrofiku, microcirculation, immune defense, education pigment. Suitable for allergy sufferers, people who are afraid of injections and other "difficult" patient groups. Physical therapy requires a course of treatment, during which the need to come to the clinic every day or every other day. But try to treat it as a pleasure, relaxation. You will be comfortable to lie on the couch, listening to soft music, the procedures will attentive and qualified doctor. Physical therapy is well tolerated, after it is a feeling of freshness of the skin, a sense of shared elation of vitality, as some of these methods share a common therapeutic effect. Of course, physiotherapy does not negate the dermatological peeling, mezoimmunokorrektsii and other modern techniques. However, they should go (if necessary) after physical therapy.

During the course of treatment "problem" of the skin can further engage cervical area, which is a powerful reflexogenic area is responsible for the functions of the whole organism. Can improve sleep, normalize the nervous system, to prevent dorsopathy (back problems), degenerative disc disease.

Currently Courses of fizioterpevticheskoe treatment skin problems rarely used. This is due to the fact that a physical therapist — a separate specialty, requiring an appropriate education. Therefore, most physical therapists are well aware of physical therapy, but very vaguely familiar with the problems of the skin, dermatologists and doctors, beauticians often very vaguely familiar with physical therapy. But, of course, there are exceptions. For example, in our clinic biome Vita treatment of problematic skin developed a very "special" doctor. Which on the one hand — a dermatologist, cosmetologist, and the other — physiotherapist. In both directions — a basic public education and knowledge of modern methods of treatment.

The future of medicine for the treatment of complex methods that connect the different areas. But do not forget about the main components of healthy skin: good nutrition, good mood and healthy sleep!


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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