Slavery in Korma

Pensioner from the village of Korma Dobrush district accused that she traded in human beings and illegally deprived of freedom of a local woman. In Dobrush District Court a criminal case on slavery, which caused a public outcry.

Defendant pensioner refuses to talk to reporters. He says that it has already profaned the whole of Europe. It is, they say, gave shelter to the rural woman and her unjustly accused of slavery:

"It is unfair. Person I gave shelter and at me like that …"

How do I find the police, the victim in the back in the 2003's house burned down. After some time, the defendant pensioner by deception took a woman to yourself. Like, have to hide, because the police is looking for her for the crime of arson.

The victim lived in a stable. Defendant recent tough eksplyuatavala odnoselchanku, beating, forced to work for free on the farm, did not let the yard.

In October 2009 palanyantsy escaped. She asked for asylum in the local church. The history of slavery became public.

59-year-old victim, lean composition of the rural woman, while also refusing to comment:

"Once the court is not over — I will not say anything."

At a hearing in the Dobruš caused many karmyantsav. Many of them are rather ambiguously refers to the defendant. In the karma that came to live in its time of Russia. She has five children — sons and daughters.

The defendant attempts to establish their own rules in the village, to rein in those who characterized it is not the best way.

Country girl says that a witness at the preliminary hearing:

"Intimidated by all the people. Now against them, the court is having a slave. People gave this response, which is more visible, no such features never give. Seven years they held a woman in bondage, she finally ran away. They are now taking revenge on all those threatened all sorts of way. "

Mr. Victor says that the sons of the defendant climbed to him with a scythe. And not only:

"They promised to rape my daughter — so inadvertently stated. Humans hear that. This was when they climbed with a scythe into my yard. I killed them in person, if that happens, if the law does not protect."

Protection of the defendant exhibited a witness in court today in Kiev. 74-year-old woman comes from the Ukraine in the Karma to my cousin. She told the court about compassion and kindness of the defendant. What about the victim generally said that she allegedly was hidden from the people.

"I saw — and also hidden" — said the Ukrainian.

Judge Oleg Vasiukov, which considers a criminal case of slavery, asked the victim if she knew this witness.

"The first time I see it," — said the victim.

The next court hearing will be held on August 24. In court must force to deliver two witnesses who still did not come here alone.



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