Slavic pyramid

On the banks of the Dnieper River tributaries, rivers Vit, Red, Trubezh, Stugna and Ros loom huge buildings. For a long time they are called serpents shafts. Initially, the gross imagination: just imagine their height reaches a height of three-storey house, and the width is equal to fifteen meters.

What made our ancestors to build walls? And who had the power to leave a memory of himself? Build such a facility was extremely difficult. Who did all this hell of a job? Here's a riddle: the power of a wild, disorganized tribes such titanic for a millennium? After all, these were, as we are told, the Slavs before calling the Vikings.

No, of course it is the wrong version. Buildings such magnitude only by powerful centralized state. Map snakes trees shows that they were based on a single plan, and to conceive and implement a plan for many hundreds of years can only internally strong, strong public education!

Maybe snakes shafts — a trace an unknown civilization? "The Searchers" will try to find a mysterious shaft builders …

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