Solar flares cause magnetic storm 08/02/2011 on Earth


Flare that occurred on the Sun on Tuesday (2avgusta), August 4-5, will cause magnetic storm on Earth, RIA Novosti director of the center space weather forecasts, the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (IZMIRAN) Sergei Gaidash.

Recently, there was a flash of class M.9,and today there was a flash of class M.3. Moreover, if thefirst outbreak was very short — it only lasted 8 minutes, just "blinked", the second one is still going on, and it was accompanied by the release of the solar plasma, aimed at including in our direction, "- said Gaidash.

Solar flares, depending on the power of X-ray radiation can be divided into five classes: A, B, C, M and X. Minimum class A0.0 corresponds to radiation on the Earth's orbit in 10 nanowatts per square meter. In the transition to the next letter power increases tenfold.

"Around the end of the day 4 and 5 August a small magnetic storm is expected, although it can become great", — noted.

He explained that this increase in activity, which began on July 26, normal for this period of the "life" of the Sun. Speed coronal emission accompanying the flash, he said, has reached 1.1 thousand kilometers per second.

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