Solar rook run giants?

June 22, 2012 6:58

The Great Pyramid — not artificial mountain of stones, but faced with natural stone cliff. Only in this way could be traced most gigantic tomb in the history of mankind. The mummy of Pharaoh brought to a place of eternal sleep "solar boat of Khufu."

Solar rook run giants?

She was found in 1955 in a trench under the pyramid exploded to 650 parts form. To assemble the ship took more than ten years.

Embalmed body of the Lord and learned from him transported to the interior of the last journey on the Nile. Then, according to the beliefs, the pharaoh went to another, eternal life to another lord — the sun god Ra on the other, the heavenly Nile. Rook was used for the posthumous journey of the pharaoh. At least so say Egyptologists, and no one has been questioned this floating "hearse."

True, problem dating finds. Classics Egyptologists believe that the pyramid of Cheops was built in XXVI century BC. e. In the 1980's conducted carbon dating of wood from which the boat is constructed of Cheops. He gave a stunning result: 3400 BC. e. Almost a thousand years older!

"Punt" for the Giants?

Walk along a 43-meter boat, displayed in a hangar at the southern edge of the pyramid. Cocking his head, looking at the bow rail, looks like a locomotive tube, as grand, with acute fracture, bar food and … I can not believe that this colossus that can not swim — float.

Five pairs of rowing oars attached to rope rowlocks large angle. Over the side hangs a 7-foot beam, the roll that the average person simply can not do. The diameter of the paddle, even in the narrowest part of at least 12 cm girth hand this telephone pole was able to except the giant.

Designer of 1224 parts

Accompanied me Professor, Academy of Arts of Puning, many times passing along boat, agreed, it is doubtful that it is launched. Andrew L., who does not believe in the existence of giants, he decided that the boat of Pharaoh was purely ritualistic. Thinking Egyptians were symbolic. And boat could only symbolize the heavenly Nile voyage.

But if the boat only ritual, it was not easier to make it out of a log, covered in gold and placed directly into the tomb? There was no need to hew complex bends paddle titanic size, cut, sophisticated sleeve for the treatment of difficult and yuyubovogo acacia tree, make such gaps between the cedar that, razbuhnuv in water tree "eat" joint, but the maneuver left to go …

Finally, if the boat — just a mock ritual, why make it out of 1224 parts and give it cyclopean dimensions? Let us not forget that especially for this ship stonemasons hollowed in the rock trench 35 meters long and laid on top of multi-ton boat boards. After finding the same in other Pharaoh tombs clay models funerary boats. A Cheops, you see, needed "vsamdelishny."

However, a Swedish expert on ancient navigation Björn Landström believes that Cheops boat was floating. Thor Heyerdahl's famous Swede outdone: he believed that the boat can not only surf the Nile, but also the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

In the opinion of the researcher's history and mythology of ancient Egypt Victor Khor'kova, Cheops boat could move only along the Nile from the south to the north of the river. And all 12 oars used only to control, so they are tilted almost perpendicular to the water surface.

Floated a boat on the Nile Cheops? The truth, as often happens in all that is related to the ancient civilizations still in a fog.

Yes it was, and whose civilization? Not the fact that the Egyptian. Pyramid builders possessed such technologies, which today seem unimaginable …

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