SPC Delta-Test introduced a new 5-axes machine

At the recently concluded exhibition "Metal 2012" "Delta-Test" presented a coordinate-broaching machine "ARTA A30 Micro." This is a special high-precision CNC machine for high-precision axis machining of micro-holes (diameter 0.1 mm = 100 microns or less) in the products of electrically conductive materials. Repeatability processing + / -1 micron and achievable precision manufacturing of parts + / — 1.5 microns.

The main task of the machine "ARTA A30 Micro" — creation of pinholes at a different angle of inclination, including a geometrically complex shape. Also it is suitable for manufacturing complex profiles shapes surround copying. Those present at the exhibition representatives of engineering companies have already given the highest evaluation of novelty and expressed interest in cooperating with the "Delta-Test".

How much?

Serial production of machine tools "ARTA A30 Micro" has not yet started. While the "sand" test model, after which the equipment will go in the series. So the final price is unique for Russian machine can not be named.

But representatives of the "Delta-Test", which produces more than 20 years of high-precision equipment, machine builders have rushed to please. They ensure that the "ARTA A30 Micro" will cost several times cheaper than imported counterparts.

In this machine, there is a domestic technical advantages compared with foreign. For example, if you import the art to adjust the programmed process conditions (Car Technology), to put it mildly, very limited for the operator, then the machine "ARTA A30 Micro" provides ample opportunity for further adjusting to provide the technology for the selection of specific non-standard tasks.

Axis machining of micro-holes in the products of the conductive material is on the "agenda" Russian manufacturers for several decades. Although her decision to engage in Soviet times — then appeared in the defense industry experienced and non-serial machines. But it did not resolve the situation. Serial production of such equipment in the country began.

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