SPC GRASYS put membrane nitrogen plant Kazakh company Olzha

Scientific and Production Company "GRASYS" put membrane nitrogen plant Kazakh company "Olzha." JSC "Olzha" one of the five largest companies — owner of specialized rail cars Republic of Kazakhstan. Nitrogen is produced at the plant will be used for degassing tank cars used to transport liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Responsible operation of removal of the remains of LPG tanks prior to repair or bulk requires trouble-free operation of equipment for the production of an inert gas. That is why the customer has made a choice in favor of membrane nitrogen plants development and production of NPK "GRASYS", which were very effective in use in various enterprises of CIS countries. 

In the Republic of Kazakhstan Equipment "GRASYS" successfully works in the country's largest oil and gas companies, and more and more companies are choosing Kazakhstan for production of nitrogen membrane and adsorption units NPK "GRASYS." Of particular interest to our neighbors cause membrane plants preparation of natural and associated gas, what NPK "GRASYS" is a leader not only in the CIS but also in the world. With the possibility of membrane technology "GRASYS" preparation of natural gas and oil representatives of Kazakh companies were able to see at the recent exhibition "Oil and Gas 2013" in Moscow. There was also exhibited for a free inspection nitrogen station for JSC "Olzha" high quality manufacturing which could estimate the delegation of Kazakhstan, Iran, Russia and other countries.


Russian Scientific and Production Company "GRASYS" — a leading company in the CIS in the field of technology and equipment for the production and separation of gaseous media. The company also holds a leading position in Europe in the design and manufacture of industrial air separation and gas separation plants. The company "GRASYS" offers equipment based on the three existing gas separation technologies: membrane, adsorption and cryogenic.

The main activity of the company — the development and production of modern high-tech systems, separation of gases, primarily nitrogen and oxygen stationary and mobile stations, nitrogen fire-fighting installations. SPC "GRASYS" also produces hydrogen plants, plants for the separation of hydrocarbons, allowing to increase recycling PNGdo 95%.

In addition to the sale of equipment for the production and separation of gases, Scientific and Production Company "GRASYS" offers its customers services to ensure the gas through long-term contracts under the scheme «on-site», when the unit is installed at the customer site, but is owned and maintained "GRASYS" .

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