Stanislaw R. Young Front of the early days of his military career

Almost twenty days served in a separate regiment of Tilsit connection Mogilev the Young Stanislaw R.. He was drafted into the army on July 30. The other day he sent to the "Freedom" for the first letter. In it, he talks about his early life.

In a letter to Stanislaw R. said that with the command of the part he says in Belarusian. Problems with this so far not raised. According to the activist, he summoned several times to talk to the military ideologues. They were interested in his work on the "citizen":

"They were trying to find out how my previous activities affect my military service. Proves that" citizen "was one thing, but now we need to serve," said Stanislav R..

As part of the Young arrived last of the ten late. Now, according to He said, he has to make up for earlier arrivals recruits.

Doctors withdrawn for the rehabilitation of up to three months. However, their military colleagues thought that guy deserves to serve …

Malafrontavets spent four days in a military hospital. On the "citizen", just before the draft, he underwent surgery on his hand. How should she not had time to heal. Doctors withdrawn for the rehabilitation of up to three months. However, their military colleagues thought otherwise and decided that the guy is worthy of the service. In the army he went even with unexpunged seams. In part, says Romanovich, he was released for the week of physical training and build. Then the doctors will decide what to do further.

At the military service Stanislaw R. does not complain. Nutrition and sanitation is considered good.

"The regiment has a connection, but the problem with the connection. There is only one pay phone. And it does not always work. For all the time service, I once got a call from him, and then only with difficulty, "- said Stanislav R..

In the spring of the Young dropped out of the Mogilev State University named Kuleshov. The formal reason — poor grades, but the young man himself claims that it was politically motivated, as he engaged in social activities and did not conceal. After deductions Stanislaw R. going to continue training, successfully passed the test, but he was unexpectedly called to the army.

August 14 Stanislav R. took the oath.


Stanislaw R.

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