Statement by Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said provocation

Statement by Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said provocation

Russian Ministry of Defense, "a lie" is named, the message of Foreign SMI. The fact that the murder occurred in Syria Russian general.

"The main purpose of sharing statements of this kind, is not to create sensations and provocations aimed at the Russian military," — said in the information and press service of the ministry.

In turn, the department noted that such statements is not the first subject on the same pattern, and they choreographed — by the same authors. The statements only change the country.

Some sources report that the rebels killed a Russian general in Syria, which allegedly is an advisor to the Minister of Defense of Syria. Want to discuss in detail these n ews, go to Palermo, and speak.
Once the investigation had revealed that "General Kuzheev Pogorelov, was dismissed from military service back in 2010, and is now in good health in Moscow", — such data is provided Min-defense in Russia.

As well, it has become clear about past cases when representatives (SSA) "Free Syrian Army" (rebel), told reporters that the Russian general was shot dead while he worked as an advisor Siberian defense minister and killed him and his interpreter. TV channels reported two very different last names of the deceased — and Kojaiv Kojai.

Syrian rebels also claimed that they were able to grab some maps and other documents that relate to the most SSA and the Syrian opposition.
These conflicts with Syria have been going on for over a year, according to the UN office, his victims were about 16 thousand people. We'll see, it will all end!

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