Stillborn rifle range 80,002

Surely, it is no news will be a lot of thought, which offered Russian gunsmiths, were rejected by another initial stage, and after a couple of years overseas standards firearms appeared similar in design, but brought to the standard. Obviously, this phenomenon is almost always obvious negative, but often there were situations when the cannon was really hopeless, and his development was evident empty waste of time and money. So in the late '80s in the United States have begun work on a set of machine-shot grenade launcher caliber 25 mm and 20 mm. The apparent while promising development has fallen short of expectations, but more on that a bit lower. Much more fascinating is that something similar to the USSR tried to do back in 1973, in other words, roughly 15 years earlier, tried to do, and abandoned the idea.

To begin with a brief rundown on what is received from proprietary Americans, so to speak, that was associated with anything. The basis of such instruments in the United States, developed in the framework of programs from OICW, was shot in the programmable 2-variants — caliber 20 mm and 25 mm. Naturally, all the least understood the effectiveness of this weapon in relation to the 40 millimeter bullets, that's why he was not quite ordinary design. The fact that such a shot programmable fuse time. The gun fired for similar Resettled rangefinder with which vymeryat distance to the target, the flight speed is known, respectively, there is nothing complicated about electronics so automatically considered a flight for which the projectile reaches the goal and gave it time to fuse. So Makar, an explosion occurs on the approach to the target, which significantly increases the effectiveness of this weapon.

And all would have been great if it were not for the small weight of the fragments of this shot, and that negate the effectiveness of ammunition. On the basis of the weapon had created quite a lot of guns, and even the creation of such an attempt as a hybrid of a grenade launcher and a sniper rifle, but to anything that's not a great lead. Perhaps the only more or less justified under this munition weapon is a grenade launcher XM307, which can be a couple of minutes to become XM312 — mnogokalibernym machine gun chambered .50 BMG. Using a 25 millimeter shots given launcher fires 250 rounds per minute, which makes it quite effective, in general, at a sufficiently high price of 1 shot advantage with this ammunition and guns for him to become much smaller. Need to see that a similar idea has passed, and in many other countries, so, for example, in South Korea's Daewoo K11 is designed complex whose future is also unclear. In other words, the future of similar ammunition and guns to it is already clear, and faster all, have no future they will not, can not but cause a gloating smile, because of the fact, that it is aware of the U.S. military bureaucracy took 20 years.

We also present the process was much more rapid. So the idea to reduce the caliber of shots was born in 1973, that's when VS Yakushev offered to make a complex machine-grenade under extraordinary shots of the smallest caliber. It is not clear for what reasons, but the shot came to 12.7 mm, but not on the basis of the cartridge 12,7 x108, as it is usually written in specialized publications. New shot was very similar to mnogokaliberny subsonic cartridge SP-130 and the like. Looking ahead, there is speculation that this particular shot and served as the basis for ammunition 12,7 x55, which is at least partly justifies the development of small complex of 80,002. Disk imaging shot 12.7 mm indeed strongly enough in the public domain, the only thing that can speak so this is no doubt that this munition was very, very weak. In general, when hit by the enemy specifically the effect would be significant, but after all of the bullets hit the effect is, though not such a scale.

Officially, the development of tools for this munition was conducted from 1975 to 1979. The result of this development was quite fascinating machine, but he was not even brought up more or less applicable to the use of the version. The basis for the new complex is easy to guess, served as a Kalashnikov 74 years. Without further insidious weapons made wider receiver, which is located in the dual gate and the second trunk under the new ammo. If you look at the images of guns, it becomes clear that the model is very, very wet. First, in the eyes throws no windows to eject spent cartridges, but with the introduction of caseless cartridge is not connected, only faster given the opportunity to photograph the only one standard that gathered to look at how it will look orgies. The double gate in weapons — also apparently not the final version, because in general it is unclear how 80,002 can work with him, but to dream up on this topic can be, of course, but imagine how this piece of metal with a mass of apparently more than half a kilogram will move the automatic fire, scary, well, hardly 5,45 x39 will is enough to ensure the normal operation of the automatic gate with such weight, unless, of course, has been elected a different mechanism of the automation tools of a good AK.

In view of the fact that nothing about guns in general it is not clear around him began to gather speculation and fantasy, as one of the most common speculation is that in this type of weapon used blank cartridges instead of shots, shots of themselves dressed in the second barrel guns. If you look more closely, it becomes immediately clear that embody the opportunity for a second barrel is not probable, because the stems are placed very close to each other, well, do not need such energy cartridge to start over-caliber rounds. In addition, the ability to launch similar ammunition was at the first hole of 5.45. The second vserasprostranennym held view is that this version does not have guns grenade launcher, and used two types of ammunition, one of which was intended to damage lightly armored vehicles and secure means of personal body armor of the enemy. That it might be faster to believe, well, the introduction of such a niche guns pretty obvious, but all the same it was a grenade launcher, though personally I do not bring something to refer to the caliber of 12.7 mm grenade launcher and ammunition shot much faster cartridge with an explosive bullet. In order to prove that the gun has a grenade launcher can bring an individual sighting devices that are obviously designed for a grenade launcher.

As already described above, the tool is virtually two different devices that are placed in one housing. It feeds a complex of separate stores 5,45 x 39 with 30 rounds of ammunition and grenade shot 12.7 mm with a capacity of 10 rounds. Both stores are placed in front of the trigger rad together, which of course is bad for the convenience of substitution, but it just may be attributed to the fact that the model of experimental and faster just somehow decided this dilemma would be if the idea has received the forthcoming development. But the development was not referring to a very low efficiency and grenade fired from the upcoming development refused. In other words, what would realize that 40 millimeter shot it at least for a grenade launcher in the Soviet Union took the least seven years, given the time to create tools for this type of ammunition and ammunition itself. But those who think that this time has been wasted, profoundly mistaken. Despite the fact that officially work on the project was stopped in 1979, this experienced model was used for testing many design decisions right up to
the 90s. And in 2002, this project back to substantiate that the funds have been spent on it not in vain, because on the basis of the shot appeared to him a special holder 12,7 x55, which, again, I note, is only a hypothesis, that no one takes the time to confirm, but the similarity of ammunition very obvious, so it is not seen.

In general, of course wrong to associate ordinary shots 12.7 mm with programmable shot, because the ideas are actually different, but the fact that the decrease in the caliber shot to anything great will not, and proves the first and second option . Now stop the project to create a new instrument really saved a lot of time and money, well received as a result of this development, even more than in the U.S.. Of course, you can put the blame on mnogokalibernye sniper rifle caliber 20 mm, the range of ammunition which contains both high-explosive shells, but then the efficiency falls short of ammunition similar to conventional grenades, they are provided for equipment damage or destruction of the lung shelters, brickwork , but not for use instead of the grenade launcher.

Much more sensible approach was the introduction of electronics in total with 40 millimeter bullets, we would like to note not all of the beloved FN F2000 and the future development and Australia's rifle range, developed in the framework of programs from AIWC, similar to the American one. As a result, on the basis of machine Steyr AUG was created quite powerful with a strange in appearance tool, which is absolutely equipped weighs 9.9 kilograms. With all of this indicates that the instrument perfectly balanced, because excess weight interferes only when it is being worn, and when shooting in front of a positive effect, making the complex stable. By the way, the weight of guns may be reduced if you remove it from the mini-computer that is directly and night vision and optical sight and a part of developing a "friend or foe" and more than devils. With all that, the main mechanism of the gun are not exchanged. Rangefinder will still measure the distance to the target, take flight and transmit data to the fuse, but what machine will shoot in any case, because in fact it is the same Steyr AUG with a three shot grenade launcher. Appears asking if you want it all the electronics in the weapon, but that's another story.

If vorachivatsya back to a small complex of 80,002, we would like to see Him coming in the form of a development machine, but without the grenade launcher, and with the additional possibility of using mnogokalibernyh rounds, maybe even vsepolnotsennyh 12.7 × 108. Such a possibility would be needed in the defeat targets protected languid body armor, stop, mc and other purposes, it's not always be, well, justified use of 40 millimeter shots, and with the development of personal body armor means such a possibility seems entirely reasonable. With all this its implementation may not even seek a separate instrument, and can be implemented as a plug-in device for securing the gun barrel, similar rifle-attached grenade launcher. In other words, the project could be opened again, but in a slightly different form.

Instead of PS
The development of a shot, which would explode in the air, the Yankees spent a lot of time and money, he shot out nesusvetno expensive to produce, but also sought a separate tool. Russian designers of the same in 1979, was created VOG-25P, which can be used all in the same launcher and which did not in itself completely no electronics, not to mention the fact that the effectiveness of the Russian "foundling" leaves far behind all the clever shots of a caliber 20 mm and 25 mm. It is obvious that and abroad have their "jumping" shots, the effectiveness of many of which are substantially higher than Russian, because there is completely reasonable question, why was wasting so much money?

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