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Unknown or poison gas on Sunday was the cause of poisoning and 48 students of the Lyceum Bibi Maryam in Tulukan, the capital of the Afghan province of Takhar, Pazhvak news agency reported.

The cause of poisoning is not yet established. Some schoolgirls delivered in hospitals of the city, described the strange smell that felt during class. Doctors have reported that girls aged 14 to 22 years have brought in a weakened state, they shook hands and feet. After first aid 60% of the patients felt better and were discharged, while others remain in hospitals.

This is the second week litseistok mass poisoning in Tulukan — on Thursday, the gas attack is a student of the Lyceum Bibi Hawa. In the hospital in serious condition were taken to 17 girls. Than they have been poisoned, so far unknown.

It is believed (or at least that is the opinion voiced by the media) that the girls and the litseistok in Afghanistan poison radical Muslims who oppose women's literacy learning. According to the Ministry of Education of the country in the past year, which ended in Afghanistan on March 20, 550 schools were closed and thousands of schools with 300 pupils. Reason for the closure was the depressing situation with security.


This story has a point of intersection with the earlier news …

In February 2013 the world is a strange tendency to mass fainting. Most of them suffered from the young girl.

Can all be attributed to random acts of coincidence or a manifestation of mass hysteria that sometimes happens. In any case, in the countries of central and southern Africa, this is nothing new.


Schoolchildren fainted at the same time as if in a trance. When it came to mind, obviously frightened teenagers claimed to have seen spirits who offered them "go to the other side."

"I refused, but they kept insisting that I go with them. After I began to resist, they disappeared, and I woke up" — told reporters one of the students.

Another student said that the school authorities to keep up with what's going on.

Pupils who were examined at the hospital, doctors found no deviations from health. Blame witchcraft.

Head of School, Sunshine Malambo, presented a report on the "supernatural" in

"We can not give you any details, but all I can tell you is that we have presented in the report

, and wait for further response from them, "- he said.


No one knows exactly what caused the fainting of eleven people, mostly women, who lost consciousness during the Mass in the church of Sydney.

Ambulance was called to assist in the Church of Our Lady, but when the car arrived, doctors discovered in poor condition for some people. Most suffered from breathlessness, dizziness and nausea. They were placed in the Royal North Shore Hospital.

In place were caused by specialists, as felt that there was a chemical gas poisoning.

"But they have not been able to find."


In New York, dozens of students of Villanova University in Pennsylvania, was hospitalized because of fainting and bleeding from the nose. The cause of the disease is still under investigation.

30 freshmen were taken to hospital after suffering their "mysterious adverse reaction" — and including bleeding from the nose and breathing difficulties — on a regular lectures on chemistry.

It is not clear what was the cause of syncope — including versions of error is called the professor, who was also hospitalized or unexplained failure of the laboratory unit.

The university building was inspected and classes resumed.


Such cases occur from time to time and we in Russia.

However, the wave of mass fainting is not directly called poisoning, but the symptoms are very similar.

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