STRC ApATeCh-Dubna makes the car from fiberglass

  • The prototype roof hopper car from fiberglass made in the "ApATeCh-Dubna"
  • The prototype roof hopper car from fiberglass made in the "ApATeCh-Dubna"

A resident of a special economic zone "Dubna" Science and Technology Testing Center (STRC) "ApATeCh-Dubna" developed the technology of manufacturing roof hopper car from fiberglass using vacuum infusion. The first prototype of the roof of the car is made for the first time in Russia ordered Uralvagonzavod and tested.


Vacuum infusion — manufacturing process of a composite material which utilizes vacuum pressure to force the resin entering into the laminate. This is a process in which using a vacuum film (bag) creates a vacuum in the working cavity, and due to the difference in pressure occur retraction resin impregnated reinforcing material. As compared with contact method of vacuum infusion molding produces a higher fiberglass reinforcement and a coefficient significantly low pore.

The main advantages of the method include:

— substantial reduction of costs and production costs compared with prepreg technology;

— ability to create highly integrated designs for a technological transition;

— no restrictions on the size and geometry of manufactured products;

— reinforcing fiber volume content of more than 60% is achieved;

— provided plastic porosity less than 1%.

In addition, this method of production is significantly reduced glass-emission of harmful substances (e.g., styrene) in the working area.

Competence STRC "ApATeCh-Dubna" (part of the group of companies "ApATeCh" — "Applied Advanced Technologies") in the area of highly responsible structures using vacuum infusion covers all stages, from designing tooling for a given design, process optimization based on mathematical modeling to the development, refinement and transfer of manufacturing technology into mass production.

In 2008, the Park 50th Anniversary of October in the south-west of Moscow, was installed first in Russia bridge made by vacuum infusion "ApATeCh-Dubna". This pedestrian bridge (you can see his picture in the photo gallery on the site of the park) is the central part of the arch and two beam spans, entirely made of composite materials by vacuum infusion at a technological transition.

Now in Dubna on request Uralvagonzavod, for the first time in Russia, manufactured and tested a prototype roof hopper car (the so called self-unloading hopper wagon for transportation of bulk cargo mass).

Currently, the managing director of STRC "ApATeCh-Dubna" Yuri Klenin, is working on next order — this is the body itself hopper car. Now the company's specialists are in the process of development of design documentation and preparation of production.

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