Such people need to know everything!

Now many have idols in the characters from the movie, serialov.No in the world today and there are still real heroes who are willing to put their own lives to save the lives of others. 

Aldar Batorovich Tsydenzhapov born August 4, 1991 in the village of Agin, Agin-Buryat Autonomous okruga.On graduated from high school number 1 in his native village. Since childhood, he was very kind, calm, considerate and confident man. 
In November 2009 he was called up for service, was the definition of a military unit number 40074 Pacific Fleet, the city of Seaside Fokino kraya.Sluzhil on eskadernom destroyer "Speed." He belonged to the service very serezdno, said: "Initially, the army, then-study." 
September 24, 2010 by merchant ships, when the entire crew of the destroyer was on board and ready for combat campaign Fokino of the Kamchatka Peninsula, the fire started. 
Aldar Tsydenzhapov was closest to the boiler. Three other sailors were nearby. They also began to put out the fire, but when they realized that it was useless, rushed to the door. Aldar knew that if he did not stem the leakage, the other 299 people who are on merchant ships may die, he was the only Buryat with the crew, all the rest were Russian, but He did not care for the nation, he could not prevent the death of innocent people, he knew that the risk of his own life, but still rushed to extinguish ogon.Nahodyas 10 seconds in a fire in a burning clothes, experiencing terrible pain he managed to put out the fire. 
Experts now say: Blow up the destroyer boiler, could be killed the entire crew. "That would threaten to escalate into ship fire surround with the strongest effects.'s Hard to predict what would have behaved pot" — confirms the divisional commander of the destroyer movement "Fast" Alex cannabis. 
After the fire Aldar in critical condition was taken to the hospital Pacific Fleet in Vladivostok. Doctors fought for four days of his life (all the 4 days of the tragedy did not send anyone anywhere if we could Aldar Batorovich survive, most of all, we would never have found out about his exploits), but, unfortunately, September 28 at the age of 19 years he was gone. Aldar had to serve less than a month … 
Presidential Decree number 1431 of November 16, 2010 Aldar Tsydenzhapovu posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia. 
Let the bright memory of Aldar and His heroism live forever in our hearts. 

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