Suffering at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border

Belarusian-Ukrainian border has recently become a place of suffering of hundreds of tourists from Belarus, Russia, the Baltic countries. Sometimes faster to fly from Turkey to Ukraine than in a car after crossing the border and end up in Belarus.

Those who in these hot days on a vehicle crosses the border, most claims not to Belarusian and Ukrainian border guards to a checkpoint "New Yarilovichi" that in the Chernihiv region.

Narrating Basil driver of the Leningrad region of Russia, which relatives vacationing in Ukraine and just moved the Ukrainian-Belarusian border on the track Chernigov-Gomel:

"On the Ukrainian border was a great place — there were more than two hours. The Belarusian was all very fast, accurately, without delay. Just at the Ukrainian border one person one finger knocks on your computer passport data. In one hand he had a passport, the second he knocks the information — with one finger. It turns out very long. There is no repair in sight. Crossing the tracks a little, so the line. "

Some tourists who return home from the Black Sea hitchhiking cross the border on foot. Leave their avtaspadarozhnikav at the Ukrainian border — and go on foot. Thus, at least received Tatiana and Andrew from St. Petersburg. They arrived from Sevastopol to the Ukrainian border, backpacks on the back — and forward.

Tatiana"The very custom, we took about five minutes. Came up to the window, everything we have written, delivered. Then walked from customs to customs. And here, too, about five minutes. On the Ukrainian side stood a dozen cars — well, no more than a pavkilyametra . before the Belarusian customs office machines stood four. This is from the cars are. C vans — a pair here and there. "

Gregory and Pauline — on foot across the border easier

While we were talking to the Belarusian border from Gomel with duffel bags over his shoulders approached two hikers — Gregory and Pauline, from St. Petersburg.

Gregory"We are from St. Petersburg, hitchhiking. Trying to get to the Crimea. Now try to cross the border — the first time at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. What is there to do, apparently, another kilometer to go on foot to catch the car."

Belarusians summer also tend to the sea — who is the Black and who is in Turkey — to the Mediterranean.

Firms offer the same flight to Turkey from the Kiev airport. And Gomel, Minsk residents and even from the territory of Ukraine flights are much cheaper.

Boryspil Airport Belarusians traveling vans. And also zvedvayuts suffering at the border. And not only at the central border Auto-advance "Novaya Guta" — "New Yarilovichi," but also to outsiders. For example, Veselovka-Syankovka where advised to be guided by the Belarusian border guards.

Narrating 35-year-old resident of Gomel, that two days ago returned from Turkey with his family and crossed the Ukrainian-Belarusian border:

"I'm from a family went to Turkey. Prior to the Kiev airport shuttle traveled from Gomel. Driving directions quickly, but the back — there were three hours on the Ukrainian transit. Drove around New Yarilovichah — through the border Veselovka. Queue of cars was a pavkilyametra or more. And it is on the Ukrainian side. namayalis after the rest. "

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