T129 ATAK — Turkish helicopter can be a substitute for Bahraini «Cobras»

T129 ATAK - Turkish helicopter can be a substitute for Bahraini
Turkish company TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) will present at the Bahrain International Air Show (January 16-18) combat helicopter T129 ATAK.
The helicopter can be a substitute for helicopters Bell AH-1 Cobra, was the Air Force in the Middle East kingdom.
It is reported with reference to the January 13 edition janes.com «military parity.»
T129, developed on the basis of the helicopter AgustaWestland A129 Mangusta, will be submitted in both the static exhibition and air show
Bahrain royal Air Force has 14 AH-1E combat and six training helicopter TAH-1P Cobra (derived from the presence of the U.S. Army in 1994) in 2005 were purchased by another 12 AH-1F.
Although increasing own fighting abilities these helicopters equipped ATGM BGM-71 TOW, many of the AH-1E will soon become a source of spare parts for machines capable of flying.
Earlier it was reported that in the years 2016-2022 Bahrain can try to refresh the fleet of these helicopters to the standard AH-1Z Viper (in service with the U.S. Marine Corps) to extend their operation until 2035, but it turned out that it needs to rebuild the structure absolutely helicopters.
Most likely, it will be necessary to procure Bahrain helicopters AH-1Z latest build. Against this background, the Turkish company sees prospects for their own T129, which self-efficacy is similar to AH-1Z.
Other possible contenders are the Boeing AH-64 Apache, Airbus Helicopters Tiger and maybe South African Denel Rooivalk.
Not so long ago Our homeland supplied combat helicopters to Iraq and, perhaps, the company «Russian Helicopters» is also looking forward to the exhibition to offer their machines Mi-35, Mi-28 or Ka-50/52.

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