TBM activist offered to help the head of the field

The teacher of the highest category, a former university lecturer named Mikhail Kuleshov Bulavatsky addressed to the chairman of the Mogilev oblast executive committee Peter Rudnick with a letter in which he called upon his continued efforts to revive the Belarusian language in the region.

Member of the Association of Belarusian language focuses on the area of the head, that he initiated in 2010 in Mogilev declared the year of the native language and should not be limited to this year.

With this letter, I wanted to support ethe man

"With this letter, I wanted to support ethe man, in fact, such initiatives have not yet very welcome. Our people are not yet accustomed to thinking of the word "national" good-naturedly. It has a negative connotation as long as Soviet. The mine also decided in the national direction. I think that for this he received a hefty dose of criticism. Second, the year of the native language proclaimed, and what do the officials in this regard? I'm not sure they know it. Society could help them, "- explains the reason Michael Bulavatsky treatment.

Activists call Peter Rudnick assist in the opening of Mogilev Belarusian-school.

"Revelation of the Belarusian-class achieves a group of parents. They need help and support. In 1994, 6 percent of students have studied from Mogilev Belarusian. Following a referendum in 1995 and over the next three years, six percent of these have disappeared. Where is the equality of languages, has been talked about on the eve of the referendum ? "- Asks Michael Bulavatsky.

Mine activist urges help to address the issue of the establishment of the regional center of monuments of famous figures of the Belarusian culture.

"In addition, the Executive Committee should monitor how the program is running to promote the Belarusian language. Someone needs to monitor this and to celebrate those who really popularized the language," — says Rudnik Bulavatsky.

It is known that the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee appealed to the presidential administration, to 2010 in Belarus did a year of the native language. Initiative Mogilev officials did not support, but allowed to develop a program to promote it in the region.

A special commission set up by order of Peter Rudnick, has developed "a set of priority measures to promote regional executive committee of the Belarusian language in the years 2010-12." December 31, 2009 it approved the mine. About how it is carried out in the sea of official sources of information. The mine itself during the lifetime of the program publicly spoke Belarusian only once — on the day of the Constitution, when handed the passports of young people.


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