Tooth formation in the child begins in the womb. And the first milk teeth usually appear in6-8 months. Only in very rare cases, children are born with teeth have erupted.

Usually order of eruption the teeth are. First, there are the lower central incisors (usually the first tooth appears when the child is six months). They are located in the center of the lower jaw. Then there are central upper incisors, which are also located in the center of dentition. After them come the upper lateral incisors, which are located next to the central. Then there are the same teeth on the lower jaw. As a general rule, to the year the child has 8 teeth. However, fewer or more of them at that age is not a serious deviation and should not be cause for alarm.

In the period from one year to four and a half years, there are so-called small molars. They are located behind a "hole" on the site of the future fangs. After a year and a half teeth begin to erupt, and then — molars. The normal-to-25-3 years grow all 20 primary teeth.

Teeth can "get out" in pairs or separately, and the timing of their eruption may vary. Can lengthen their infections, gastrointestinal tract cardiovascular system and metabolic disorders, including rickets.

Some parents do not notice the onset of their child's teeth. However, most of the children, each new tooth declares itself long before the eruption: the child is increased salivation, he furiously chewing on a toy or fist. At the time of eruption of the tooth health of the child is changed. The kid is restless, crying and screaming. Often the appearance of the teeth is accompanied by fever up to 37.5 C, diarrhea, coincides with a cold.

How to help your child?

  • Give your child anything solid and cold for biting — it takes the pressure and tension in the jaw. For this purpose, you can use a bread crust (small baby can swallow), a piece of carrot, apple or cucumber from the fridge, chilled chewy ring.
  • Massage the sore spots — it dulls pain and accelerates the growth of the teeth. Gentle massage jaw finger, while the child is sitting on the father or mother, not only reduces pain, but also comforting. Massage is done as follows: Carefully spend the wings of the nose to the corners of the mouth. You can also massage the gums with a clean finger. This massage improves the blood supply to the jaw and palate, accelerates eruption teeth.
  • In severe pain analgesic gels help (Kalgel, Dentinoks-H etc.). They have a calming, drowsiness, facilitating child pain and removing the itching.
  • If the baby has a fever above 38,5 ° C, give him a single dose of children's antipyretic according to instructions. Can insert in the ass special homeopathic candles "Viburkol."
  • If a child has a strong salivation, there may be redness and roughness of the skin around the mouth. In this case, to help children fatty creams or lotion.
  • Pamper your child more than usual. Your love and a sense of security — the best remedy against pain.

How to care for your teeth first?

After the first teeth appear, remember — they are in need of care. To get started, simply wipe them with a cotton swab in the evenings or enjoy a special toothbrush that fits over the adult's finger. By the time the 10 teeth have grown up, it is recommended to start regular cleaning of children's teeth with a toothbrush without toothpaste. Just act very carefully, otherwise you may injure your tooth enamel. By two years, you can add "pea" special paste that does not contain fluoride.

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