Termination of pregnancy without risk

How to solve this delicate problem without the risk of complications? And what are the criteria to choose a clinic?

In some cases, abortion is associated with a high risk?

Termination of pregnancy — particularly important step. Need to think carefully and not give in to fear and despair.

Abortions performed for up to 12 weeks at the woman's request.

But it is necessary to bear in mind: to postpone a decision on the termination of pregnancy for tomorrow is dangerous for women's health. The longer the pregnancy, the greater the risk of possible health complications.

Today, a blood test can be set pregnancy within 10 days after conception.

What are the different methods of abortion?

Today, there are several methods of abortion: medical and operational abortion.

Medical abortion is based on the use of specific drugs, the most restrictive of the body of a pregnant woman, the most effective and safe in terms of reproductive health. Drug intervention is carried out up to 42 days from the beginning of the last menstrual period.

Operational abortion— Several surgical techniques: miniabort abortion or vacuum (up to 6 weeks), and abortion operation under anesthesia (up to 12 weeks).

What should I look out for?

First of all, unscrupulous clinics, which are not pre-assigned range of diagnostic testing. After all, the diagnosis — the first and most important step before any intervention, especially abortion.

Examination prior to any kind of abortion include: pelvic ultrasound, ECG, blood count, blood type and Rh factor, blood clotting, blood test for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, a smear on the flora, etc.

Abortion without risk ON CLINIC

ON CLINIC is a diversified world-class medical center.

In the center possesses its own clinical diagnostic laboratory with an international certificate of quality control.

You can pass a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation in order to minimize all possible risks as well as to the termination of pregnancy on the same day. This ensures complete privacy.

Delicate decision on the early stages in the ON CLINIC

The most gentle method of abortion in the early stages is carried out with the help of modern medicines foreign production.

They almost did not have a negative effect on female reproductive function. According to the observation of doctors after medical abortion with the use of these drugs in the first menstrual cycle is restored ability to ovulate.

How are these tools?

After conception begins to produce the pregnancy hormone — progesterone, which block the production of these drugs.

And there is no need for surgery to the uterus.

Which risks can be avoided?

First, the risks associated with conducting anesthesia and surgery. Secondly, this method makes it possible to eliminate the risk of infection and the appearance of the inflammatory process that is fraught with the development of adhesions and obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

But with all the advantages of safe use of the drug is possible only under strict medical supervision, taking into account contraindications and individual constraints.

To determine the method of abortion will help you a qualified specialist — a gynecologist ON CLINIC.

Termination of pregnancy in the ON CLINIC — A complete range of services for any authorized term: required complex diagnostics, optimal pain management, nursing gynecologist (after surgery) in a comfortable hospital, effective rehabilitation programs.

In addition, the doctors of the center — not only highly trained specialists, but also people who understand the subtle psychology of women.

They will not only medical care at a high level, but also psychological support, help you choose the best contraceptive method for the effective prevention of pregnancy in the future.

Protect your health — go to ON CLINIC!

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