The aliens behave disgracefully, British circles already etched in 14 countries




The year did not have to at some field sites were not found anyone knows neatly flattened wheat, rye, oats, barley and corn. "English community" — so long ago called this phenomenon. Because he brazenly eyesore mainly British and stems tend to be stacked flat circles. Large but unpretentious. For many years ufologists claimed it — the marks of a UFO landing.
Now, in the course of a new term — the "icons", which reflected a distinct change in the subject of pictures in the margins. They have become much more sophisticated. Expanded geographically. Enthusiasts who keep records of the phenomenon, since the start of the summer recorded more than 70 "events" around the world. Unknown grain handlers heritage in Canada, Germany, Holland, Poland, France, Switzerland, USA, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Austria. And, of course, in England, which, however, with its nine icons until 2004 leads in the number of cases. In Germany, for example, blocked 15, and in Italy — 11. However fields of Albion continue to occupy the first place in the intricate plot (see photo). In other countries, rustic pictures — circles, in a word. And here — poured icon, which, according to creative people, surely something is encrypted.
Scientists are seriously engaged bread picture for twenty years. The current leader of the British krugoissledovateley Colin Andrews, realizing the mysterious phenomenon reported about him as much by Margaret Thatcher. That, too, was surprised, even sent military helicopters. But it did not help the cause.
Pat Delgado, an American colleague Andrews several years to deliver to the location of the icons tons of scientific equipment. To no avail. He could not even keep track of the field, appointed sensors, microphones and everyone there oscilloscopes. The evening of wheat stood rovnenkaya and wakes up the next morning — already laid. Who is? Riddle. "It seems to be something whistled and glittered" — then scientists have been justified. Absolutely nothing and made it clear they discovered anomalies, such as rotated a few degrees magnetic field, concentric magnetic tracks, evidence of exposure to microwave radiation, the decay products of short-lived radioactive isotopes.
Complete misunderstanding of the nature of the phenomenon scientists led to a lot of hypotheses even more intricate than the actual icon. The most ridiculous of them about hedgehogs. They say that is what they get in packs and trample fields under the cover of darkness or fog.
 Common sense retreats

It would seem that there is only one sensible explanation: the icons are made by people, but not simple, and specially trained. Perhaps some kind of cult of pranksters, "teams" are scattered all over the world. It is possible, even this: those who keeps a record of the icons, and they live dirty footmarks. Sami. No urchins.
Too many began to appear gigantic icons length of over 100 meters. Umyat something like this for a day or night without other witnesses and without any naihitreyshego fit very difficult. But it is possible that a secret global society laborers circles simply upgrading its technology. And he starts already in full "joking."
Jokes — aside
A pictogram is indeed a lot. Colin Andrews made the table of frequency of their occurrence in England from 1996 to 2003. 837 pieces! Wow jokes.
Especially Fruitful were 1999 and 2000. In an icon 148 is fixed in the other — 134. And the most prolific months in any of the years have always been in July and August. Although the first pictures — several pieces — appeared in April, as soon as the shoots of winter.
And here's what nonsense: researchers claim that can easily distinguish from the real icons of jokers, no one knows by whom made. From logs or other mechanical tools ears bent with a visible fracture. A mysterious force leaves a serious smooth bend.
All this and is haunted by a scientist from which even the British government demanded an explanation. And as long as the icon takes under his protection — pays local farmers for ensuring that they are not mowed and threshed found on the grounds of their paintings. What has brought great benefits. In pristine circles began to actively breed different wild birds. Another use while in the pictures do not.
Full of mysticism
August 19, 2001 in a wheat field county of Hampshire (England) next to the radio telescope in Chilboltone there was a huge picture-matrix, now known as "Chilboltonskoe message." Scientists from the helicopter spotted that it is in general similar to the message that earthlings sent November 16, 1974 the brothers on reason.
Above news aliens 20 years ago worked renowned astrophysicist Carl Sagan and Frank Drake. Encrypted information about us, the people, and pulnul it from the radio telescope in Puerto Rico toward the star cluster M13 in the constellation Hercules. It is located about 28 thousand light years from the Sun. In graphically represented the image signal matrix of 73 rows and 23 columns. The answer was expected in the year 47574. But it seems that it has come before.
In "Chilboltonskom message" as many rows and columns as in ours. But the information is another. For example, a man is depicted in the form of any humanoid with a large head. In the information about chemical elements, of which "built" earthlings, added silicon. The double helix of DNA is complemented by another thread, a DNA molecule itself — more than a million bases.
Further, 15 August 2002 in the same face appears Hampshire — all signs alien. Experts at the same eye for detail: it has a certain resemblance to a certain portrait of beams, one of the characters in sci-fi series "Star Trek." But the origin of the image that does not clear up. True, it is equipped with an image of a certain disc, umyatogo dots and stripes. Maybe this is encryption. Alas, to understand it is not yet possible.
All clear is anomalschikam: aliens are sending us a message. And a graphic way make themselves known. And why not inform anything meaningful and worthwhile? The time is not ripe. As long as people are given to know that they are not alone in the universe. Like, do not miss. Yes unless there bored?
Durilki "KP"
As we tricked ufologists

Three years ago, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" conducted its own experiment. In Shakhovskoi near Moscow on the field with the help of tillers, rope and driven into the stake was made a 30-meter (diameter) circle — the trace of the alleged UFO landing. On this "durilki" tempted one of the TV channels by giving a sensation in the air. A two luminaries of ufology, surveying the circle, came to the unequivocal conclusion that this script. Especially abutted that depression in the center of the circle — this is a consequence of the probe a "flying saucer", and a very rare species.
Meanwhile, it was a mark of cola, artistically retouched by me … beer bottle! World UFO community was greatly saddened by our experiment. In the soul, we can say spit …

Oleg Shapovalov
Vladimir Lagowski

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