The authorities acknowledged — fires can bring radiation in Belarus


In an interview, Mr. BelaPAN Golikov explained that, when a high-intensity fire radionuclides rise in the air, but the distance that they are usually small — up to 10 kilometers. "So that recovery of radionuclides that was in the accident at Chernobyl, due to fires in the forests of course, can not be", — said Golikov.

On He said, Today the radiation situation in Belarus has not changed the dose of gamma radiation did not increase. Experts are monitoring, and for an increase in radiation levels will appeal to the MOE.

In turn, Head of Department for information analysis and forecasting of air pollution RCRCEM Bogdan Kozeruk said that if the extreme heat and lack of rainfall fires in neighboring Russian regions may influence the state of the air in Belarus. In particular, it is possible increase in atmospheric particulate dust dyaksydu sulfur and other harmful substances.

According Kozeruk today in the cities of Belarus has increased the amount of formaldehyde. However, the expert noted, This situation typical periods of high temperature and in the absence of rain. It is most commonly observed in July.

Meanwhile International environmental group Greenpeace has warned of radioactive hazard from fires in Russia, where the burn areas contaminated as a result of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. As reported by foreign media, in some Western European countries have already begun to measure radiation levels in the air, for fear of "Chernobyl cloud."

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