The beginning of all beginnings

Our forefathers said, "Who does not know his past — has no future." "Knowing the past Knows the future. Know the unknown, come to know the unknown. There is no greater evil in the world than ignorance! "

The word "Veda" means knowledge. The word "know", "confession", "sermon", "bear" (knowing honey) come from the same root. But Vedas means also the name of the oldest on the planet of the scriptures. Once on Earth was one civilization was one knowledge — Vedic. You can still find remnants of the Vedic knowledge, preserved in many countries, especially in Russia and India. No wonder so similar our cultures and languages.


YOUR BIRTH: for ye create it your future,
LED LOVE living in the heart.
If you have never been in the past in the hearts and LOVE YOUR LABOUR, there is no future for YOUR BIRTH AND DOES THIS bezsmyslenno.
For all that is created for YOUR LABOR AND YOUR OFFSPRING, will return to dust.

Annals of Ancestral Heritage — is the defense of the Truth to rise against it, overtly and covertly, negation. Active in this fight card and nations other than the conscious and unconsciously gun movements of the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of iniquity. The whole experience of mankind is a good overview of the divine ways in which it was to grow up and be improved: the peoples awareness of its existence — is the power of spirituality preservation of these people, while the distortion of Ancestral Heritage and separation from their ancestral roots pushes people into the abyss of demonic chaos consumer civilization.

Thoughts of a man enslaved life, far away from the kitchen and bedroom and a lack of penetration power in the inner meaning of life. Thus wasting the day, the inhabitant is not looking for not only knowledge, but even a simple education. In his life there is no place for Prosveshchenie love for the country, or to another person or to the knowledge of God.

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This level of consciousness is the inevitable step of every person. For further growth is necessary to realize the eternity of life. This will gain liberation from the prison of the charm of surrounding things and passions, to throw off the yoke of an attachment to them, to free themselves from the shackles of prejudice and see the Light of the way.

For many centuries, the experience of mankind was made up of light and dark struggle began, the divine and the demonic, the descendants of the gods and creatures. And from time immemorial stronghold of light forces in this struggle was Russia. Meaning of this word is: "grew up" — means growth, increase, and "this" — shine light svetost. Ie Russia is a force that increases svetost. That is why Russia is the only country that bears the name of "holy" — light, bright Rus (trying to hide the truth about the luminosity Beginnings, demons replaced in the luminous words of the letter "e" with the letter "i." Instead of "light" turned "holy," instead of " Light "-" holy ").

It is no coincidence we are chosen for this incarnation Russia, especially in difficult times! We have been given a unique opportunity to get that experience, which, in any other place would have to acquire over the millennia.

And how it all started you ask? It is also possible to get the answer in our Vedas!

The universe in its structure and organization is extremely difficult. But all the traditions of the Slavic peoples say that all things in our universe is a single source, which includes all imaginable and unimaginable variety of surrounding worlds.

In modern terminology, it is called "Absolute" and the ancient Slavs called it PA-M-HA.

Vsebog (Ra-M-Ha, the Most High) — One God, the unknowable Supreme Being, is associated with the concept of the Force. Vsebog wakes up (which is both a revival and spillage into pieces) into the world of his hypostases-Gods. Images or idols Vseboga never existed, because the Absolute can not portray.

Him also never addressed directly (always treated him to a particular incarnation). But still retained some evidence to suggest that the Slavs (contrary to the claims of some modern scientists) knew of the one God:

"Between the various deities, which are dominated by fields and forests, the sorrows and pleasures, the Slavs did not deny the one God in heaven, commanding other. He is the most powerful, only cares about heaven and the other gods who perform their duties, come from his blood, and the more who notably, the closer to this God of gods. " Gelmold (German priest and missionary Golshtena about 1125 — after 1177)

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