The biggest cave in the world. Shondong Cave (Hang Son Doong). Vietnam

Cave Shondong (Hang Son Doong, which in Vietnamese means "mountain river cave") — the biggest cave in the world at the moment, and probably one of the most beautiful. It has no walls festooned with hair like the hair of Cappadocia Cave, but inside it is flowing full-flowing underground river and even a bit of the jungle. In addition, the cave is impressive for its size — 150 meters wide and 200 meters high. It is part of a system of more than 150 caves are longer than 6.5 kilometers, which is not yet fully understood.

Shondong located in Vietnam, in the national park Fongnya-Kebang (Phong Nha-Ke Bang), which is not far from the border with Laos. It was first discovered by a local resident by the name of Han Ho (Ho-Khanh) in 1991, but none of the locals do not dare to enter into it because of the strong wind and the noise at the input of the river.

In 2009 the cave was rediscovered by an expedition led by British cavers Howard Limbert (Howard Limbert). During this expedition was examined about 4 kilometers of caves, while the team has not stopped the obstacle as a 70-meter wall of calcite.

A year later, a second expedition was undertaken in order to overcome the wall and continue the research. One of the members of the expedition, 52-year-old photographer Carsten Peter (Carsten Peter), spent two weeks in these caves, said:
During my 35-year career, photographer and researcher, I have visited so many caves that have lost count. But this cave is one of the most unusual and unique that I have seen.


Watch Vietnam's Infinite Cave — Hang Son Doong Cave

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