The biggest TV in the world


Technology evolves so quickly that to follow, of course, for all is simply unrealistic. I suggest you look three small video on the biggest TV in the world. As they say in one song, that "what came to progress"

Undoubtedly, the main flow of information comes to us from the Internet, but do not forget about TV. Although, now and TV shows can be watched easily on the internet and find out the latest news from the network. And on the TV screen for a long time can be displayed web pages.

Of course, now you can buy a TV for every taste and budget. You can, for example, to buy a TV samsung, some cool plasma, and then enjoy the view while enjoying the clarity and brightness of colors, a variety of sounds, and screen sizes.

The world is full of people who just can not tear away from watching TV. But if you do not go to extremes, there is no doubt nice after a hard day relaxing on your sofa with your family and watch a movie or an interesting entertainment program. Naturally, the TV must be solid.
Of course, TVs offered in the videos are unlikely to be used in everyday life. Although, who knows what the future holds.

The largest LCD TV in the world. Watch

The largest LED TV in the world. Watch

SEED C 201, it is the largest LED-TV in the world. Developed in collaboration with the design studio Porsche, 201-inch screen with a unique cinematic technology. 270 degree rotation, adjustable in height up to 4.6 meters (15 feet).

Interesting future — The largest touch screen. Watch

The largest touch screen in the world presented by Perceptive Pixel. It has a 82-inch screen first, to recognize up to 50 simultaneous touches.


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