The brain itself ukurivaet

October 29, 2011 23:24

The disappearance of pain, which may occur in people in a state of extreme stress related to the work of one of the parts of the brain — the hippocampus, which secrete a substance, its composition similar to marijuana.

 Feeling pain in humans and animals experiencing terror or severe stress, can almost completely disappear. This important feature allows you to escape life-threatening situations.

The study of stress-induced analgesia may be important for the development of new analgesic drugs.

The team, led by David Finn, Co-Director of Research Center of National University of Ireland, pain, first find out exactly how the brain "off" pain under stress

"The body can suppress pain during extreme stress with a similar marijuana substance that is produced in the brain. We first found that the hippocampus (a brain region involved, in particular, the ability to remember) plays an important role in the action of endocannabinoids, "- said the Finn was quoted as saying in a statement the university.

He and his colleagues were able to demonstrate that the cessation of production of the enzyme that breaks down one of these endocannabinoids in the hippocampus, extending the time of stress analgesia.

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