The Cardio-risk: the heart to beat regularly

Heart ailments and problems with blood vessels today is not confined to a very old man, but also very young people. Coronary heart disease (CHD) and heart attacks become much younger in the last few decades. The reason for that — continuous stress and a bad environment. And yet, to protect yourself from heart problems can be. It is important to only take care of yourself — take regular surveys on the special program "Cardio-risk."

Who needs a diagnostic program "Cardio-risk"?

Such a program is recommended once a year to pass all healthy people over age 35, especially under stress and increased physical activity. And of course those who have encountered the following warning signs:

• tachycardia (rapid heart rate);
• arrhythmia;
• difficulty breathing;
• high blood pressure or sudden pressure changes;
• attacks of angina pectoris (a symptom of ischemic heart disease, accompanied by severe pain in the chest that can give in the shoulder, back, is called
temporary shortage of blood supply to a region of the heart).

If your family history can be traced predisposition to diseases of the cardiovascular system, such people should be checked regularly heart, cardiogram, and one can not do here.

Advantages diagnostics ON CLINIC

In ON CLINIC uses unique equipment made by special order
• vysokopolnaya open magnetic resonance system expert class Magnetom Verio (Siemens) capacity 3T MRI scanner with a maximum diameter and the ability to examine patients weighing up to 200 kg;
• commuter scanner Somatom Definition Flash (Siemens).

In addition, physicians ON CLINIC utilized by the most modern methods of medical research.

The time to complete the survey ON CLINIC patient can choose your own, all program takes about 3 hours.

In ON CLINIC can consult one of the best specialists of Moscow in the field of cardiology. According to the survey results — get your hands on all the information (in electronic form or by electronic mail), as well as doctors' recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and their treatment (if necessary).

Optionally, you can pass a comprehensive examination at the day hospital. In ON CLINIC has comfortable double rooms with private bath. The House are fitted with a supply of oxygen and the nurse call button. All available research, blood sampling, interviews are conducted directly with the doctor in the ward.

What is in the program "Cardio-risk"

Initial reception and consultation of a cardiologist;
General and biochemical blood kardioznachimym
General analysis of urine;
Computed tomography of the heart, coronary artery calcification score;
Magnetic resonance imaging of the heart;
Echocardiography with Doppler analysis;
Ultrasonography of the abdomen, kidney, adrenal gland;
Thyroid gland and regional lymph nodes;
Duplex scanning of the kidneys and renal vessels.

ON CLINIC — complete diagnosis of the cardiovascular system in just 3 hours!

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