The correct interpretation of certain words

Ancient Slavic Drop Cap

A, anti — particle of negation in a number of domestic and foreign words.

Aboriginal — the name of wild southern nations of local origin, this arias during the great migrations (and Bogen — no Borean genes).

Hell — by VI Dal 'Adeya, geena, tartare, hell, abyss, hell, black as night, the furnace of fire. "

Adam — by VI Dal 'man in the flesh, the sinful ", taken from the earth, the forefather of the Jews (in drenegrecheskom: hell — hell, hell, the seat of Satan's servants, am — just one number for people, named after circumcision Jews, in plural — demos).

Advocate — Advocate for the most unjust criminal cases.

Adept — follower iudohristianstva and Judaism (Hell-e-way).

Adeya — on VIDal: "Hell, the place of residence of the priests and deacons. Adeya moan, to his calls. Filled adeya priests, deacons, but the righteous judges. " (Ad-activity) hell make the creators of hell.

Adamant — another name for the diamond (hell-mantle) — profit increase of hell. In ancient times it was believed that Satan throws out of the land of native gold and precious stones to unfairly reward individuals and razkolot community of nations. Such finds our honorable ancestors attributed to the temples and priests.

Administration — Authority board members adei (ad-ministers) — infernal rulers.

Adonai — on VIDal: "The Hebrew God-sy, one of the names of God."

Associate — Assistant Academy.

Elder — Elder Turki (ak — white, gray, Sakal — beard).

Academic — See above (ak — gray, Hell — Hell, MI (s) to — knock about). Head of the institution at the Masons in peacetime, Sergeant brotherhood of Freemasons, and in time of war — GM, Head of the masters and professors.

Al — Highest.

Alatyr — (Al-La-Tyr)-containing Stone Great Soul. Celestial stone. Located in Arctis. The stone was lowered Alatyr from Heaven Dove (deep) book — Ancient Vedas.

Alkagolya — (Al-Ka-Gaulle) — The movement of all the higher principles (Spirit, Soul …) to the poor, that is, to degradation.

Allah — (Al la) — Paramatma.

Alchemy — (Al-Chemistry) — Graduate, spiritual chemistry. For example: you can take the eggs and put the oysters in an aquarium with water that does not contain calcium. Oyster grows, not how it differs from the reference, and its leaf also consists of almost pure calcium. This and other experiments confirm the possibility of converting one chemical element into another and expose the fallacy of materialistic chemistry, which does not recognize and carefully ignores these facts.

Anapa — the name of the national children's resort in the possession of small ridges of the Caucasus Mountains. For many years, our "scientists" translate its meaning from the language of the Circassians' end of the table. " It's much easier "and on the PA," that is "not on a mountain or plateau."

Ensemble — in modern dictionaries of foreign words indicate that the French word, means "together." This word is actually an Aryan and this value is not "himself was," that is with someone.

Antisemite — a false notion of modern iudeologov ideologists, meaning enemy or hater of Israel. Semitic refers to a large group of Arab nations, with which our country has friendly relations. Similarly, in our country can not be antikavkaztsa if the Caucasus for hundreds of people, including the Slavs.

Hard coal — coal black, opposite the white color "ant-Ra-Qi" or the opposite of Light long.

Ar — in old, old Aryan — land, land surface, Upland. As a measure of the area of land preserved in a number of countries (ap — weaving, 0.01 hectares — measurement of arable land — container).

Arabs — the group of people with common religious beliefs — Islam. In Islam, originally proclaimed that between God and man — no middlemen. If a man was killed for his faith, he is prepared for the path directly to God (Allah). People are not slaves (and slaves), and the children of God.

Aria — 1) "aria arya" ie Ap J. Arias — earthlings or descendants of the gods, who live on the earth. 2) "arias, Arya" Sanskrit name "Aryan" comes from the word drevneruskogo "apryan" (A-A-A direct or strife) — peaceful, nevoinstvenny. There are two Aryan people: Yes `Aryans — are silver, gray eye color and X` Aryans — are green iris.

Ahriman — the ruler of Arima.

Arima — black country (compared to a race), because in the old days was called Rasichi Ancient China (Vely Dragon).

Aristocrat — Arius and a hundredfold, or a man who remembers his ancestors until the hundredth knee, with the power, ability and virtue hundreds of Aryans.

Aratta — a mountainous country, where our ancestors lived before the migration to the territory of present-day Europe, "Ar-Ra-ta 'combination of Heaven and Earth (the Sun), the highlands.

Ararat — (Ar-Ra-Ra-solid), the highest mountain of the Caucasus, a combination of earth and sky. In ancient times there was a sanctuary Russes. Modern Armenians remember it and consider themselves to be descendants of the Aryans — blond and blue-eyed. Early Christianization of the people and the destruction of most of the assimilation of the indigenous population is still not able to erase the memory of involvement and relationship with the powerful and legendary arias.

Arshin — Slavic measure of length, equal to four pyadyam corresponds to 71.12 centimeters.

As, Asa — military caste Aryans. One of them could be elected rulers — the military leaders and commanders. A number of people came to consciousness, as the descendants of the heavenly gods living on earth Midgard that "can all". Hence the modern words: ace — the pilot and master of his craft, dock.

Asgard — Hail Gods. Now in place in Asgard the vehicle Omsk.

Asia — the oldest Power White People on the Asian mainland, in the ancient sources, it is also referred to as the Great Tartary (Grand Tartaria). Country Aces, "Al and me." Written in Latin «Asia». Only in our country to izkorenit generic and genetic memory of Christian ideology izkazili spelling and pronunciation. Thus Aces hail, in which lived the Aces led by Wotan (Odin — from the "first one") to its relocation to the Baltic and Scandinavia, renamed Azov.

ACCA — the notion of our ancestors — the war, followed by the conquest and subjection of peoples unified leadership.

Assembly — the name for booze period Peter 1. During these pyanok poured cup penalty amount in half a liter of vodka, followed by "As he bleated," that is reached the state of an animal, lost his mind and retched.

Assimilation — the process of mixing of people of different skin colors (Ac + Simit). In the modern concept of "internationalism." First noted in the area called Mesopotamia (mesh generation).

Asura — from h'Ariyskogo As — God lived on Earth, Ur — populated, fertile land. Asura — is the title of prince of Light Holy Race. These things later formed the Old Russian base figure of speech: "Az AM KING", which means: (As — God) W (Ur — land) b (created, acknowledged), the EU (all) Nb (the world — society) CE (CE — this, this) ZAR (Dawn — Bearer of Light), ie "God on Earth recognized by the entire society, the bearer of light."

Atlantis — the mythical title of all marine and oceanic islands (removal of the Deer).

Aura — (A-negative, Ur-light, Ra-Sun) own, not sunlight. Aggregate energy radiations man izhodyaschih from its fine structures and bodies, reflecting a general spiritual level, and its momentary state of mind and mood.


Ba — Door of Life. Woman at the time of birth "obablivaetsya." There was no city Valilon (Babelon) was Babel — Gate of God.

Baba — twice Ba, the mother who gave birth to laboring women.

Baba Yoga — patron goddess of orphans. She collected them in cities and villages, and delivered to his hermitage. She did this in order to save him from death remnants RodovRasy Great.

Sir — (B-large, ARIN-Arius) — lord.

Poor — people KOTRA accompanied trouble because Rich in contrast to the poor have little divine. The man at the MDM is no possibility of sense enjoyment, due to violation of Law of Sacrifice — when a man took, but did not give, and if donated, that is not correct.

Inactivity — a long period of lethargy by our people. When the gods of sleep — working demons.

Bezletno — forever.

Steelyard — a device used instead of weights. (Without exchange), ie without the exchange of money.

Bezputstvo — lack of vision way of life, but because living life aimlessly. If the word is not present on the existing rules of grammar: "rowdiness" — is the path indicated by a demon.

Bezsilie — lack of power because of his own lack of organization. In the modern spelling for the temporary seizure of power by the forces of darkness — demons, the form looks like: impotence (the power of the devil.) The reason is clear: if somewhere departed, then came around.

Bezmer — excess.

Immortal — neumerayuschy, eternal. Our enemies are demons — the death, because it is written: immortal.

Ber — Forest (Forest). Aryan name of the animal, which was a totem of the Rus-Aryans, who lived east of the Urals. The modern name of Bear.

Den — a place where lives Ber. Se-Bera, Siberia — the ancient name of the Aryan peoples northeast Assia.

Golden Eagle — backwater, remote or difficult to reach. The modern name of the bird family of eagles living in remote places.

Berserker — warriors who have the ability to enter into a state of transformation, transformation, similar to lycanthropy or amok (the Malays). Apparently, during this incarnation of man makes insensitive to pain and believed that he turned into a wolf or a bear. Berserkers also called "wolf skins," and the word "berserk» (berserkr) means "bearskin" from "Bear."

Business — the word has no roots in any of the languages other than Slavic tongues. It was taken over by our merchants, who spoke in an unsuccessful transaction, that they were "holding the bag", and jokingly show, putting his thumb to his nose and parted fingers, which one should face. If successful, they say that their trade is made "no nose", ie with profit. But now the joke of the conventional wisdom of Russian merchants are, not knowing its origin playful, serious traders around the world.

Blagovremenie — the present time, the days of prosperity.

Thanksgiving — gratitude in response to good works: "It is good I give you" — uttered by our ancestors more than a "thank you" — save Bo!

Grace — good gifts, love, mercy.

Thank you — the main form of gratitude from the Slavs (I give the benefit).

Fornication — razputstvo, nechestivstvo, lawlessness, loss of chastity against the will of their parents, sex outside of marriage or marriage to a representative of another faith (marriage with the infidels — the birth of a disabled child as a result of mixed marriages).

Whore — originally "Blood" (B-More LADA-love) — mnogolyubivaya.

Bo — as our ancestors called the Creator. Bo Organization — Great Fire or Sun, as the face of Bo. The rest of the day visible overhead space called heaven.

Hero — 1) God tyrit, killing God (so-called "special forces" at the court of Prince Vladimir, the objective of which was the destruction of temples and Slavic nizpoverzheniekummirov).
2) God tyrit, stored in a God.

Rich — many of the Divine in you, that is, you Bozic. The person who has the ability to produce sensual pleasure. Achieved by making their prescribed duties and law enforcement victims.

Bogorazumie — Knowledge of God.

Bozhychi — children of God — the old self-Slavs and Aryans

Bulgaria — the name of the great river in the Ra-value Great Race (Bol-ha). The modern name of the Volga.

Bulgarians — the inhabitants of land (ha Bol Aria) Ra-coast river, are always the most important caravan route between the North and the South.

Bulgaria (Bulgaria aria) — originally the lands adjacent to the waterway by Ra River. In more recent times — all the land adjacent to the water ways. So on the ground and the rest of the Danube Bolgaarii territory.

Boreas, Bure — the North, where razselyalis arias. Hyperborea — Far North.

Fight — a fighter, a warrior.

Beard — Family wealth, a subject of special worship of the Old Believers, who believe that every owner of the beard hairs linked to one of their ancestors. In hoary antiquity before the battle was given time to tying beard, damage or pull the beard was considered vital insult. With razprostraneniem Paganism and alien beliefs beard remains the preserve of a number of religious beliefs, but loses its significance in the Christian; similar happened with the hair.

Boyar — an ardent fighter, fight Yarilin, Warrior of Light, a senior warrior.

Marriage, marriage — 1) unlit marriage against the will of their parents, in violation of the laws of RITA. 2) the production of defective children. 3) legalized prostitution, for each spouse to another are used pure selfish purposes. Consists of three stages: the struggle for mastery of each other, the struggle for supremacy, a struggle for freedom from each other.

Swearing — war. Battlefield — the battlefield.

Bylie — grass, byle, a blade of grass. Overgrown bylem — oldest event, overgrown grass (see grass).

Vaditi — defame, slander, false report. For this behavior, "go to hell."

Wightman — Heavenly chariot on which gods and men have traveled the earth. There were also Vaitmar — big celestial chariot can tolerate in her womb to 144 Wightman, in turn, on the Wightman had light "landing craft" — Vimal.

Vampire — being powered alien life force ("you"-you "feast" — eating, food, ie "eating you," your energies).

Var — boiling water — hence cooking.

Barbara — bearded Russ, driving forces of darkness "in the ar", that is in the earth. IzToriki so izkazili real idea what Barbarus (bearded Russian) became famous German Emperor (remember that Germany itself was formed in 1871).

Varna — the level of evolution of man in society ("pitch" — the paint, the color of the etheric body).

Vikings — (B-AR-I-Ha — rower on a ship navigator) — is a profession. Just like the "Carpenters", "Vikings" can not be a nation. Sailor Warrior, protecting the ships.

Be — vedanie life.

Veda — wisdom, knowledge. Veda — know. Veda — The scriptures of reference, ie Knowledge and skills (in mind) live the commandments.

Vedma witch — says the woman.

Veles, Volos — Bog Veles. Patron god of cattle and livestock, as well as generic patron of the Western Slavs — Scott (Scots), so to say that "Veles skotiy Bog." Settling in the British Isles, Scott called the province of Scotland (Scotland) in honor of the patron god of Generic, his name Wales (Wales, that Velez). Veles patron god of the Hall of the Wolf Svarog Circle. Gatekeeper leading Vyry, accompanies the dead in Svarga.

Great Dragon — one of the imaginative naming Arima (Ancient China). To date, the Chinese people are called — the people of the Dragon. In honor of the Dragon staged lavish celebrations, are made of different materials to striking shapes and images. Great Dragon was defeated on the cross, where the Great Race, he was trying to beat — this event was immortalized in ancient history. The White Rider (God, Knight) slaying (sword), the dragon (the ancient serpent) was depicted in the frescoes and bas-reliefs of ancient pagan temple (the temple) and the various buildings of the Great Race. Sculpture with the plot of sculpted stone, cast of precious metals and cut from different trees. And this victory was sealed on the generators (icons) and minted on the coins of Victory Day began a new era of SMZH. Now this story is known as: St. George slaying the dragon (the snake).

Valkyrie — patron goddess of warriors, the ancestral guardian (people Belovodye) ie keepers of ancient wisdom and purity of the race. Also Goddess Comforter fallen soldiers, of which accompanies Wall challah, where they are met: the owner — God Volh and his associates: Perun, One, Indra, Velez Ladaad, Thor and Semargl.

Dowry — a payment for the bride groom's family.

Boar — wild boar.

Faith — 1) Faith — Shining Wisdom, a word consisting of two Runes: Veda — Wisdom, Knowledge, Pa — Light, Clear Light.) — Is Shining Ancient Wisdom of the Gods and our ancestors, and also how you can not change the way of life of their ancient ancestors Also you can not change the Faith adjusting it to modern living conditions and political programs. It is also possible, as, for example, to choose a new parent, and to be born of them. Faith can not accept or reject, as opposed to religion or religious thought up. Faith exists whether those who agree with it or or not. 2) Old Slavic name.

Camel — (Conducted — great, fornication, whoredom, walk) — a great walker.

Veriga — iron shackles, fetters, chains worn by devotees of the Christian faith (Faith and Ga — believe and go).

Veroizpovedanie — means the transfer of knowledge and ancient wisdom from generation to generation.

Treachery — (Faith-break) izkazhenie, betrayal of the Faith.

Inch — Slavic measure of length, four inch, four noktya corresponds to 4.445 inch.

Chamber — People in the cities of the ancient and medieval, collectively decide all questions of domestic and international activities.

Wii — god of the underworld.

Vlesova book — a book on wooden boards (in the forest book).

In — one of the ancient language of superlatives. Gesture was designated as a clenched fist with the thumb protruding upward. Hence the "in! and "or" strongly to "the same as" war ".

Voivod — voev leads, captain.

In the name of — the glory, the name of honor.

Howl — a warrior.

Volga — izkazhennoe name (correctly Ball Ga — a highway, the longest trade route. Accordingly, Bolgaariya — land adjacent to the trade route bolgoary, Bulgarians — the inhabitants of the land), the great Russian river Holy Ra. Stuck in the cult of the Aryans-humans-farmers-deifying domesticated cattle bull-bull-calf-brand.

Hair — Slavic measure of length, 1/16 line corresponds 0.043408203125 millimeter.

Hair — the subject of a special worship for conservatives and some religious denominations. Hair (Cosmo) — antenki, binding man to the divine world, the cosmos. Special treatment to the hair of pregnant women who receive information from space and store it in their cells, and the cells are incubating her child.

Magus — Slavic sage, magician.

Will — (Vol-I, that is master of his own life) life only by the laws of the Creator, without restrictions.

Incarnation — the acquisition of the flesh, the birth of the world's Reveal.

Gate of — the enemy — at once (at once iztrebi it) — vrazhin — hatred. Enemy — literally, to be exact, will generally dozvuchno LIGHT. Graben — kill the sun, divine, Bran, Rat …

Parenting — Veda fatherly word Pete, that is process of education — the problem of his father. The mother cares enough to manage at home.

Vyry — the image of which is identified with the divine Earth, the Garden of Eden, a place where to send the Slavs, after a righteous life on Midgard-Earth

Vysokovyyny — head high.

Vyshen — Bog Vyshen. The patron god of the universe in the world, Navi, Father God Svarog. The patron god of the Hall of Finist Svarog Circle.

Neck of — neck.


Hectares — drevneruskom, old Aryan means "path, road, traffic," for "leg" — the body that creates the movement. Modern linguists have confused some concepts. They have a "body of God" is an old domestic transport for long journeys, and the TV "body-see" from the Greek for "far" and the Latin word "see."

Gara — from Ha Ra — go to the sun. In contemporary writing "mountain.

Garnier — long in the southern lands of modern Russia was the name of everything related to the wedding feast. Garnier table for young prince. Garnier guest — wedding guest, lord, the guest of honor. Garnier — beautiful (clothes, man, voice). Keeping in mind that the wedding — the bride's family farewell with a girl, causing tears in this meaning is embedded and the other — Garnier (from burning, the bitterness). Gardan (harmonic fumes given) — the Don and is now called the hot mustard.

General — the highest military title (GEN-Is-Ral or genus comes from God). Modern linguists argue that the French word which means "supreme", which fully corresponds to the language Russes.

Germany — so taken for some reason called modern country Bundesrepublik Doychlyand that inhabit the Germans, who did not know his German nationality and call themselves "Deutschman." I wonder why it is not called Ziva Russ, Porus, Prussia — the names that she was called a thousand years?

Germans — an ancient people, the natives of the Black Sea. Under the guidance of their leader Hetman Aria conquered Rome and the whole of Europe. After the adoption of the original Christianity, admits in its ranks the uncircumcised Gentiles, Hetman Arias received the prefix "Rex" or in Latin «rex» — ruler. Over time, his name began to write Germanareks or Hermanaric and his Cossack soldiers nicknamed "germanoariyami" or "Germans." After the death of the leader of these Cossacks were striking force and accomplices of those who took them into their ranks Jerusalem faith. Since then, an expression of "Jerusalem Cossack."

Verb — the word, speech. Remember: "Verb burn the hearts of people!".

Goy — respectable Slav or Arius living Willy Cohn. Remember the fairy tales: "Oh, you're Goi, thou good fellow!".

Horn — top, top, heavenly, located at the top.

Town, settlement — settlements with the fence.

Rob — kill (beat) Ra, the divine.


Yes — a sign of agreement, the root of many Slavic words.

Daariyskoe sea — now the Glacial sea Daariyskoe — Arctic Ocean.

Da'Arias — Sacred country was on the sunken ocean in the northern mainland. Daar different people called in to his Arctida, Hyperborea, the North, Arktogeya and others.

Dazhdbog — Tarkh Perunovich God, God the Keeper of the Great Wisdom. Named Dazhbog (giving God) for having given people Santee Race 9 (book) containing the sacred Vedas. Son of Perun and Ros, Svarog grandson, great-grandson elevated. The patron god of the Hall of race (White Leopard) in Svarog Circle. Contemporary expression of "God bless you to help" is not nothing but a transformed "Dazhdbog you to help."

Tribute — payment in general, not necessarily tax (a tax, duty).

Stout — a fat, fat, fat.

Grandfather — a man who has nine children, nine Dušek

Demon — the devil, the devil, the evil spirit.

Demos — the plural "s" — Jew, Jew, democracy — the power of the demos of the Jews.

Power — the power, the power of the state, power, dominion.

Dare — to dare, dare, take courage.

Gums — right, who is on the right side.

Right hand — right hand.

Children — Nine times you. Originally considered a debt to izpolnennym if the husband and wife have cultivated and raised at least nine children. Each Slav and Aria four parents: two of Earth and two heavenly. Earthly parents: Mother — gives the child's body, the Father gives the image of the Spirit and the blood of his family. Heaven: God Progenitor Rod gives conscience and wisdom, Jiva Virgin gives soul. Thus the couple a total of eight parents, and each relies on vozproizvesti child. The first child is called vernix — it is dedicated to Rod, so only nine. But still wanted to have 16 children among the Halls Svarog Circle. See also Acts RITA.

Jiva — Goddess of jivas (Virgo alive). Goddess of Life and the souls of men, which gives every person, from the Great Race, at birth — Soul. Patron goddess of the Virgin in the Hall of Svarog Circle. Wife and savior Tarh Perunovicha.

Dy — High Priest, the Lord of Wisdom, the head of the Council of Priests Vesevogo.

Diss — Great Priestess.

Hand — hand.

This day — now, today.

Good — well, enduring.

Kindness — iztinnye quality and beauty.

Gooders — making good on his own impulse, voluntarily.

Rain — in a word you hear a direct grant that, because he had been asked by people living with the plow. Plow plow dry land, and then to grant that rain. The southern nations water called "Don." Hence — Poseidon Posey or water, which has become a deity.

Share — 1) Goddess good fortune, happiness and success in creative acts. Daughter Goddess Makos. 2) an ancient measure of time. 1 Percentage = 72 Moments. 1296 shares = 1 Part. In 1 second contained 34.5 parts.

Antediluvian — the old, before the flood, primitive, ancient.

Dravid — as in the old days was called Rasichi ancient India, under the name of the great nation — the Dravidians but they were still living there, and naked.

Squad — a partnership, peer groups, the military band of the same age.

Fool — who returned from a god, the god who visited (Up to Level RA). Because as smart and lucky Ivan the Fool Russian fairy tales. Over time, the advent of Christianity has acquired a negative meaning.

Smoke — in the old family name when calculating the tax "to smoke", that is, from one house or family. The smoke eventually morphed into the house.


Egypt — a country in North Africa, which received this name on or after 5. and soon a new era with the conquest of the Arabs lose this title. In the early chronicles called Keme. In Arab originator this country is called Misri, and full name of the modern state — Gumhuriya Misr al-Arabiya.

Litany — Jewish, and later Christian prayer to their Prince of Darkness (E (is) to shadow me). The opposite of sedition.

Captain — Assistant chieftain, gave the name of "Al village" — a senior, chief settlement, in the second case option: Yassa — instruction of Genghis Khan, the law for the village or the supervisor of the law.


F — a sign of God's fire and light. Heat, Burn — FIRE! Then T, since the GA — the movement, but it is Life.

Ms — one of the superlatives in the language of the Rus-Aryans. "Ka-Ra" — strong sun zhahnut that is hit harder than uhnut etc.

Zhivatma — iztinnoe "I" every living being, self-luminous particle (charisma, his equal in quality, but not the power (like a drop and the ocean).

Food items — originally "Victim Tvoryascha Ra" or bloodless gifts (sacrifices) to God, who threw into the fire.

The draw — fate, destiny.

Priest — rekuschy life and the priest, who sacrifices.


W — a sign of God's fire and light (AZ and LANG)

Envy — the original meaning of "to see beyond", that is very far away, to anticipate events.

The law — the code of conduct outside a sort-tribe (of Kohn).

Lawyer — interpreter of laws; izpolnitel laws.

Dawn — Zara, shine, glow of the sun.

Hello! — Greeting, wishing health, along with a "Good morning!", Which was used also in the plural. After 1917, especially foreign accustomed forms of greeting, "Good morning," "Good afternoon," etc., which do not carry energy wishes of health, and fix the fact the state of the weather. Wish pleasant circumstances (but not common) and complement the main welcome these expressions can only be in the form: "Good:".

Zelie, potion — poison, poison, grass (see).

Exceedingly good — very, very, very, much.

Earth — Sky New projects revolving around a central light. Our planet is called Midgard-Earth.

Zenica — zrachek (apple of the eye).

Zimun — Virgin Zimun. Patron Goddess Father's House. Heavenly keeper of cows. Slavic-Aryan symbol of the constellation Ursa Minor. Mother of the Gods — Veles, Odin and Wotan.

Anger — zloumyslie, evil crime.

Witch Doctor — knowing Haru, which begins with the recovery of any treatment.

Zodiac — the word is not Russian, and Greek and it means — the circle of animals. The Slavs and Aryans analogue — Svarog Circle

Zombies — victims of spiritual information genocide. They, being alive, believe in what they are dead.


Yoke — the board. Igor — ruler.

S — the darkness, the concept of God of the Jews, and a number of southern peoples. S always opposed Ra. Therefore, the Jewish names, including the concept of God, beginning with "agile" or in different cases "Yiwu, Io": Yeshua (Jesus), Joseph Ielisey, John.

Outcast — exile goyim.

Edit — if the word is in the end, means ancient runichisky image — "Iztina terrestrial world." Today often call to get rid of all the isms. Probably not worth it all.

Treason — change the generic code woman through sexual contact with another man. See Laws of RITA.

Name — generic code that put the parents at birth. This code — hope, what will be their child, that is, that he will carry on the world (who I am).

Name Day — a ceremony naming a child. This name can know all of the surrounding. Real name knew the father and the wise men.

Name rivers — call name (river).

Ingard-Earth — the ancestral home of many of the Slavic-Aryan Clans, one of Earths (planets) in the Dazhbog-Sun, on which there is biological life is similar to life on Earth, Midgard (Earth). Dazhbog orbital period of the Sun is 576 days. Ingard-Earth-Sun system Dazhbog has 2 of the Moon — Big and Small. Large moon has a period of revolution around the Earth Ingard 36 days Small Moon — 9 days.

Ingle — the original luminous substance, lovingly interacting with a PA-M-HA has created this Universe

Indus — another place, another place. INDE — a far country.

Internationalism — literally "the intervention, the intervention in the nation," the process of assimilation, adultery, betrayal tribal traditions.

Iriy — Prosveshchenie white river, for pure light. There are two Iria, Iriy Heavenly — milk with a muslin river banks, ie Milky Way and Prosveshchenie Iriy — the modern river Irtysh, Il-Tisch, Iriy quietest.

Mount Erie — Mongolian Altai, which originates river Iriy quietest (Irtysh).

Irinirovat — to join, merge, mix, not only on the physical and genetic level, but on a more subtle planes.

Irtysh — River in Siberia, so named for the purity of water and means Iriy quietest, like the Milky Way means Iriy Heaven.

From time immemorial — correctly IzKona of old, long, initially. Aboriginal — anciently existing, usual, the original (from the Law, of the tribe-tribe).

I confess — openly admit declare give glory praise.

History — it would be correct iztoriya (From I-tori, where the Torah — folklore: myths, legends, tales, legends, epics, sagas. Torit — say, lead the way. Gibber — fast-talking). Distributors of the biblical concept of the origin of the world have created a nice substitute, claiming the origin of the term "history" of the Pentateuch of Moses the Torah (of Torah-I).

Fiend — correctly IzChadie — the fruit of the womb, my child, my child. Izchadie hell — hell children born in hell.

Yiwu — the darkness, set in the ancient language of the Aryans-Rus. Prince Svyatoslav pronounced, going on hikes, "I go to u!".

Jews — to the concept of our ancestors "darkness Those that exercise" in contrast to the Rada.

Yogi — Goi, but instead of a goy, a spiritual person — Magus Priest …


K — sign aspirations. If the vehicle at the beginning of the word, that is important (aim for , If at the end of the word, has the opposite meaning — "from."

Kagan — a Jewish community.

Calendar — Christmas Carols Dar. Slavs used the solar calendar, it was linked to the solar cycle, milestones — periods solstice. Hence — Kolovrat or rotation Colo Carols.
Ahriman and Asuras created a new world — that is, concluded a peace treaty between two warring nations, the Great Dragon (Ahriman) and the Great Race (Asura). Since then, there was the chronology from the Creation (the conclusion of the world) in the Star Temple (name until Krugoletu Chisloboga). (S.M.Z.H.). Earlier, three hundred years ago, all Slavs celebrated the Day of Victory in the Rosh Hashanah (the autumnal equinox) until the usurper Emperor Peter I of the Romanov dynasty, in the summer of 7208 did not revoke this feast, and did not introduce alien (Vatican) calendar, that prescribe celebrate Rosh Hashanah one of January, winter (January) from 1700 AD.
The main differences of the ancient Slavic-Aryan from the modern Gregorian calendar.

Temple — Slavic temple.

Dwarf — a hater of light. (R-AR-Leek)

Karna — the earth, deprived of space, mane, braid. Karna — patron goddess of reincarnation (ie temporary incarnation incarnation, the reincarnation of that new incarnation), the giver of human rights to get rid of the mistakes and fulfill its destiny.

Cat — the executioner, Satan. Catacombs — the seat of the first Christians, the cave.

Keme — the ancient name of the modern country Misr (Gumhuriya Misr Al-Arabiya), which as Doychlyand try to write Hebrew in Russian letters.

Kieu, cue — drevneslovenskoe name fences, fence made of poles.

China — on cue, and Thai. In ancient times, China was called a high fence or ramparts. For example: China Town in Moscow is so named because of the high wall that surrounds it, and not because of the Chinese. China State called — Arima.

Crate — a room.

Oath — (klyat creation) curse, condemnation, curse. Swear — damn, condemn, criticize.

Kmet — Voivod.

Prince, Knez — 1) ruler of the Jews, the word came to us with razprostraneniem Judeo-Christianity instead of our "Khan" — the governor and "hayhan" — high (great) ruler. Knesset — a place where people sit rulers CNES. 2) distorted "Konyaz" which means Horse Ac.

Intrigues — craftiness, cunning, libel.

Number — a round stick, the trunk of a young tree with a pointed end. Izpolzovalsya when applying simple fence around the small villages, the boundary edge of the village.

Colo — circle, the wheel rim. Kolovrat, kolovraschenie — solar cycle. Deck — all cut down a tree.

Well — round Copanca for extraction of underground water Studenets.

Carol — Bog Kolyada. God gave Rodham resettled in western lands: Calendar (Christmas Carols gift) and his wise Vedas. Patron god of tillers. Crow in the Hall of Svarog Circle. Carol — one of the names of the sun, the sun after the winter solstice. Meet and celebrate carols.

Carols — Holidays RAzhdeystvo (Christmas) young winter sun. Carols adjusted duration of the year (in the usual 3 to 5 years old den, and the 4th was 6 den — a leap year).

Con — a belief system, a fact of life in accordance with his conscience a limited group of people (race, tribe) and the tribe itself. Pocono — behaviors clan or tribe (the stake). See Act.

Copa — Old Slavic collection skhodataev. Meaning of the term more clearly disclose cognates: a crowd, set the assembly, shock, save, get to the truth. Cop going in the middle of a village community, called KOPovische, KOPische or temples. The cop was going to a meeting or Veche.

Cora — red, the tree closest to the sun, the top layer.

Ship — the "o" injected, KRABL that is made from the surface of the tree — the boat — dolblenka. There is information in the sign of B, meaning all the Divine. Likely ship — funeral boat in which the remains were burned and gets earth, because modern coffins are in the shape of two boats: one is deceased and the other is covered with it. And then, on what went on the rivers and seas, called the rook.

King — Karol. crawl on behalf of the first emperor of the Carolingian Charlemagne. In wedding ceremonies used to refer to the bride and groom "prince" and "princess." Village name girlfriends snuck queen.

Kosh — camp, camp village. Koshevnik — a resident of the village of the Cossacks, the Turks. Mishka — Ataman, managing in peacetime; Costa — money in the Ukrainian language. Through the efforts of our scientists Koshevnik turned nomads — a nomadic people, or do not have a permanent residence.

Koschuny — (co Schury) — invocation of the ancestors of the Slavs. During Christianization acquired a different meaning: "Do not blaspheme!" — Whether true Christian God, not turn to the ancestors.

Sedition — (pray to Ra) Slavic appeal to their god. Excitement, rebellion, conspiracy, rebellion, confusion — a value that is acquired during the Christianization of the word.

Nettle — from "a-Ra-beer" — drank in the sun, because roasts, bakes.

Beautiful — degree of acceptance of beauty, an act (to Ra (seeking) and in!).

Crater — (k-Ra-of-ter) to the light from the ground or vent.

Kresen — the rite of ascension in Svarga-Pure to the gods and ancestors of the assistance Ogneboga.

Cross — the kindling of life — hence resurrection revive. Equilateral cross enclosed in a circle means life in the universe. The upper and lower branches of a bond with God, the Light, and the lower — to the realm of darkness. Living on the land, in the world waking, the man was in the middle of the Upper and Lower worlds, that is, in equilibrium. For this reason, all Slavic charms (144 basic types) — equilateral cross in a circle-Kolovrat. Lengthening of one of the branches meant a transition to light (Ra) or Dark (s). By the way, cultivators, called the Cross, that is lighted a fire on the ground and from "scratch" — surf the ground. And, while the peasants (cross Yan Yin) certainly not the word "Christian."

Farmer — See Cross.

Injustice — is not it.

Krynica — the source, spring.

Kryshen — Bog Kryshen. The patron god of the Ancient Wisdom. God is in control of worship and celebration, observing, that there was no blood sacrifice. The patron god of the Hall Tour of Svarog Circle.

Croda — pyre. All the dead were supposed to burn at the stake — in order from the soul of the deceased could Krodnym smoke rise into the heavenly Asgard to Svarga-Pure.

Crom — fortress. So the Turks called Tauris after capture, eventually took the form of Crimea. The same is any strength in the Slavs: Pskov Krom, Krom, or Moscow Kremlin.

Cuckoo — from "ska gallop" — how much to say.

Culture — from the "cult-y-Ra" or "service to God" — spirituality. Honoring light Iztiny God.

Idol — right Kummir and Kum Miru, that is a relative of the world (people) — our distant cousin, Elder. The object of glorification in Rus and the Aryans.

Kupala — Bog Kupala. God, who gives him the opportunity to create all sorts of bath and the rite of purification Teles, Soul and Spirit, from various ailments, diseases. The patron god of the Hall Horse Svarog Circle.


La — Soul

Lada-Mother (Mother Sva) — Heavenly Mother, Our Lady, Mother of the Gods of the Majority of the Great Race, the Great Mother, Patroness Rasen (Slavonic-Aryan territories) and in the Hall of Los Svarog Circle.

Lan — land. Hence Ruskolan — Russian land; Mediolane — middle ground, Scotland — the land of pastoralists izkazhennaya in our country, to Scotland, England — the land of Ingle, izkazhennaya to England, etc. peasants — who lives on the ground, cross-tion — a place of residence in ground.

Bark — abused, vilified. Layatel — crafty people.

Leg — protector, guardian of sleep Slavs. Leganie — opochivanie, sleeping on the couch.

Leahy — immortal beings, messengers of the gods, bringing people to the will of the Gods of Light. (In the Scandinavian tradition, they correspond Alva / elves).

Lola — 1) Moon. 2) the energy centers (chakras), the vehicle at the armpits to the right.

Ribbon — embroidered towel utiralnik.

Lepo — prestoyno, relevant, useful.

Lepota — beauty, grace, majesty and Prigogine.

LEBANON — south, south, south-west wind.

Line — Slavic measure of length, 1/16 noktya, 16 hair complies 0.069453125 centimeters.

Vengeance — profits, growth, bribery, fraud. With a vengeance — at a profit. Litho — Mt.

Lo — the truth.

Forehead — Lot (true) + God. Place of Skulls — sublime. Forehead — the very top of the head, hence the expression "seven rocket scientist." Today forehead moved into place brow.

Lodge, log — bed.

Lie — something that is very clear on the surface, by the word of Law and the Lodge.

Moon — Satellite. There was no time during the Three Moons — 1). Lola, the period of revolution around the Midgard-Earth 7 days 2). Fattah, the orbital period — 13 days, 3). Month period — 29.5 days.

Ferocious — fierce, cruel, hurtful.

Frog — from "Lay tower" — jumping high.


Ma — the great, great, woman.

Maidan — according to Russian linguists was the Turkic word meaning "the area." Cossacks in full agreement with this value, but do not agree with the statement that the word Turk. The central square of Kiev — Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

Maya — the illusory world.

Makos — Mother of God, mother of many Slavic-Aryan Gods and Goddesses. With daughters Tickets and Nedolya controls human destinies and the Halls of Heaven Swan Svarog Circle. Goddess — patroness of weaving and needlework. Slavic-Aryan name of the constellation Ursa Major — ie Makos Mother bucket.

Marena (Mara) — Goddess of Winter. Goddess gives instructions deceased. Patron goddess of the Hall of Fox Svarog Circle.

Mahatma — Mahatma — Dvazhdyveliky Spirit, people of high initiation, control the evolutionary process of humanity.

Moment — an ancient measure of time. One moment = 760 MiGs. 72 Moments = 1 Dole. In 1 second contains 2484.345 instantly.

No time — a short time there is to blink.

Honey — Hebrew and Greek word for spirits. Hence, medicine — herbs, infused with spirits. Drunk a grass (accent on the first syllable) was clumsy and unwieldy like edges.

Bear — correctly or Vedmed medvedayuschy, Greek medicine drunk and lost control over the words, actions (gait, walking). The animal, named Bear, actually — Ber.

Measure — (a measure of Ra), reward. Measure, Slavic measure lengths of 106.68 centimeters.

Revenge — (measure is) just punishment, retribution, revenge.

Great is — (a measure for the case) reward, reward.

Moment — an ancient measure of time. 1 = 160 Mig Sigov. 760 = 1 Migov moment. In 1 second contains 1888102.236 flashing.

Midgard-Earth — ancient Slavic-Aryan name of our Earth, means the Heartland (Grad).

World — mir through his ilk (and long-) — a state without war, mir, through izhei (and flat-) — the universe; mir through init (i-polukratnoe) — the community; muro — through izhitsa (u, w, y , d) — aromatic oil; mir through izhu (and fold) — a measure of time.

Mirsky prince — the devil.

Worlds — star systems.

Rumor — the goddess of bad news from the Trojans, Etruscans, Pelasgians, Latins. Rumor — confusion, agitation, murmuring, bad news.

Frost — "o" brought about, so it's good Mraz — M-die, we die Sunfire (but not the sun).

Tax Collector — tax collector. Shapar — tax collector of natural fish. Baskakov — overseer izpolneniem Khan's commands. Yasachnik — collector of tribute — natural tax furs.


Nav — worlds adjacent (next) world Reveal. Nav Light (Glory) — inhabitant dead righteous people, not nurture Dive body, as well as — ministering spirits of Nature. Dark Nav — home of demonic creatures that feed on the negative energy released during Reveal beings suffering and sin and materiality Zharih Navih deceased unjust people.

Navier Body — "astral" body, the leptonic density matrix of the body. Transference of consciousness alive in the Navier Body exhibit different abilities: vision and passing through grubomaterialnye objects communicate with existing world Navi. On the precipice of power cord connecting the Navier fleshly body, death of man, and the mind becomes alive in the Navier body.

Mandate — learning, teaching. Smitten — to teach, guide.

Punishment — learning, instruction, a sign. Nakazatel — teacher, nastavlennik.

The people — living on the ground (on Rod). Was the title of a separate tribe of our ancestors, resettled in other lands and renamed to accept this wonderful area.

Attire — "Our land is great plentiful, and there is no dress, but to reign and rule over poidete us." So said the envoys of the northern tribes fellow Varangians led by Rurik. Understood (and transferred everywhere) as follows: "and there is no order." And these words are built into the principle of the whole nation, that is peculiar bezporyadok rusam organically. Hence was born immortal chorus in "The History of Russia from Gostomysla to the present day," AK Tolstoy: "The Germans tarovaty, He guided the darkness and the light. We have a rich land, the Order is not just. " Hence went further samooplevyvanie and self-deprecation that literally went into flesh and blood. Meanwhile, in the Chronicle, said, "and there is no dress." Outfit — does not mean "order" and "power", "control", "order". Our language is still There is an expression "dress for firewood", "dress for the apartment," etc. This means razporyazhenie to issue firewood, apartments, etc.

Nation — a community of peoples, pranarod (in Chi-I, that is, Iztok Iztok, originally from ancient times to razseleniya).

Heaven — the correct "no devil", the abode of the gods and our ancestors, no place for evil spirits.

Sky — visible during the day over the head space for exceptions exist Bo-Og.

Bride — a girl, aged 16 years of age, have completed a course of housekeeping at the temple of Vesta — the patroness of the hearth, where the period of training the girls were called to lead. Has another meaning — taken from other Ves.

Nega — lying (not ha — do not move), rest.

Week — end to the cycle of the Slavs, a day (do not) the ninth day of the week. Another 300 or so years ago, the Slavic week consisted of nine days: Monday, Tuesday, Triteynik, quaternions, Friday, Shestitsa, Sedmitsa, Osmitsa, Week. Recall in the product Bazhova "Little Humpbacked Horse": "… and on the third sedmitsu he rode in the Capital City …" in "The Stone Guest": "… here osmitsa really gone, and a week went …" See Calendar

Ridiculous — (Non-Lepo) improper, reckless, shameless.

Germans — other nations. There were always "we" and not "we" who were for us dumb. If you were mute since ancient times (from Qi — Iztok Iztok, it was called "it from Qi" or Germans). Representatives of the Mediterranean and the Arabian people, brought to our faith in the land of a foreign god and significantly changed our native language, making the study alien psalms and prayers in parochial schools. Today starts the same pattern: reduction of state subsidies to schools, but increased by churchmen, which leads to the destruction of the public education system and the arrival of our new language terms.

Invincible — invincible, unstoppable, invincible, strong, solid.

Neoburevaemy — quiet, unperturbed by anything.

Neratuemy — invincible, invincible army.

Tions — God of the seas and oceans. The ancient Romans said: "Sea of Nij out in Thun," Nij in Thun — Neptune.

Beggar — not looking, weak, weak, needy.

Leg — the body that creates the movement (it ha).

Nokot — Slavic measure of length, four inches, 16 lines, corresponds to 1.11125 inch.


Monkey — (It Without Jan) — humanoid creature deprived of opportunities for spiritual growth.

Rite — Both side by side, together, a wedding ceremony.

Right hand — the right hand or the reversal.

Eye — the eye.

Outskirts — on the face, around the notional boundary of the village.

Oracle — the place where the priests prophesied will of the Creator.

She — Ra talking about, a man who could say the will of God and eloquently razskazyvat of His will (of-Ra-torit).

Oratorio — majestic solemn song, a hymn to the sun god, and (of Ra toryu I — I say to God).

Horde — derived from the word "order", ie Light forces

The Order — (RR-day), "Or" is power, "Day", the daytime (light), ie The Power of Light.

Broth — the infusion of herbs and vegetables in boiling water.

Father — that is, Oetzi reaching.

Joy — God's grace (of-Ra-yes, where "yes" — a sign of agreement, prosperity).

Renunciation — amputation, exile beyond utterance.

Father — from Che (of Love). Grandparent, head type, the patriarch, the love is gone race. Respectful treatment of the elders of the family and light (bright) fathers.

Ocher — natural mineral paint yellow. "Oh! Ra "- vozkliknul our distant ancestor, first found in the land of the paint.

Center — initially — the open fire in the dwelling ancestors, when hut topilas "black" and the smoke from the fire eat away his eyes, and the eyes of the climbs orbits (eyes ha).

Oshuyuyu — to the left or the side.


Pa — Patron, the top

Pasture — a meadow or field where grazing cattle pasture.

Mace — stick, stick, stick.

Pamir — Pas World Top of the World

The young man — a young man who has not attained 21 years. He already knew how to hold a gun and trained in pairs (Slashing pairs).

Pevo — originally a "living water." For the preparation of its water from seven mixed pure source. Now the "beer" death to call the water, encouraging use of it from the cradle.

Sunshine — World of Darkness, hell, mountainous giants-Heim, darkest depths of the dark Navi world lying to the east of Midgard, Christian heaven, Eden.

Pervorodok (Original) — The first family, the firstborn. The first child in a family devoted to Rod. (See Children)

Perun — Bog Perun (Perkunas, Perkon). Patron god of warriors of the Great Race, defender Rod lands Svyatoruss (Rusich, Belarusians, Estonians, LTL, LVL, Latgale, Zemgale, glades, Serbs and others) against the forces of darkness, God of Thunder Lightning manager, the son of God Svarog and Lada Virgin , the grandson of God elevated. The patron god of the Hall of the Eagle in Svarog Circle. Told people in Asgard Erie, Holy Vedas, written x `Aryan priestly Runes in" Santiyah Perun Veda "(Book of Wisdom of Perun).

Tutor — caretaker of children, teacher, uncle.

Rooster — from "singing uh" — much singing.

Cave — before writing "pechera" (Theodosius Pechersky etc.). Pechera — Oven Ra usually place dispensation temples, sanctuaries. The remains of animal bones in caves, scientists have decided that our ancestors had always lived in the caves. Rarely found on human remains guardian of sanctuaries in caves that are not able to leave his post due to various reasons, scientists have determined that our ancestors human sacrifices or engaged in cannibalism.

Leech — "hanging on Pius' drinking hanging.

The victory — the defeat of trouble.

Slaughter — unequal battle, and a battle in which soldiers involved besides the common people.

Churchyard — the valley of the Ancestors, where the burial mounds from the ashes and bones after the cremation, cemetery.

Shame — a show, everyone's children examined bezchestie the multitude.

Full — prisoner.

Midday — south, happens at noon.

Poland, Polanski, Polovtsian — field, growing in a field.

Reproach — shame, shame, shame, bezslavie, bezchestie.

POP — abbreviation: Dust Fathers devotees, where ashes — the causes of life.

Time — time, the sun, as in the old days young people raised in the field of care. Autumn time — autumn solar cycle.

Posolon — in the course of the sun, in contrast to widdershins.

Post — security, guard, protect yourself from the fast trouble. POST — abbreviated reduction old expression: "M-full, on-purification, C — own T — teles, b — sotvoryasha"

Potopny — fatal and destructive.

Lust — decried the desire, the evil desire.

True — (edit, yes, where "yes" — a sign of agreement.)

Orthodox — "Rule" — the Slavs of the right (upper heavenly divine level) and "Glory" — the lower level of heaven, home to the souls of ancestors.

Regulation — Upper heavenly divine level. World Light of the gods and the ancestors of ours.

Ashes — izpepelennoe Ra Ra ashes stored. In the old days, and sometimes even now hold the ashes of the burning of the dead in a special vessel — urns.

Devotee — correctly devotion, ie he is betrayed, such as traitors.

Charm — especially flattery, seduction, deception, seduction, blinding, confusing.

Prepinat — to create obstacles to hinder, kick, substitute the leg, prevent, stop.

Nature — Rod and the occupants

Propaganda — (about the trash bastards)

Widdershins — upstream of the sun.

Direct — quarrel, dispute, litigation, feud.

Shackles — rope, shackles, fetters.

Span — Slavic razstavlennymi measure the length between the thumb and middle finger and little finger to four inches, corresponds to 17.78 centimeters.


Ra — Light, Clear Light. Often used in the sense of God, the Sun, high, hot. In Egypt the sun god.

Rab — initially — a servant of God. Since the introduction of the concept of "chosen people", has acquired the meaning servant of the people.

Subservience — the system of education of slaves and slave behavior itself.

Job — slave labor. In the old days it was written "working thieves" that is, the slave thief, thug, Rabbi.

Work — Rab and eyes, literally: under surveillance office.

Radei — "Ra", ie Light, good creator in contrast to the Jews.

Rainbow — sun or light arc on VIDal. (Pa-du-Ha) Two or more light paths.

Hospitality-Ra soul, the divine, a good soul.

Indifference — consensus, equality-minded. Between rampant secularism came to mean "uninterested."

Is — (Ra veins) divine veins (Wend, words) that their rights are equal before the neighbors, after all — the children of God.

Joy — God's condescension (Pa pulled).

Time — cut, cut, cut, cut, break, divide, divide (split-disperse to various places, asunder — split in two, the strife — the division of opinion, ruin — destroy, devastate, razsypat — pour in different corners).

Mind — a person's ability to think and do things. In the beliefs of the ancestors — the mind of a man or a single mind is conventionally separated particles of the Universal Mind (ohms, Oum — General mind). Time — a single unit, the unit — mind). Another definition of intelligence — the primary awareness (understand as opposed to be able to — Mind)

Paradise — Pa ah! — Full authority of God.

Plow — plow.

Early — in the early morning dawn at dawn, before the sun (RA shines, but: not visible).

Ra-Ha-M (Ramha) — One God, the Creator, the unknowable essence radiating Zhiznrodyaschy Light and Fire Primary Universe (Ingle), which had all the existing universe and inhabited worlds.

Ramhat — Bog Ramhat. God of justice and order. Heavenly Judge looking to ensure that there was no bloody human sacrifices. The patron god of the Hall Boar voSvarozhem.

Early — in the early morning, at dawn razsvete (before sunrise).

RACE — Abbreviation: Birth Country Aces Aces — Slavs and Aryans (remember how to spell the word in English Russia)

Race — the original splendor of truth Say, Territory of Light, the ancient name of habitat Rosov (Pa sowing). Over time has been distorted in the representatives of the people Rassi diffused over the world and established in our country. It is no accident they are so drawn to integrate with the territory of the Euro-pa.

Sunrise — Ra light.

Plant — the light stand and the Light stretching.

Rataj — plowman.

Men — a military campaign, the war. Warrior — marcher, war.

Cutter — a tool for applying the cut, cut.

Religion — a religion of "re" — back and "League" — unity. Thus religion is — an attempt to regain communication vozstanovit alliance with … God.

Utterance — a vital process, the total energy-flow, the river of life, a single space.

Stadium — the place of sports. Ristati — scour, run. Risk — to take part in the competition, with no certainty of victory.

RITA — modern sounding Rune Image, symbolizing the purity of heavenly law Rod and Blood. Rita — the old woman's name, which means that the girl was born in the Laws of the RITA, respectively, in violation of law Margarita Rita. More details can read the materials taken from the site of Old Believers Ynglings Rita

Ritual — the rhythm, the sole conduct sveschennodeystviya corresponding ritman Cosmos.

Horn — not only the dignity of the animal, but also a weapon of defense and attack, a symbol of strength, power, strength, dignity and honor. Gate of — In! Horn armed enemy. Unicorn — a mythological animal, a symbol of strength a family, tribe — often depicted on coats of arms of noble families, as well — a small cannon.

Genus — a group of people bound by ties of kinship, tribe, generation. Bog Rod — the personification of many gods and ancestors, and one of the sets simultaneously. When we mean all parents: fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers and ancestors — it ROD. Came to him when you need support for the gods and ancestors, because "we are the gods of our fathers, and we are their children." God Rod — Patron of the Hall Buslov (AIST) in Svarog Circle. ROD-originator — an integral part Ramhi, one God, the protector of all branches of the Great Race and the descendent of heaven, the patron god of the Universes World Rights. According to the existing terminology now, as opposed to polytheism, monotheism and atheism, the faith of our ancestors can be called Rodoteizmom (Rodobozhiem) because Rod — both plural and united.

Rodan — elected President a few twin births.

Erysipelas pipe — a pipe in the shape of horns for the convening of the People. In addition to convening another used sozvanivanie — chimes.

Motherland — (Rod-and-on, which means "the land and dwell in it").

Rozhen — fork, stick, sharpened on one side, iron horn, the pointed weapon. It is hard to go against the pricks, because born expression to ask for trouble.

ROC — acronym: the Russian Orthodox Christian Church, in fact the name "Orthodox" was given the Christian hierarchy in the XI century (1054 AD), the split into eastern and western churches. Western Christian church centered in Rome, became known that the Catholic Universal, and the eastern Greek-Byzantine church centered in Constantinople (Constantinople) — Orthodox ie Faithful. And in Russia Orthodox Church appropriated the name of the Orthodox, because Christian teaching force to be spread among the Orthodox Slavic peoples. The correct name, "Autocephalous Orthodox Church"

Rus — light, the same as growing up, Sak or ac.

Blonde — blonde, from the "Russian" and "sy" — a descendant of a follower, follower.


Saga — The Norse story of the life and migration of white people (Ca n-white go).

Seven feet — an ancient measure of length = 213.36 cm

Sanskrit — Samskrta — an artificial language, brought to perfection. More precisely, in Headlines word sounds like samskryt, ie language itself [ouglublenny] Private [] will.

Sarmatians — "cap or CAR mats" — the realm of women, the Tsarevna Towns tales. A society in which the Crown imperial power is transmitted through the female line. It now has a place in England.

Satan — (sac-a-at) saint-not-to: (ground) or opposite hypostasis of God is not of the earth, and the inhabitants of the underground.

Svarga — Swa (Heaven), Pa (Radiance), Ga (path) — Shining Heavenly Way. Means the union of heavenly land where lives VelikayaRasa, ie it is a broader concept than "Vyry."

Svarog — Bog Svarog. Reveal the God of Heaven Peace, the patron god Vyriya (Slavic-Aryan Garden of Eden), the heavenly Asgard (the City of the Gods) and the Hall Medvedev Svarog Circle.

Svarog Circle — Slavic version of the zodiac. In Svarog circle contains sleduyushie Halls: Virgin, boar, Pike, Cygnus, Snake, Crow, Bear, Buslov, wolves, foxes, Tura, Elk Finist, Horse, Eagle Race.

Svarozhich — the grandchildren of the Most High God Svarog — the old self-Slavs and Aryans. Svarozhich in ancient times was called not only the Gods, but the fireballs, fireballs, meteorites, plasmoids falling from the sky and fireballs

Swastika — Swa (Heaven) C (arrow-sign Rotations deosil) TICA (direction and speed). Many people remember the "tick" — run, move in hours when they are "ticking." Not far away in the constellation Ursa Major (Makos) are located within the constellation of the Swastika on segodnyayshy day is not included in any astronomical atlas. Basic human energy centers called Chakras in the east, we have previously called the Swastika. Oberegovy ancient Slavs and Aryans symbol, a symbol of the eternal cycle of the universe. It displays the highest heavenly law, which is subject to all things. This fire sign people izpolzovali as amulet that protects the status quo.

Lights — Celestial Bodies (light body).

LIGHT — (light and Lo) — dedicated people carrying light and Iztinu (Lo).

Light — light from the "bright prostrate."

Freedom — from "a bude" — a slave, a freedman who received freedom. Limited degree of will.

War Axe — Axe.

Village — home, dwelling, house on the edge of the plowed field.

Village — the field, arable land.

Sema — offspring.

Family — "Seven" — "I". Consists of seven tribes: his great-grandfather, grandfather, father, I am the son, grandson, great-grandson. The family must live together, for all generations need each other: the elderly need financial guardianship, owner need to work to support the family, and so he needed to have care for his children, and children in need of care and education of knowledgeable person.

Sen — a shadow, darkness, protection, cover.

Sulfur — Sulfur (natural sulfur crystals are yellow).

Seyanin, peasants — yielding, selyuschy Yang Yin — yielding seed.

Whitefish — Ancient measure of time, she was depicted in the form of lightning Rune. The most rapid movement from one place to another is defined as — 1 signal, hence the old Russian expression: whitefish, siganut. Why then is 1 whitefish, in modern units of time? Response raises any, contained in a second 302096358 whitefish, whitefish and 1 is approximately 30 electromagnetic wave cesium atom, taken as a basis for modern atomic clocks. Why did our ancestors needed such small quantities? The simple answer is to measure the necessary processes. For example: the ancient expression whitefish, siganut — in the modern "Soviet" language means — to teleport. 160 Sigov is 1 instant.

Sicarii — killer, robber.

Seeker, strong drink — any intoxicating drink kvass tight and light wine.

Siry, Sire — initially: helplessness, helpless, orphan iztochayuschy odor of sulfur. With razprostraneniem Christianity powerful demon, the demon protector, lord, the king.

Sich — whip-Sich-city-set — river island. The most famous river island, which were built in the old fortress Russ: City in London (in the bosom of the Don), Cité in Paris (Hay River).

Ck — drevleslovenskoe short for "Skeet". As a rule was put in the middle or end of the name of a place where a settlement, or after the name of the founder of the settlement, such as MediaWiki (now Novgorod) — the settlement was founded by Prince Slovenia, Omsk — a settlement on the river Om.

Filth — (secular faith on) uncleanness, sin, bad things. Profanity — badly expressed by their kin.

Skeet — Settlement, city.

Skin — a young Jew who is allowed to guard the tabernacle.

Tabernacle — the Jews: a tent, tent, canopy, foliage, location for the shrines.

Skinhod, skinhead — young Jews, who are allowed to enter the tent.

Chipped — Shield-Bearers, who had an eagle on the boards or a falcon, a symbol of royal power (Herodotus 1V, 5-7), and why a bird called Falcon: from colo-cleaved-hawk.

Skraina, skraniya — temple.

Calotte — the settlement of a people, no temples, but with the city to conduct rituals for the offering trebischem bloodless victims and sanctuary Kummirami to the sermons in the open.

Glory — praise, thanksgiving.

Glory — Nav light, the lower the level of heavenly divine, home to the spirits of our ancestors.

Slavs — praising God and ancestors. "And we went, and were not freeloaders, and were Slavs — Russ, who sing the glory of the gods, and therefore — the essence of the Slavs." The Book of Veles. Lifestyle.

Slav — glorifying "Yang" and "Yin" — male and female. Glorifying bright world of law. Ie is not a nationality, but rather religion. "We glorify God and His never nothing to ask — we are the Slavs"

Words — "with Lo ve to" — "to live on Iztinoy:" (Earth). Word — enjoying some words, or common people speaking in related languages.

Elephant — c (a) l-one, he is strong.

Edibles — food, food, food.

The temptation — the outer and the inner feeling was wrong to do, example or word.

Compliance — discretion, correct the obvious (jointly guard).

Event — a process in which the proceeds being shared (co-existence).

Conscience — The Joint, Catholic news Rod. Single Information Space, spoken.

Consent — in the old days in the vote (the process of selecting their leaders at the General Chamber by shouting his candidacy) joint voice merged into a single sound.

Create — izkusstvennoe creation creature. In Christianity, refers to the entire living world.

Consciousness — The Joint, catholic knowledge

Falcon — Falcons, with about (from height Browses), sighted, watchful. Often used as a laudatory word ruriku eventually became the first value represents the sacred bird of the falcon.

Sun — solar down, force down (prostrate).

Nightingale — "o" injected, Glory

Consideration — together form

Ally — with Warrior.

Union — ("Co"-joint "Hughes"-modified "bonds") — a joint bond, connection.

Thanks — form of gratitude in return for good works (save, Bo!).

Art — Still (poles, walls, Stan, risers, tables, chairs, old man, etc.)

Believer — from the words of the old faith, that is, Faith that existed before the current religions.

Believers — Christians pochitayutsie Jesus of Nazareth (Jesus) to the old rite (to Nikon's reforms).

Stanza — poems Ra laudable, solemn song in honor of God, the same as the oratorio.

Stogniy, stogona — avenue for driving cattle to the souk (one hundred and I drive).

Strada — persistence, hard work in the summer heat.

Studenets — spring, key, well.

Jelly — the cold, winter months in the name of the Slavs, meat, jelly.

Saturday — weekly holiday for Jews (shabaat) Sabbath — a great holiday shabashka — work in their spare time activities for increased cost.

Sir — scarf, head cover.

Destiny — (fate-Ba) — The judgment of God, that is, God's Judgment. The law of cause and effect, a chain of karmic consequences. The thread of destiny weave goddess Share and Nedolya, daughter of the goddess Mokos.

Vanity — a vain care, chores empty, mediocre work, insignificance.

Adversary — the enemy, the enemy.

Husband, wife — the couple, couple, two, who harnessed themselves for life to carry impact of family happiness.

Surits — infusion of herbs on the water of the Holy originator of honey, "tune up" the rays of the Sun (Surya).

Surya — one of the names of the sun, the sun before the summer solstice.


Tai — high.

Tara — 1) arable land from the Aryans and patron of farmers Tara. Even now common in people of Siberia, as well as "taranchi" — a farmer, landowner. 2) the name of the Slavic-Aryan North Star (one that emits Light Ra Iztiny God in our arm of the galaxy), in contrast to Yarila that emits radiance in our solar system, named after the goddess Tara. 3) Goddess Tara — keeper of the sacred tree forests and the Great Race — oak, birch and ash.

Tartarus — hell, hell, immeasurable depth.

Tatara — Tatars — the father of light tataarii — Tata Aria (fathers, ancestors, elders arias).

Thief — an intruder, the enemy, the secret thief, thief.

Creature — a creation of God as opposed to people — children of God. The Bible describes the process of creation by Jehovah from clay (Adam), the first Jew, named Clay (Adam).

Stronghold — a prison, a dungeon, a fortified place, a fortress.

Firmament — the visible sky with shining lights of it, the bottom backwater stronghold.

Tezoimenity — having the same name, the same name, the identity, the namesake.

Current — run. Leak, escape — escape.

During — procession, service, ambulance walking.

Terra — a tower of Ra, so sometimes called Midgard-earth, our planet. Hence — the land (terra torus), and other words.

Slagheap — ground + cone izkusstvenno pour a conical mountain.

Bowstring — rope, twine stretched to the ends of the bow.

Tina — dirt, filth.

Tyrone — a warrior arrows. Shooting gallery — a place for shooting.

Tma, darkness — ten thousand, set.

Friend — partner trade (goods-LOOK) — looking good.

Grass — (with the accent on the first syllable) plant poison.

Trajan — God keeper Righteous Path Mezhdumirya, ruler of the ways in Time and Space World Reveal.

Required — bloodless sacrifice, an offering.

Trebische — a place where religious rites were offered, temple, kummirnya.

Trizna — commemoration of the dead of the Slavs, accompanied by sports.

Trisvetly, Trisolnechny — welcoming the sun in the name of the Slavs, illuminating the three worlds: the law, Reveal, Navi.

Labor — a disease, illness, doing business with the effort, suffering and anguish. Freemen their cases managed.

Briefs — before panties (rub …) — the subject of the female toilet.

Pants — before TruTsi (rubbing Chi) — haberdashery.

Tuga — depression, sadness, concern, anguish, heart pain (hence — to grieve, sadly live).

Tyrit, steal — to steal, steal, assign, hide.


Poor — close to God. When razprostranenii Christianity came to mean just the opposite "poor, having nothing, the patient."

Bastard — a creature that was born as a result of fornication.

Ubrus — Virus dress, cards, cover hair Virus.

Pleasure — to strangle the will to surrender to debauchery, lechery.

Bonds — bonds, shackles for the prisoner.

Able — manure, litter, rubbish, which sweep.

Street — originally a nomadic settlement, then the "village" — Do not move the village.

Ulan — originally "Lancer" — moving on (something), recent value — light cavalry.

Snail — from "uly tissue" and "uly carefully" — the house and the house of the Creator of the drags.

Street — from the person's father. The house was built on the young against the house of the groom's father, the grandson of house will be built on the same against the house of his son, and so get the street. Notional boundary area of the yard.

Mind — one of the great powers in the ancient Russian language. Had a value of "worse, darker." The second meaning — the mind, the mind does not belong to God (OAM — general intelligence), and a person living on the earth (below, bottom). There is a fundamental difference between the mind and the mind. Man to understand something, said — "I mean!". A man nauchivliysya something, said — "I can do!"

Yp — 1) Light. 2) populated, fertile land.

Hooray! — Cry and shout praise from the Aryans-Russes, which meant "from Ra", that is, God has taken and therefore invincible. Do not confuse with the heroes.

Ural — sacred mountains north (sebernyh) Rus, where they held their temples. Originally Riphean Mountains.

Freak — freak, originally from the Slavs had to "first-born, in the genus", the first child, who has taken the best qualities in a kind, as opposed to the holy fool. The Jewish holiday of Passover, Easter is associated with the destruction of the first-born among the Gentiles. With razprostraneniem Christianity acquired a negative connotation, and cripple-religious beggar at the church, with no kind of tribe was a positive hero.

Tract — a settlement in a particularly sacred place.

Mouth — the lips, mouth.

Frail — full of holes, having a crack (cockleshell).


Farah — a ray of light (F pa).

Pharaoh — a ray of light it, they called the governor southern (African) Russ.

Pharisee — Error rewriting, it would be correct "disputes this."

Fatta Moon — See the Moon.


h'Ariyskoe Sea — Now Lake Baikal.

Ha — life, breath, smile.

Haluga — fence corner, the street between the fences.

Hara — 1) (Ha Ra — smile of God) — Love. 2) Energy Center, located in the navel. Center vitality. "Writing on the hara" — this is not in the face and stomach.

Harakiri — deflation life force through the center Hara to Iriyu.

Kharakternyky — which owns the center Hara.

Harati — Sacred Texts, Spiritual and philosophical treatises and iztoricheskie narration recorded on parchment sheets.

Himavat Gora — now the Himalayas.

Cold — "o" brought about, so it's good refrigerant — Keep to bury Lad. But usually say and write, and earlier — came hlad great … comes — to move, then there is cold, literally GLACIER!

Choir — circle the Sun.

Dance — from the choir (haravod, dance — a lively dance to drive). Many of the Slavic peoples and today you can see a dance Horo, Kolo, etc.

Temple — Ra mansion.

Christian — follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, which he preached to the Jews, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Isaiah 53, 6. Jer. 50, 6. Ezek. 34, 5-6. Mat. 10, 6. Matt . 15, 24). The Christian does not think that the teachings of Christ and the teachings of the established church are two different things, and he is not familiar with the legacy of their ancestors. Discovering the preservation of ancient sources of wisdom (Slavic-Aryan Vedas, Santee, Saga, Edda, etc.), a white man, sooner or later realize that he is a descendant of the Old Gods — their son and grandson, and not a slave to a foreign god.


King — the ruler of land (from the "sa ar").

Church — Latin-Jewish "circle circus."

Qi (s) — The source of the source, the male principle (dignity).

Roma — from Qi Gan, driven from the Source of old, because I did not have a national-territorial formation.


Child — a child — a son or daughter under 12.

Chara — sorcery.

Enchantment — an illusion, a wraith.

Charkes — Destroyer Char, illusion, confusion.

Hour — an ancient measure of time. 1:00 = 144 Part. 16 hours = 1 day (ancient modern Hour = 1.5 hours).

Part — an ancient measure of time. Section = 1296 shares. 144 Part = 1 Hour (ancient hour = 1.5 hours of contemporary). Part of 37.56 seconds.

Che — love, honor — "Che is" or "Che (Capacity), I have."

Chelo — (Che + Lo) — Love + Iztina. Now for some reason called them human forehead. But still "brow beaten" and not the forehead.

Man — Chelo — reason, Century — eternity, eternal reason.

Human — a representative of humanity

Turtle — from the "skull hazha" — walking skull.

Hall Halls (together) — in Slavonic — the constellation.

Damn — writing was cuts and traits, the one who wrote features called Devil. Ie in a modern way — clerk.

Chislobog — God the Guardian of Time, Daariyskogo Krugoleta and Slavic-Aryan era. Number and also in contrast to dial that controls the numbers.


Jackal — carnivorous scavengers.

Shtourmvoy — swift, swift warriors. Probably all known attack aircraft.

Shuy — left.

Left hand — the left hand.

Sorrel — from "SCHAV eating" — eating in soup.

Cheek — the face.


Eucalyptus — genus of Australian trees of the family Myrtaceae.

Exarch — head priest, vicar of the Byzantine patriarch in his Italian possessions, the head of the particular Churches.


Anniversary — the Hebrew holiday debt forgiveness every 50 years.

South — south wind.

Humor — Yu-you, sea death. Hence, to kill, to kill, slay. In the modern sense of "humor" — laughter through tears, smashing satire.

God's fool (Fool) — see Ugly


Jav — display, visible world of four kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal, human.

Jaga — "I go" or "I am the way to God."

Language — the people in one of the Holy Russia drop caps, common language, a means of communication.

Heathen — the representative of the people

Heathen — no heathen, that is, foreigner, later Gentile.

Yarga — on the path of light Yarila.

Yarila — the ancient name of the Sun

Mark — a written decree Khan.

Yahweh — Jehovah-Sabaoth — incarnation, properties and forms Chernobog in the worlds of Earth Dark Navi. Jewish tribal god, baking only about the Jews, and taught them to live at the expense of other nations. Chief of the Judeo-Christian God.

Ruby — the ancient name of ruby and sapphire.

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