The Da Vinci robot. Operation without human hands.

For the first time in the world was carried out operation a partial liver transplant through a robot "Da Vinci"! When the surgeon to the patient is not even touched.

Sicilian transplant center ISMETT stated publicly that his experts managed to hold the world's first partial liver transplant using only robot in the process of removal of an organ from the body of 44-year-old donor.

During the ten-hour surgery — hepatectomy — were made five small incisions the size of one centimeter. It is through these robot reached the liver. The surgeon never touched the man. The operation itself was carried out in March, but only now doctors have reported success as a stable state of the recipient clearly not in doubt, writes with reference to

To date, man, brother donor, received part of his liver, was discharged from the hospital and is doing well. Earlier, a similar operation was carried out in the States, but then the surgeon still had a hand in the literal sense of the word, and the robot he only pomogal.V both cases, physicians used the robotic system "Da Vinci". This robot has a set of "tentacles". First started talking about robotic surgery in the 80's. That's when the light came prototype "Da Vinci".

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