The Dark Side of the Bible

(Cruelty, violence and totalitarianism in the Bible and biblical religions)
"I do not like this God — it is a wicked!"
The reaction of her five years in the animation based on the Bible.
"First of all I learned from the Jesuits. However, as far as I know, and Lenin did the same. The world has not created anything more magnificent than the hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church. Much I just moved from there to the structure of the Nazi party … The Catholic Church may be a model, primarily because of its unusually wise tactics and his knowledge of human nature, by the wise use of human weakness to control the faithful. "
H. Rauschning. "Says Hitler."
"Do not think — with us the one who decides everything for us!"
Vladimir Vysotsky. "Soldiers of 'center'."
"From time immemorial the Germans were inclined to replace the written law respected leader … They preferred to the lord, in whom they believed on them to judge according to your mood, not a hard law based on reason. Unfortunately, the current 'leader' endorses the murder. "
"The Fuhrer was born April 20, 1889 in Braunau in Austria, and everything he says and does comes directly from God."
Lion Feuchtwanger. "Family Opperman."
"Party members required that his views were similar to the beliefs of the ancient Hebrews, who, not knowing anything, knew only that any other people worshiped 'false gods'. Him and there was no need to know that these gods called Baal, Osiris, Moloch, Ashtaroth, and etc. It may be that the less he knew about them, the better it was for his orthodoxy. Is Jehovah, and his teachings and, therefore, all the gods with other names or other attributes — false gods. "
George Orwell. "1984".
"Dr. Srecko Peric, a monk from Livno … promised to let the massacre killers sins, for the murder is not a sin if it is committed in the interests of the Catholic Church."
R. Petrovich. "Genocide with the blessing of the Vatican."
"For every call to the charity in writing accounting for hundreds of threats, curses and bloody scenes. Not for nothing dad forbade reading the Bible did not accept the priestly dignity. "
Loginov. "Miracle ordinary day."
"Our Bible depicts the character of God with complete and ruthless precision. The portrait, which she offers us — it is basically a portrait of a person if, of course, you can imagine the man full of anger and crowded beyond all human limits … All his acts depicted in the Old Testament say about his rancor and injustice, pettiness, cruelty , revenge. All he does is punish — punish misconduct measly thousand times with rigor; punish innocent children for the misdeeds of their parents; punishes nothing guilty inhabitants of the countries for the misdeeds of their rulers, and descends even to the point that unleashes a bloody revenge on the meek calves , lambs, sheep and cattle in order to punish trifling peccadilloes of their respective owners. More vile and exposing biographies in print does not exist. Having read it, you begin to consider Nero an angel … "
Mark Twain.
"People are the same all killed with the sword, until they had destroyed all of them, not a single soul left. As the LORD commanded Moses his servant, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did so, not retreat from any of the words in all that the Lord commanded. "
MIS. N. 11:14-15
"The daughter of Babylon, destroyed; Blessed are those who will reward you for what you did to us! Blessed is the one who takes your babies and smashes a rock! "
Ps. 136:8-9
"Thus saith the Lord of hosts, I remember that Amalek did to Israel, how he in his way, when he came up from Egypt. Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that he has, and do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, infant and suckling. "
1 Sam. 15:2-3
"What is an organized religion? This is when trying to go to God regime. But do not go to God regime. "
"Of all the acts of violence perpetrated by man over people, killing — the least grave same — education."
The Bible — the "book of books", "sverhkniga." This book was probably the most important of all the books in human history, the development of culture, philosophy, literature and art. Christians often call it "the textbook of love." Indeed, the Bible says, "Thou shalt not kill," "Thou shalt not steal," "You shall love your neighbor as yourself," "what you want to bring with you unto others do unto them", "love your enemies" , "Do not vex nor oppress," "God is merciful, longsuffering, and abundant", etc. So when we hear the call for compliance Commandments, the call to live by God's laws, we usually remember exactly these words. And when we are approached by representatives of the biblical religions, we are inclined to trust them. These religions that we associate with the image of humane and merciful God, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and we expect them to just love, kindness and mercy. Unfortunately, this is not always true.
The Bible — is a large, complex text, ambiguous and often contradictory. Cultural and historical value of the Bible is indisputable, but when it comes to the perception of the Bible as a guide to action, its value drops almost to zero — because of the very ambiguity. Even if only relate to the text of the Bible, treating it literally, it can find justification or excuse for the different, sometimes diametrically opposed points of view — for example, such well-known teacher of Judaism, Hillel and Shammai, as often do the opposite conclusion, based on the text of the Old Testament, often even based on the same verse of scripture. If we take into account the still existing comments and interpretation of biblical texts, staying within these interpretations can prove or disprove the validity of almost any point of view. Therefore, in one and the same text to find justification for their reasoning and actions of strict Shammai and Hillel meek, Jesus the Nazarene, and the high priest Caiaphas, Torquemada and Mother Teresa. Basically, anyone can be a desire to find in the Bible confirm his thoughts, it can be seen in what he wants to see. On the basis of the Bible raised a set of ideologies, doctrines and institutions, and often among them proved wolves in sheep's clothing. Not just once or twice someone decides that he understands the Bible and God's will is correct — it could be a person (or organization), only cover up the words from the Bible ambition, or a believer, I sincerely wish the most accurate and best fulfill the commands of Lord. And flash fires of the Inquisition, the soldiers went on a crusade, Catholics slaughtered Huguenots anathema scientists and thinkers … And all of this action is justified in the Bible — in part due to the fact that the biblical texts are complex and cover different aspects of life, but to a greater extent due to the fact that the Bible is the cruelty and violence is often described as a charity case. About how the Bible teaches love of neighbor, kindness and mercy, written hundreds of books. I want to talk about the other — the "dark" — of the Bible, how it can be (and often getting) a textbook on which school of biblical religions teach people cruelty, violence and totalitarianism — up to fascism.
At first glance, all biblical religion and current strive for peace, love and the creation of a perfect society. And for a second, too. All accept the principle of "love thy neighbor", calling for the implementation of all of God's commandments, rules to make their lives and the lives of others better. However, not everyone who claims to be acting in the name of good, and calls for the good, in fact, leads to good. Why? First, these people may just be hypocritical — even on SS daggers was written "God is with us." Secondly, these people can genuinely aspire to the good, but their ideas of good may differ from your — think, for example, Plato, who held a brilliant critique of tyranny, but as an alternative to a proposed form of state (ideal, in his opinion ), in comparison with which the Soviet Union under Stalin seemed to be just an example of a free country. Third, even if people want to create a society which is ideal and in your eyes, it does not mean that their methods did lead to the creation of such a society ("the good intentions pave the road to hell"). How did they see the ideal world of the representatives of the biblical religions? What kind of society they are trying to create? To try to understand this answer, as you think, which of the following statements would be willing to religious teachers familiar to you:
That is certainly worthy of contempt, who does not feel the eternal love, respect and honor their parents.
Should be banned in public to do things that seem wrong to others, even if a person believes he is right.
Every person should have a deep faith in some force, higher than he is, for him whose decisions are indisputable.
Obedience and respect for authority — most importantly, what should be taught to children.
Too many people today live unnaturally and loose, it's time to go back to basics, to a more active life.
Although the holiday is a good thing, but life does beautiful work.
As it may seem, men are interested in women with only one hand.
Many of them probably would agree with most of these statements, if not all. You know, from where these statements? Theodor Adorno, a psychologist and sociologist, who conducted the study of fascism in Germany in the 30's and continued them in America after emigrating (and there was enough material) was the so-called "F-scale" — a test designed to determine human tendency to fascism, as far as he is inclined to give in to fascist propaganda, what place would take the man in Nazi society. This test is a series of typical fascist statements (with a small admixture of the control of anti-fascist). Here there's the were taken above assertions. By the way, how many statements agreed subject and what they were saying, it is determined that a person could take place in a fascist organization (or, on the contrary, would be anti-fascist), and if so, how. I bet if someone had bothered to fill out the test, guided only by quotations from the Bible, the Lord God of assessment would be very close to the estimate of Adolf Hitler …
"It can not be!" — Many would say — "What is common between Hitler and merciful God? What do the "Mein Kampf" and the Bible? ". But let us remember the story: for nearly two thousand years, the church as an organization is almost always supported any political regime and any power, even the most brutal tyranny (with the exception of those regimes that set out to destroy the church, and in such cases the church sometimes happened to be on their side.) Judaism, however, in contrast to Christianity, never read an ally of power, and the more tyrants — first, the Jews had a common religious organization acting on behalf of all believers, which is the church of the Christians, and, secondly, almost any authoritarian regime was hostile to Jews and persecuted them, burned at the stake, or cast locked in the ghetto. However, nowadays ultra-Jews in the country are trying to create your own little world of totalitarian — to turn Israel into a "state of the Torah." In the XX century the church — both Catholic and Orthodox — in one way or another for all most totalitarian regimes.
When Jorge Luis Borges in his article "Early Wells" wrote: "He fought against communism, Nazism and Christianity," he knowingly puts in a row, these three concepts. The three organizations are akin to each other. Background information. German fascists in the beginning of his political career, collaborated with the German communists. Since 1939 and up to the German invasion of the Soviet Union Hitler's government has cooperated with the communist regime in the Soviet Union. Hitler admired Stalin's methods in government, consider the Russian ruler outstanding personality. Wrote about these two dictators in his book "Adolf Hitler" a Pulitzer Prize winner John Toland, "despite its apparent dissimilarity between Hitler and Stalin had a lot in common … they were both committed to the merciless forces and guided ideologies that are essentially nothing of each other did not differ. And the Communists and the Nazis were doing very similar to one another, fanaticism and dogmatism, the belief that the end justifies any means. "
Collaborated with the Nazis and Christians. In Italy, 11 February 1929 between the fascist government of Mussolini and the Vatican have been concluded so-called Lateran Concordat — the first point of agreement was that Catholicism is the only state religion of Italy, then in the text indicate that bishops should swear allegiance to the president. In 1933, in a conversation with church leaders, questioned the need for such shares, as the dismissal of all Jews from the civil service, limiting the number of Jews in the universities of Germany and attempted boycott of Jewish businesses, Hitler said that the church itself expelled the Jews in the ghettos and banned Christians to work with them, and then promised to do better, that the Catholic Church tried to do for centuries. Apparently, this promise had to taste the church, and on July 20 of that year signed a concordat (agreement) between the Vatican and Hitler, and Pope Pius XI received the representative of Hitler very graciously and expressed his satisfaction at the fact that the head of the German government is a people. Vatican asks God to bless the Reich and ordered German bishops to swear allegiance to the Reich, ended with the words: "In the performance of his spiritual duty and a concern for the welfare and interests of the German Reich, I will seek to avoid any action which might harm him." March 15, 1938 , a few days after the occupation of Austria, Cardinal Innittser on behalf of the Austrian church blessed Hitler and assured him that as long as the church to maintain their privileges, Austrian Catholics are the most loyal sons of the great Reich. As you can see, soul mates easily find a common language, regardless of the apparent contradictions. June 22, 1941, Pope Pius XII, though not expressed directly, but nevertheless made it clear that he supports the fight against Bolshevism, Nazism, defining it as "a noble courage in defending the foundations of Christian culture" (apparently, it did not occur to that the drug should not be worse than the disease), but the majority of German bishops openly supported the attack on the USSR. Even in the beginning of June 1943, when the already hard working gas chambers and crematoria "factories of death", the Pope, speaking to the cardinals on the Nazi repression of the Jews, urged leaders of the Catholic Church to be careful in the words of condemnation — he still believed Hitler's ally in the struggle against Bolshevism.
However, in fairness it should be noted that the Orthodox Church far removed from his sister. Karlovci Synod called for full support of Hitler in his quest to end the "Jewish-Masonic regime in the USSR" and accused (!) German Catholic Church is that it is trying to protect the Jews from Nazi persecution. In the Soviet Union, Metropolitan Sergius (the future patriarch), in a statement, known as the "Declaration of Metropolitan Sergius", expressed their loyalty and allegiance to the Church of the Stalinist regime — to recall, it was in the days when thousands of priests were killed or exiled, and the churches are closed or destroyed, not to mention the other terrible events of those years, come to mind when the words "Stalinist repression". When she Patriarch Sergius (and then just as Alexis I) praised Stalin, calling it "God's chosen", "savior of the fatherland and the Church" and "master builder happiness of the people." In contrast to the Communist Party, the Orthodox Church has not condemned the cult of Stalin. Patriarch Pimen Brezhnev called "beloved peacemaker" after the introduction of Soviet troops in Afghanistan. It is not superfluous to recall also that the Russian Orthodox Church for many years, was thoroughly permeated by a network of KGB agents. According to the priest Gleb Yakunin, who participated in the work of the Supreme Council for the Study of the KGB archives, about 15-20% of the Orthodox clergy were KGB agents. Another priest against whom attempted recruitment, believes that collaborated with the KGB in one way or another every other priest. And these people are now teaching the people how to be a free spirit, and how to reach the kingdom of heaven! Would not their heavenly kingdom as two peas similar to "bright communist future" with the church on the site of the Communist Party?
If we are talking about the actions of the Catholic Church during the Second World War, we can not ignore the tragedy of the Serbian people. In Russian about these events can be found in the book "Genocide with the blessing of the Vatican," Dr. Rastislav Petrovich, tells of mass destruction and forcible imposition of Catholicism Orthodox Serbs in the Independent State of Croatia in 1941-1945 — the Ustashi (Croatian fascists) hand in hand with the Catholic church have been involved in his plan: "A third of the Vlachs (Orthodox Serbs) to become Catholic, a third must die, one-third must leave the country." At the heart of the book are archival documents, mostly of testimony Serbs who fled NDH in German-occupied Serbia. From this evidence clearly shows that it is often inspired by the murder of Catholic priests, and even committed them. "With the unconditional support of the Catholic clergy destroyed 299 Orthodox churches, 240.000 Serbs forcibly converted to the Roman Catholic faith, and about 750.000 Serbs were killed, often after torture at the mere mention of which covers the human horror." The atrocities being committed by the Ustashi, horrified even these "humanists", as the German Nazis. "From the humanitarian and cultural Germans can not afford much of what is happening now" — said at a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NDH shtandartefyurer Fuchs. The text of the book are references to the four treatment to Pope Pius XII — August 31, 1941, March 1, 1942, September 8, 1942 and March 31, 1943, allegedly had other treatment, a representative of the Red Cross visited the papal envoy Moroni — but the answer the Vatican is not followed, the basis of which it can be assumed that the Pope approved of, or at least did not condemn what is happening in the NDH. Here are some quotes that tell about the events of those years, and the participation in them of the Catholic clergy, "Dr. Srecko Peric, a monk from Livno, formerly a Catholic priest in Nis, called for the complete destruction of the Serbs … he promised to let the massacre killers sins, for the murder is not sin if it is done in the interests of the Catholic Church. Indeed, rain and neighborhood suffered terribly. Several thousand Serbs — men, women and children — have been tortured and killed by the most cruel, the most brutal way, "" the commander here at the Ustasha Catholic priest Ante Djuric, who shall hold office in the community Divusha. From the first day is a spiritual person … gaining gang butchers and gives them instructions with regard to forced conversions of Orthodox Serbs to Catholicism and the elimination of those who refuse to change the faith … "," In the village parish priest Hrelin Domino appeared after a long absence in the tavern with the words' Praise be to Jesus. " Questions from the audience, where he was still a priest said that doing business: killing Serbs throughout Lika and personally killed 40 Serbs "," Bishop Stepinac of Zagreb and other Croatian bishops have agreed to this non-Christian, wild and bloody orgy and never opposed such actions of its clergy, and did not try in any way to express their disapproval of all these crimes. Their ominous silence was only the evidence of their complicity. "So did those who a few days before the events described in the churches preach the word of Jesus:" Thou shalt not kill. " Certainly, many of them found in the Bible and thus justify their actions …
Another reasonably interesting detail: Hitler in one of his conversations with Rauschning says that many in the organization of the Nazi party taken over by the Jesuits, and they all have the Catholic Church. In particular, the structure of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) was largely copied from the structure of the Catholic Church. Of course, this is no accusation of Catholics, but it is just disturbing — why the "preachers of love", which should have been, in principle, it is based on love, arranged so that the device is almost ideally suited fascists? I doubt whether Hitler could learn something useful for him from, say, a community organization hippies at Woodstock. But the church was for him a great teacher.
What's the matter? Why the church was a model for Hitler? How is it that Christians supported the Nazis? What do they have in common? To do this, first we must understand what is fascism, that it characterizes. Here's what Webster's dictionary definition provides:
"Fascism — a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and establishes a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictator, stringent economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition."
But the passage of the "Encyclopedia Britannica":
"In all its forms, fascism demonstrates some of the key features: the absolute priority of the state is the main among them and from the others follow: the subordination of the individual's will to the will of society as expressed by the state, and complete obedience to the leader (usually charismatic), who represents the state. In addition, the military prowess, battles and conquests in high esteem, as a liberal democracy, rationalism and bourgeois values anathema. An element of mysticism usually penetrates the fascist expression of holiness of the state (or race) and the declaration of its purpose, such as Mussolini in the prophecy of the "revival" of the Roman Empire. "
In other words, fascism — is a form of organization in which, first, there is some — real or imagined — "Supreme Being" (the state, nation, race, etc.), or the requirements of which will override all other considerations; Second, there some centralized and authoritarian government, which is the embodiment of the "higher nature" and exclusive izyavitelem her will, it is often the government is headed by one person (the dictator), which also can be real or imaginary, and then it was he who represents the "highest nature ", in the third, interests, desires and the will of the individual is completely subordinated to the will of" the Supreme Being "and, therefore, the will of the Government, acting on behalf of, any dissent brutally suppressed. Of course, the above conditions do not include everything you need to create fascism as defined by the encyclopedia. However, as I hope, in the future we'll see that these conditions are sufficient to ensure that there are fruits, because of which fascism became a disaster. It is not so much about the fascism, but of these he forms of organization. For example, the totalitarian rule of Lenin and then Stalin could hardly be scientifically defined as fascism, but I do not think that because of the Gulag prisoners felt a lot better than a prisoner at Mauthausen, and shot the officer "SS" Jewish shopkeeper whose only fault was his nationality, dies just as a descendant of Russian noble family, received a bullet in the forehead of the "revolver" county commissioner because of his noble origin.
The key point for the formation of forms of organization, such as fascist, it is the presence of "Supreme Being" or "higher purpose" that has absolute priority ("Germany above all"). Authority of the "Supreme Being" can justify and elevate any act aimed at the execution of her will ("The end justifies the means"), and just as the authority of the government, expressed his will to a "higher nature" to justify his every command. Morality and law changes in the service of a "higher nature" — no action, no matter how heinous crime, it was not considered as such if it is committed in order to achieve a "higher purpose." Moral standards of the "good / bad" or "good / evil" transformed — "good" is all that is the will of the "higher nature" expressed by the Government, "bad" all that hinders its performance. Any action, even the most disgusting and horrible to the old laws of morality, aimed at implementation decrees "higher entity" is not only allowed, but welcomed and encouraged, is declared valid, if necessary. Violence against individuals not belonging to the "Supreme Being", or over its "unreliable" elements justify its deficiency or pernicious corrupting influence on society — and either declares a good deed to them, if the violence is to involve them in the ranks belonging to "Supreme Being", or is the theme of cleaning or health of society, if the violence leads to the destruction of these people. In both cases, this kind of violence is considered a good thing. Any attempt to dissent is suppressed, as outbreak. Since the "Supreme Being" and it will often not only obvious, but sometimes just absurd and often contradict themselves rationalism in this type of organization is not honored. To justify subordination "higher entity" is often used by mystical motivations, because you can not explain rationally as possible, for example, to fight for peace, for the sake of humanity, and attempting to kill in the name of charity. An ideal member of the society must sincerely believe everything that is said on behalf of the "Supreme Being", even if it is contrary to common sense. Those who have read "1984" George Orwell, will recall the dialogue between the main character and O'Brien "- How do I force myself not to see what is before your eyes? After two and two still four! — Sometimes, Winston. And, sometimes five. Sometimes three. And sometimes it both ways at once. You must try, Winston. Normally be easy. "Normal, of course, by the standards of the organization. For the same reason, need to be widely deployed and is constantly active system of propaganda, and ideally every person belonging to a "higher entities" shall be brought up from childhood in the spirit of loyalty to the ideas of "Supreme Being" (for this purpose, for example, children's participation in organizations such as "Yungfolk "and" Hitler "in Germany or October, and the pioneers in the USSR), blindly believe it and just blindly obey. Usually there is also a comprehensive system of surveillance for one and all to identify dissenters ("Big Brother sees you") and punitive authority to deal with them. Without going into details, I will name a few traits of totalitarian regimes: strict regulation of all aspects of life, the desire to make people's regime as much as possible the same — right down to the clothes and speech, belligerence, the constant search for enemies (heretics Jew Masons, the enemies of the people), xenophobia and distinction between "us" and "them" when "they" always carry the evil ("U.S. — Evil Empire").
This pattern is roughly the same for all forms of organization such as fascism. Replace the "Supreme Being" Greater Germany — and you get Hitler, Fascism, Gestapo and the furnaces of Auschwitz. Replace the "higher purpose" triumph of communism throughout the world — and you get Stalin, totalitarianism, the NKVD and the barracks of the Gulag. But there is one word that just asks to place a "higher nature", a word that probably comes to mind first when we hear: "higher being." That word — "God." Of course, many now argue that this is not the same — to serve the Fuhrer and serve God. Excuse me, but who cares, who is the person, if the service requires, for example, the burning of people? Pope Innocent III, militant Christianity, the Inquisition and the fires auto of just fit in 'fascist' stencil. And just fits into this pattern is the "state of the Torah," which wants to create in Israel, some religious Jews, stating, for example, as Dr. Vergaftig from Bar-Ilan, "If democracy is placed above the values of Judaism, I do not accept the kind of democracy" and answering the question of whether it would be compromised their freedom in a country that "fears are vain — true freedom can only be found in the corpus of Jewish religious law. As said, 'freedom only one who studies the Torah' "(and remember the words" Only work makes one free "on the gates of Auschwitz.) Any form of organization, which tied for first place in importance serve a "higher nature", tends to some extent to fascism. Biblical religion and the majority are no exception.
Gods biblical religions — totalitarian gods. Totalitarian Old Testament God, which requires from its people the unconditional and complete submission, threatening all sorts of penalties: "You will listen to me — and I'll be good to you if you dare to violate my orders — I will make to you is that you seem heaven with powder and shot and you'll be glad you were born! "- such promises are constantly found in the text of the Old Testament, just look to at least one of them (eg, Lev. 26:3-39), to feel the" kindness "of Jehovah. During the Nuremberg Trials, Dr. Kelly said Goering, is it true that that was called in Germany "dec-Maine," because he always told his Fuhrer only "dec" ("yes"), to which Goering said: "It is, but I would like the doctor to ask you, you to call at least one 'know-mana' (ie the man, saying 'no'), who would lie in the ground at a depth of three meters. "Hjalmar Schacht, in response to question from the U.S. Chief Prosecutor Robert Jackson, why he refused to perform at the time the orders of Hitler, explained: "If I had said I would not have been able to carry with you this nice dialogue, instead, would be a monologue — I would lay quietly in the coffin, and the pastor said a prayer. "These were the methods of persuasion Fuhrer (I think there is no need to describe the methods of persuasion Stalin) and just look persuasion Lord. And in order for the other there are only two views — his own and wrong, only two actions — the fulfillment of his order and crime. Every act of disobedience — free (eg, Num. 15:32) or involuntary (eg, 1 Chron. 12:9) — severely punished by God or people acting under his direction, and when he punishes the good God, the most lenient punishment — serious illness, usually the same Jehovah's just killing disobedient — about a similar manner to judge Hitler enthusiastically responded: "That's justice must take place in Germany — or excuse, or head to the shoulders down!". Everyone probably knows that Hitler destroyed six million Jews. However, as he wrote in a series of articles entitled "Inconspicuous times in the Torah," Yefim Maydanik, few people know that the Midrash ("Interpretation") — one of the books of Judaism, supplements and interprets scripture — says that during the ninth plagues ("Darkness ") were destroyed by God 80% (if not more) of the Jews living in Egypt, which amounted to about 12 million dead! "For what?" — You ask. Yes, almost for nothing — as he wrote to Rashi, the Jews were punished, who did not want to obey God's command and leave Egypt. Here it is: the good Lord in one fell swoop destroyed for disobedience to four-fifths of its people, the twelve millions of dead in three days, which is really there to some Hitler. Totalitarian (though to a lesser extent) Jesus, saying, "You are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you" (John 15:14), so beloved by Stalin's dictum "He who is not with me — is against me" (Matthew . 12:30) and so-called "golden rule" — "whatever you want to bring with you unto others do unto them" (Luke 6:31) (R. Bach wrote: "How would you like to meet masochist, keen to be beaten with a whip, and you observe the 'golden rule'? ")," savior ", promising not that painful death, not eternal torture all those who do not accept him as God and repent of their sins. By the way, what is the definition of sin in Christianity? In the book "The Practice of Christianity" (which is the same name!) Gene Gibson gives a list of sinful behavior: "1) walking your way (Isaiah 53:6), and 2) violation of the law of God (1 Jn. 3:4) 3 ) rebellion against God and lawlessness (1 Jn. 3:4), and 4) knowledge of how to act and failure to do so (James 4:17), and 5) leadership is not faith, and some other foundations (Rom. 14 23), 6) lack of faith in the Lord Jesus (John 16:9), 7), every true and untrue (1 Jn. 5:17), 8), all that is contrary to God (Romans 3:23). " Virtually all of this list can be reduced to the first and last definitions — sinfully everything a person does or decides independently, guided by the will of God is sinful all pleasing to God (and anything or not pleasing to God can be anything). The punishment for sin — death (Romans 6:23). So, sinned and was punished man, who declined to beat a prophet who told him, "Beat me!": A punishment God sends a lion that kills the man (3 Sam. 20:35-36). Sinned and suffered "deserved" punishment kids tease bald as the knee of the prophet Elisha, "Go up, thou bald Go up, thou bald ": for disrespect to the Prophet of mercy Lord sends bears to break forty-two
Child (4 Kings. 2:23-24) — indeed, a "fair" punishment for those who dare to call in authority bald bald. But the massacres committed by such righteous as Joshua or King David, sin was not as favorable to God. If these are gods — what, in your opinion, to expect from religion?
Most religions are fundamentally totalitarian. Totalitarian religion due to the fact that the service of God and keeping covenants God declared "higher purpose" and therefore need to be a believer priority over any other action, laws and desires. Totalitarian religion due to the fact that the patriarch, Ayatollah, the high priest or pope has a "monopoly on God" ("Truth belongs to the Church") and, therefore, all his disposal theoretically equivalent to instructions issued to a personal God. Totalitarian religion due to the fact that the faithful from childhood brought up in a spirit of obedience to God, learn to be guided in all manner of God's words, to evaluate any action in terms of God's will, are taught to fulfill the requirements of God, no matter how difficult they may be and whatever the victims do not require ("Honor to be hanged or be crucified on a tree and burned, if that is what the Lord asked"). The followers of such a religion should not feel sorry for yourself for the fulfillment of God's will — and just as they do not spare the others: hardly Abraham, whose willingness to sacrifice for the sake of someone else's life glorify God for thousands of years in the synagogues and churches, asked Isaac if he agrees to go with his throat cut on the wood of the sacrificial fire, hardly "righteous" Lot offering a raging crowd to give their daughters to the wolves with the words, "Do with them what you like" (Genesis 19:8), said first daughters if they agree at such a terrible death. Follower of a religion can easily move to any action — the name of God, the name of God proclaimed crusade and jihad, in the name of God the Inquisition tortured and killed, in the name of God sent the crowd, shouted to Pilate, "Crucify him, crucify Jesus of Nazareth!". Similarly, law-abiding and sentimental Germans, ready to cry over a bird with a black wing, methodically and coolly exterminated Gypsies and Jews — the name of the great German, forgetting how about the murder — is a violation of the law, a criminal offense, and to the fact that human suffering no less regrettable suffering bird. Rudolf Hess, head of the "death camp" at Auschwitz, an exemplary husband and father, said that in his camp were destroyed by two and a half million Jews with no less pride than crusader, sincerely believes that he is fighting in the name of the God, who said, "Thou shalt not kill", said that he had killed hundreds of "infidels." Hess, in his own words, defending Germany against the Jews — in the name of Germany, crusader defended the "true faith" and the "infidels" — in the name of God. Because of religious totalitarianism, a totalitarian state, and will be established on the basis of the religion. We know what's happening in Arab countries (such as Iran), based on the laws of Islam. You can almost certainly assume that the state, based on the laws of Judaism or Christianity, is no better. Only a few religions are free from totalitarianism — that, for example, Zen ("- What is the

implementation of Zen? — When I am hungry — eat, when tired — sleep. "), Is that Sufism (" — What is the highest service to God? — Get up in the morning, go to the market to buy food, go home, make dinner and eat it. — But this what each of us does every day? — do what you do every day, but do not forget about God in this — this is the highest service to God. ") — but to build a state based on a religion is almost impossible, how the religion in no way relate to the management of the state itself, they are engaged only relationship of the soul with God (as opposed to, say, Judaism, where religion and state are one, where the body of law and the Penal Code established religious teachers, based on the sacred texts scriptures). Any state is built on the basis of a totalitarian religion, the state will be a totalitarian, fascist state.

"No way!" — Certainly I would argue — "The Bible calls for love! State, based on biblical values, will not be able to resort to brutality and violence! "Unfortunately, this is not the case. Remember, in many Christian countries, Christians have managed, had laws that exceed the cruelty laws Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan's time and the laws of savage cannibals — read historical documents, or even "The Prince and the Pauper" by Mark Twain, to see some of these laws taken by the very people who have been commanded to forgive "until seventy times seven" (Matthew 18:21-22). Jewish Law at first glance, much softer, because Judaism calls for love, no less than Christianity — the majority of statements about Jesus' love for one's neighbor is taken from the Jewish tradition, in particular, from the work of Hillel — but a closer look reveals that they softness is only for "internal use" only for Jews — that is, for example, an excerpt from an interview with Ya.Shatsem, one of the authors of a study on the creation of a state governed by the laws of the Torah: "In exile, if a Jew stealing him for it severely punished. According to the Torah, if a Jew steals, the only punishment that awaits him, it's — the return of the stolen double. Put him in jail for it should not be, "- seemed to be a very humane, but that asked the following question:" — And if stealing goy (non-Jew)? — The Seven Commandments, the implementation of which is compulsory for all children of Noah, goy, committed theft, worthy of death. "Christianity calls to love your neighbor as yourself — and that Christians established the Inquisition, an organization known in history as an example of cruelty — the word" inquisitor "became a household word to describe the heartless executioner, and as such in speech lasted for hundreds of years — until mid-XX century, when it was replaced by the word" fascist ". "All these people can not be an example of true Christianity, they just called themselves Christians, true Christians live according to the laws of God, and not resort to violence" — I would argue. Well, let's say that this is true and all the examples of violence in the history of Christianity — is the act of false Christians, people who only call themselves Christians. But then where are the examples of true Christians among the powers that be and the powers that be — in fact these should be more than a "pseudo-Christians" who ruled with an iron fist? Can anyone name a single country that is ruled by Christians thus "God's" laws — a country without cruelty and violence? It is difficult to find at least one such example.
In addition, the widespread belief that cruelty and violence displeasing to God described in the Bible — a mistake based on lack of familiarity with the text of Scripture. God in the Bible often endorses violence and he often resorted to it. Let's not even talk about this example of "mercy" of God, as the deluge, killing all people on earth and all the animals, except for those who were with Noah in the ark (Genesis 7:23). Look in only one chapter of the Bible — the one where God provides the first commandment "Thou shalt not kill" — the head of the "Exodus". In this chapter, the Lord killed all the firstborn sons of the Egyptians — "there was no house where there was not one dead" (Exodus 12:30) — in order to force Pharaoh to release the Jews from Egypt. It is strange that the "humane and merciful" God did not want to incite the Pharaoh let the people of Israel, and instead to the contrary, to encourage the Pharaoh to oppose the request of the Jews (Ex. 7:3, Ex. 10:1) that he, God, could severely punish all Egyptians (including infants). Sure, most of the victims were innocent Egyptians that Pharaoh would not allow Jews to leave the country and, in fact, they even tried to persuade Pharaoh to release the Israelites (Exodus 10:7) — and yet everyone lost. In this chapter, God destroyed the Egyptian army. In this chapter, God gives instructions on what people should be killed — so, in particular, to kill whoever curses their parents (Exodus 21:17), witches (Exodus 22:18) and idolaters (Exodus 22:20), should destroy those who use incense for themselves, these are used for worship (Exodus 30:33, Ex. 30:38), should be put to death those who work on the Sabbath (Exodus 31:15). The chapter on the orders of the Lord killed 3.000 Israelites worshiped the golden calf (Exodus 32:27-28). As you can see, "merciful" God is not an enemy kills.
Moreover, the Bible describes, and are described as charity cases, analogues of almost all the crimes committed by the Nazis! Fascism was probably the most terrible of all the calamities of the XX century. Nazis committed the most heinous crimes in history. Racial theory, Nazism, mass killings, beatings of women and children, genocide, and Lidice tragedy Khatyn, concentration camps and ovens of Auschwitz — all these horrors will never be erased from the memory of mankind. Until now, any normal person the thought of it causes fear and disgust. And all of this has its prototype in the Bible (except, perhaps, the concentration camps — but the prototype concentration camps can probably assume hell), prototypes as charitable affairs, either sanctioned by God or the committed by God or by his order.
"Racial theory" — the idea of the "chosen people" of the German race, its natural superiority over all others — is not in itself a crime, but it was she who served as an excuse for a war of conquest, for mass murder and genocide. Indeed, just as the person is able to crush a cockroach, if he considers himself above the cockroach, he can crush a man of another race or another religion, if he considers himself above it. But anyone who has read the Bible carefully, remembering that there is also the idea of the "chosen people" — first is that of the people of Israel (Deut. 7:16, Deut. 10:14-15), and then, according to the Christians, "election" goes to them (Matt. 21:43, Gal. 3:29). True, they both claim that the "election" can not be understood as it was understood Hitler, the "election" does not give any special rights, on the contrary, it only imposes additional obligations, additional responsibility before God. This sounds very noble and selfless. However, careful reading of the text of the Bible more carefully, remember the story — and we see that it is a myth that the understanding of the "chosen people" of the German people, Hitler and the understanding of the "chosen people" of God's people by the people of God are very similar. Hitler waged wars of conquest to take over "living space", believing that the "chosen" Aryan race has the right to the land because of his "chosen people." The people of Israel conquered Canaan country, wiping out much of the local population (including women and children — according to the instructions of the Lord), as the "promised land" was promised to them by God, and therefore they are entitled to this country (Genesis 17:8, Genesis. 28 : 13). Christians at the time took half the world and void sumnyashesya, enslaved and exterminated some nations others hypocritically claiming (or, conversely, sincerely believing) that they have the blessings of civilization and the light of faith.
German Nazis blyuli "pure race", even introducing the concept of "racial crime" — the entry into cohabitation with a representative of an "inferior race." The Old Testament Jews also fought for the "purity" of the people, forbidding marriage to people of other faiths (Exodus 34:16, Deut. 7:3, Ezra. 9:12), in the Old Testament tells the priest killed Israelis and sat down with Midianitish (Numbers 25:6-8), and that the Lord has blessed the murder, about how after the return from the Babylonian captivity Ezra the priest asked the Israelis to drive foreign wives and their children (Ezra 10:3, Ezra. 10 :10-11). Christians have long been banned (and many prohibit and still is) to marry or marry gentiles. Nazis (including Catholics) killed millions of people in the occupied territories, not tormented by his conscience, the people of God created mass murder, killing Christians "infidels," and even Christians of other denominations — and that they must comply with the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" in What was wrong? Just a man of another nation or another religion is not a man! This is most clearly seen in primitive tribes with primitive culture — in their language, "people" referred only members ihplemeni or even just the residents of the village, the others are just another kind of animal. For such a savage tribe of eating meat killed enemy is not cannibalism, from his point of view he eats meat produced beast. At a more advanced stage of development of the society, this attitude to strangers disappear, but it still often is a tendency to consider other peoples inferior people subhuman. Even Jesus, who often try to make a such an internationalist, expressly declares, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (Matthew 15:24), sending his disciples to cast out unclean spirits and "heal every disease and every infirmity" (Mt 10: 1), he tells them, "the way of the Gentiles, and do not go to the city of Samaritans enter ye not, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (Matthew 10:5-6) and even compares the Jews with children (presumably — with children of God), and the Gentiles with the dogs (Matt. 15:26)! The commandment "Thou shalt not kill" is actually sounds "Thou shalt not kill people," and therefore subhuman or killing an animal is not considered murder. That is why the Germans were able to calmly destroy the Jews, Gypsies and Slavs — they only kill Untermenschen — subhumans. That is why the Old Testament Jews kill gentiles and God gave the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" looks favorably on the killings — it is not killing people, "idolaters." This is why Christians have confidence in their right to seize other people's land and "baptize with fire and sword" — because they were doing it not with people but with the "heathen."
Nazi massacres of civilians in the occupied territories. Perhaps the worst thing here — that cool, that methodical, which destroyed thousands of people. "… Built on the same project pechikrematoriev … technical development designs mobile machines for grinding human bones — all point to a single ill will …" — this excerpt from a speech by LN Smirnov, assistant chief Soviet prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials is shudder. And what sense is the following passage: "All the inhabitants of the captured city was taken out of the city, killed by saws, axes and threshing machines and burnt in kilns. Just received in the future and to people in other captured cities? " No less terrible? And this is a statement of the Bible (2 Sam. 12:31), acted as "righteous" King David. At the Nuremberg trials, former Obergruppenfiihrer "SS" von Bach-Zelewski showed that at a meeting in Vezelsburge in 1941, Himmler was tasked to destroy in Russia 30 million people — to reduce the biological potential of the Slavic peoples. Now it sounds like a nightmare, like a bad dream, but, in the opinion of von Bach-Zelewski, the program was quite possible, if the situation has not changed and the Germans would not have been forced to withdraw from the occupied territories. Or this: "We measured the number of prisoners taken during the occupation of that country, and then two-thirds of them were killed." You think this is another crime Nazis? Although it is similar to the action of the Nazis, in fact it is one more act of the "great righteous" — King David (2 Sam. 8:2). In 1942, after the assassination of the chief of "SD", protector of Bohemia and Moravia, Heydrich, the Germans as a retaliation (on trumped up charges of harboring murderers) shot all men older than 15 years in the Czech village of Lidice, and the village itself was burned to the ground. This story is often cited as an example of cruelty of the Nazis. However, residents of Lidice might envy the Canaanite inhabitants of Ai, Joshua who destroyed on the orders of God (Joshua 8:1-2) — In this town the soldiers of Jesus destroyed all the people: men and women, and children, and the burnt the city (Joshua 8:22-26). However, just as did the Israelites and Jericho (Joshua 6:20-23), so did they, and other cities of the land of Canaan — the only diversity lies in the fact that some of them were burned, while others settled, The population of the city, of course, completely exterminated in any case (Joshua 10:28-40, MIS. N. 11:10-15). And of course, all this was done in accordance with the commands of the "good and merciful" God and its full approval. Nazis, I note, was not an example of humane.
"Genocide" — another chilling word. Nazis attempted to complete destruction of certain nations. "We need to develop a technique depopulation. If you ask me what I mean by depopulation, I will say that I have in mind the elimination of entire racial units, and that is what I intend to implement, is, roughly speaking, my goal. "- Said at the time Hitler Rauschning. "… The ultimate goal, of course, should be the complete elimination of the Jews" — he wrote in one of his letters. Subsequent events, I think, known to all. "The verdict — the Jews must be destroyed … The question is — what to do with the women and children? The answer is clear. We must make a firm decision: that people should perish from the earth. "- This is an excerpt from the speech of Reichsführer" SS "Himmler before a group of high-ranking officials of October 6, 1943. Here is another text: "I order you to completely destroy the nation of Amalek. Give no mercy! Kill all — men and women, teens and infants. "You think it's ordinary delusions Fuhrer? No, it is almost a verbatim account of an order given by the Lord of hosts through the prophet Samuel, King Saul (1 Sam. 15:3) — the text can be considered an excellent example of true kindness and mercy of God, is not it?
Do you think I have listed all the horrors and abominations in the Bible and in biblical religions? No, unfortunately, I can tell, has not yet started. Subject atrocities topic of torture and murder with the blessing of God in the Bible is practically inexhaustible. Call any violence — and almost certainly Bible scholar and biblical religions will find it easy to sample from the Bible or from Judaism or Christianity, wherever such violence happening (or was promised to him or called) with the blessing of God, by the order of God, or even God himself. As you can see, the Nazis did not have to look far for ideas — the prototypes of all their atrocities, they could easily find among the "charitable" as explained in the Bible. So I'm afraid of religion came to power — if such a government will administer charitable affairs, guided by the "textbook of love", who knows, whether these cases similar to those described above?
This article does not claim to be a serious analysis. I would agree with anyone who says that it is one-sided approach to religion: no doubt it is, but that the approach to fascism, which states that it is an absolute evil and only evil, is no less one-sided. "The man who in four years raised from the bottom of his people to self, pride, discipline and authority, deserves the thanks and admiration of his fellow-citizens of all mankind," — this was said about Hitler, and said not a court advocate, a foreigner, a Jew, Sven Hedin . Yet hardly any of us know about the "virtues" of fascism, would want to live in a fascist state. I just tried to put my disturbing thoughts. Now, when the Orthodox Jews in Israel have strengthened their position in Parliament and passed a law violates human rights, and religious fanatic shoots at the head of government, acting in accordance with the decree of religious authority, authorizing and justifying the murder, when Russia has attempted to give the Russian Orthodox Church, the state religion, and John, Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga, appears an article entitled "The great lie of democracy", in effect calling for totalitarianism — this theme seems to me relevant. Every time I hear the call for a "state of the Torah," or reasoning that Russia must live by the laws of Orthodoxy, I get scared. I fear the possibility of merging the government — and this is not always humane — with the people for whom the genocide may be divinely inspired, and the murder of infants — blessed
nnym business.
Unfortunately, the author of the article at the end could not resist the standard nod to the clergy — "despite all the crimes against humanity, the Christian religion is a lot of good." This goes to show how deeply ingrained in people opinion about "compassionate and humane" of the Christian religion. Judge for yourself — by writing an article exposing the real face of the Christian church system, immediately after this, the author wrote about the possibility of Christianity to be "a source of spirituality." Religion of slaves — a source of spirituality … It's funny, if it were not so sad
Let me give you an excerpt from the same Bible — Matthew, Chapter 7: (The same can be read in Luke 6:43))
16 By their fruits ye shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
17 Even so every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
18 A good tree can not bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit
I had the idea to throw the last two paragraphs — but Alex insisted on the complete publication, so I had to write this comment.
Here and in the following note Warrax'a
No, I'm not against religion, I in no way want to put an equal sign between religion and fascism. I only suggest to be careful in the choice of a spiritual master. Today, religion can serve as both a source and a source of spiritual totalitarianism. Priest G. Chistyakov (Svv.Kosmy and Damian church, Moscow) in one of his sermons saying that the Church today is able to fix in the minds of parishioners elements of totalitarian thinking, and thus hamper their spiritual development — but it can free the faithful from totalitarianism and help their spiritual growth. In order to avoid the first
and reach the second, the priest urged to remember that the essence of Christianity is not subordinate to the laws and traditions, not in compliance with certain rules (anyone formulated a similar thought in short — "For God did not go to build") — the essence of Christianity in the disclosure of his heart towards God. Religion — it is rather a phenomenon or a state of mind than an organization, and the transformation of religion in the organization — an alarming symptom. One of the Eastern teachers say that the mind — it is a tool to communicate with the outside world, the environment, and religion — a tool for internal communication with the world, with a soul, with God. Jesus said: "The kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21) and "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what God's" (Matt. 22:21). Religion should engage the soul, and if it pays too much attention to the rituals, traditions, rituals and laws, they have little time to take care of the soul. If religion seeks to power, trying to take in the society, "leading and guiding" role, together with the state — she even have time for the soul and it degrades, degenerates, at best, hypocrisy.
As part of the biblical religions — as, indeed, any other organized religion — is the true spiritual teacher (sadly, less than desired), refer to the soul, there is a lot of "Pharisees", mechanically performing rituals and prayers were learned and interpretations have "fascists in cassocks" trying to establish a "dictatorship of God," to create a totalitarian society with God at the place the Fuhrer or Big Brother. Moreover (and this is scary), all these people can truly believe in God and believe that is exactly what they do and is the most pleasing to God ministry. It is important that the followers of any religion were for people in the first category, that their mentor was just a spiritual teacher, not a walking collection of quotations or political officer from religion. The mind can help weed out false teachers, the soul will find a true teacher.
Do not go to God formation, gentlemen! Repay to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God — God
Alex, March 1996
Although with the last words I agree — if you remove the official religion, acquire wealth from the duped members and seeking to extend its influence and worldly power — let Christianity remain as personal religion, as a comfort to those who are not in a position to take responsibility for their actions.
"115. Being religious usefully. […] All the people who are not able to own any weapon — if counted among the weapons tongue and pen — become subservient, for these people the Christian religion is very useful, because it takes into subservience appearance of Christian virtue and striking paint. — People who have their daily life seems empty and monotonous easily become religious, it's understandable and forgivable, but they have no right to demand from the religiosity of those whose daily life does not run empty and monotonous. "- Friedrich Nietzsche," Human , all too human "

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