The film The Godfather 3 comments in Belarus

On Sunday, the Russian TV channel NTV showed the film "The Godfather — 3", which continues revelatory series of Alexander Lukashenko. This time the band was dedicated sources of income of the family of Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian business depending on the corrupt government, and the theme of mental health of the Belarusian leader. As the film took the famous Belarusian viewers?

Economist Leonid Zlotnikov considered the strongest those fragments of the film "The Godfather — 3", which are devoted to the order of the Belarusian business. For information about what the business has to pay tribute to the authorities, and not otherwise survive, Leonid Zlotnikov confirmed from personal experience:

Leonid Zlotnikov

"I knew the director of a private company, which offered to pay a certain amount each month, and said that the money will go to the presidential administration. He refused and then poorly finished. In the sense that it found a violation, and now he is not a director.'s What I know it. Were lists of those who should pay in the words of Podolak journalist — is his information. "

Economist Leonid Zlotnikov believes that in the movie "The Godfather — 3" exaggerated the size of the annual income of a secret presidential fund. According Zlotnikau annually hundreds of millions, but not billions of dollars: "Nor is there than to earn that kind of money," — says the economist.

The leader of the "Tell the truth," the poet Nyaklyayeu notes that Russia many years, "that's such a molded Lukashenko, and now has to deal with it, even where there have realized that you can not go on like this." In this Nyaklyayeu believes that the promised "information bomb" in the third part of "The Godfather" was not possible, because not yet started talking really competent persons from the environment chapter of Belarus:


"When I was in Moscow, I mentioned the names of Naumov and former employees of our law enforcement agencies, which previously had been friends with the regime, but now they are friends. But instead, we saw those who can not directly talk about it, because they do not have the facts .'s how it was with me, I was there, but what can I say? fact that everyone knows. So while the film does not live up to the expectations that were placed on him. said to be a sequel. "

Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko the question or ethically, in his opinion, by the authors of the film touches on the theme of mental state Alexander Lukashenko, said the following:

Anatoly Lebedko

"There are, of course, is the shade. But the fact is that it is not up story. Really was such a doctor, who has long made this conclusion. Thus, it is, of course, on the verge of ethics. But, on the other hand, we have never seen no medical reports regarding Lukashenko in Belarus. As we walked on the presidential election campaign, was the initiative, and we have raised to each applicant published data on the state of their health. Thus, this moment in the film — the consequences. If there really was a practice of such health conclusions, it would not appear, and this piece. "

Comments to the movie "The Godfather" placed via the website Alexander Zimouski, head of the National Television and Radio Company. Commentator, known for previous transfers of the opposition, which were made by order of the authorities, said that the main purpose of the authors of "The Godfather" was to generate a scandal, to achieve a "system failure". "Yes, nerves frayed, humiliate, laugh, hurt, as far as possible. Moreover, in our case by the scandal, whoever he may be, does not have the moral rightness. Hence nedasyagalnasts goals that praklyamuyutstsa. No violations reputation for making chaos in, I'm not talking ", — Assesses the effectiveness of the film Alexander Zimouski.

Meanwhile, According to Anatoly Lebedko, which refers to the sociological service "Baltic Gallup," more than 31% of Belarusians have already seen the first or the second part of "The Godfather." A politician thinks it's a great indicator of the demand for the theme of change of power in Belarus.

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