The Gomel region steal corn for Russians

Employees Zhitkovichi district police detained while traveling from the field, owned joint-stock company "Turovschina" minibus loaded with corn. Inside, there were about 3 tons of cobs.

The event took place on Last week and will be continued.

It turned out that 20-year-old resident of Turov hired five villagers from nearby villages, so that they in 25 thousand have broken corncobs and rasfasavali them in special bags.

The information was not complete. It was learned that the pursuit of corn thieves was carried through the streets of Turov, with shouts through audio amplifiers and shooting at the minibus.

As a result, one of the criminals was wounded. The bullet pierced the body of the minibus and wounded a man in the leg. After the detention of a wounded man called an ambulance care.

District Prosecutor's Office has determined that the actions of police officers stralyavshaga no crime.

Corn instituted against thieves criminal case for theft. Cob of sweet corn they carried in Brest, where Russians are buying them at a great price.



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