The Hut on Chicken Legs — extraterrestrial craft?

A number of interesting technical details contain descriptions of dwellings Baba Yaga and Gorynych. The Hut of Baba Yaga always depicted standing on a "chicken legs" (landing gear?). It is small in size, because it is all very Baba Yaga ("lies from corner to corner"). In the cabin there is no windows or doors, or have one small window. As strange house and Gorynych, perhaps somewhat larger:

"… Looked around — on the meadow stands a large house on three floors, the gates are locked, shutters closed, only one window is open (hatch?), And to him the charge of stairs," "he came to the palace, but did not notice any doors, no windows, nothing, felt for one button. (!) How to push the button — opened the door, and he began to climb up to the palace. "

The home of Baba Yaga and the Serpent carefully guarded. So, around the hut of Baba Yaga organized "… round fence of human bones (round tubes?) On sticks sticking out of human skulls." These "skull" (lamps or heaters?) Illuminated at night, and the day will go out. While their light detrimental effect on people. In one of the Russian fairy tales described an episode when a glowing "skull" the heroine has made to the room where her wicked stepmother and her daughter. They tried to hide from the damaging light, but "… wherever they try to hide, glowing eyes were upon them, and by the morning of burned coal." In this case, the word "burned coal" obviously can not be taken literally, since it is clear from the text that did not burn down the house itself, something terrible has happened only with her stepmother and her daughter.

Enter into the middle of the protective fences with the lamps could only pronouncing certain words-code: "Hut-hut, become to me before, his back to the forest!" Here recall and passphrase of Arab tales "Open Sesame" and Ancient Egyptian "Book of the Dead", "I will not miss you through it, says the threshold, until you tell me my name. I'll tell you, says the lock, the door until you call my name. "

But the defense fairy dwellings Baba Yaga and the Serpent is not limited to a fence with a "skull". There was another, supplementary protection — sleep is induced by uninvited guests:

"They went walking and came to a dense forest. Only logged in him a strong dream became too strong for them. "

The heroes of fairy tales known to sleep near the hut of Baba Yaga can not, otherwise they can expect death. Therefore, they are doing their best to fight off this dream clamped ears, sniffing tobacco, and so on. This dream brings to its people, their security guard singing Baba Yaga — Mysterious Cat Baiyun, sometimes it makes itself Baba Yaga, playing on some harp-samogudah. Sometimes the game on the instrument does not cause people to sleep, and madness, that is, there is a psychogenic effect.

There was one more alarms, warning Baba Yaga of approaching people — Tel-catching odor. In all fairy tales, Baba Yaga and the Dragon always feel closer to them or somewhere, hiding near a hero by the smell, "Fu-fu, the smell of the human spirit!" Or: "Fu-fu, Russian bone smell!"

All this taken together — the circle of lights, exudes a nasty or fatal radiation generator and sleep detectors, which determined the smell approximation aboriginal — apparently created a protection against invasion, which was not easy to overcome.

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