The international community storm shakes the social protests

The world community storm shakes the social protests

Dissatisfaction with the current financial and economic situation of their countries uniformly develops into a social and political crisis that will only increase, because out of it is not visible yet. Last weekend discontent of the masses spilled into the streets of hundreds of cities in the framework of the 10-states. Their protest organizers dubbed the days of the Global protests against unemployment and the monetary system.

In Italy protest turned into a massive mess with pogroms, hundreds more man were wounded. Only on the streets of Rome has left more than 200 thousand people. Demonstrators swiftly fled from slogans to the point: smashing shops, overturned and burned cars, even managed to set fire to the Ministry of Defence. Police officers had to use tear gas and water cannons.

Worryingly it was in other parts of the planet. In U.S. action "Occupy Wall Street" celebrated a month. This is the longest action protests that have enveloped the entire country. In almost all the large towns of the American protesters into a symbol of the seriousness of their goals camped right in the business districts. People are opposed to monetary policy, the Federal reserve system, the actions of big business. In the middle of other social problems call inequality, corruption, the highest unemployment rate — more than 9%. Demand guarantees social targeting the country: affordable education, health care, housing.

In the UK, to protestors joined the founder of the controversial website WikiLeaks Julian Assange. He made an accusatory speech, branding bankers, financiers and politicians of corruption. While Julian Assange read about the financial terrorism, the protesters tried to break through to the stock exchange. British police just managed to repel the pressure raging crowd. In the British capital in front of St Paul's Cathedral protesters pitched tents. There were several hundred people. Participants of the rally positioned near the tents banners with slogans about changing global rassredotachivaniya money. On the other, in their opinion, the world will inevitably come to disaster.

The protests were held in Chile, Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the land of the rising sun, South Korea, China, Australia, of New Zealand, and other countries. In Spain, on the streets of Madrid happened to half a million protesters. In Germany, large demonstrations took place immediately in several large cities — Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt-am-Main and Hanover. In the German capital, on the square in front of the Reichstag, gathered thousands of Germans. To calm the mass, the Berlin police had to use force.

In Switzerland, protests were held in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, brought people to the streets of the representatives of the left and the "green" movement. They held rallies outside the buildings of banks. In the Netherlands, citizens carried signs with slogans: "to tax the rich," "Stop the exploitation of people and the planet." In Slovakia, sought to end the "abuse of monetary capitalism."

What's Next?

It is clear that this protest, which involve hundreds of thousands of people across the planet, are completed. To do this, the circumstances do not. The second wave of the crisis will be even harder earlier. The same Paul Krugman was not in vain warns that burn a lot of unsecured money supply will be able to only global war. It also starts the process of technological revolution, the transition to the next level.

In Greece October 19 began a two-day general strike. To protest against proposed government austerity measures have joined not only municipal employees, and individual entrepreneurs. There will be further reduced social spending and pensions, increased taxes, reduced wages. In the center of Athens was strapped to 3 thousand police officers. October 18th Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou called on strikers to end the protests and return to work, because the permanent demonstration only weaken the economy and do not help solve the crisis.

Already protesters clashed with police: guards began throwing Molotov consistency, they responded with tear gas. The Greeks are trying to capture the parliament building, the police still beats head. There were cases of looting, arson. According to the trade unions involved in the action 200 thousand people, according to police — 125 thousand participants.

A reason for people to have speeches — is social injustice, the fundamental flaws of the Western system, capitalism. But in reality, protest people use the same forces who blame all the wrongs — "Financial International." These performances have long prepared — documentaries such as "Zeitgeist", feature films such as «V — means a vendetta." Laying in the minds of inhabitants installation of protest.

Protests will be used for the transfer of the Western world in a different format — there is a "reset" of the West. The control will be harder, life is more complicated. At the same United States, mass protests are needed to re-elect Obama as a "mouthpiece" of the interests of the people. And for Barack Obama are the interests of financial groups.

It should be noted that the decrease in the level of income of Europeans, the Yankees, the inhabitants of the Western world — is generally fair phenomenon. "Showcase" of capitalism no longer needs to maintain, no Russian Union. No prerequisites satisfying fed western wimp. On the contrary, to improve the competitiveness of the Western world in the coming battle with the East (China first) need to seriously reduce the level of consumption of the common people. To make them more mobile, ready to fight. The era of satiety ends the era of the global fight for the resources of the planet. Because the protests of people of the West in this case are stupid — you have to be more modest.

A nomination to this order in the West do not. It can only offer our homeland, which has extensive experience in building a society of the future.

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