The issue of state border with Ukraine is not yet resolved

Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Byassmertny hoped to resolve all contentious issues related to the completion of the procedures for the state border.

He told reporters that the Belarusian side question relates Ukrainian debt to Belarus with a question on the border. This is a major impediment to the exchange of instruments of ratification of a treaty on the state border — the "Interfax".

The ambassador noted that "the Ukrainian side does not see the possibility to answer for what belongs to the former Soviet Union and businesses that do not exist today. Therefore, the parties also an ongoing discussion and consultation ", — said R. Byassmertny.

"Will it be possible to find an acceptable formula, let us wait. I am optimistic to all the questions listed in the statements and signed by the presidents of the Road Map," — he said. He expressed the hope that "the vast majority of items that are written in the Roadmap will be implemented on time."

"If there will be some objective reasons, which will make it impossible to solve some of them, then we will address them in the next year", — said the Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus.



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