The largest pyramid in the world — the Pyramids in China!

The ancient Chinese legend says that that over 100 pyramids built in China are evidence of visits to our planet by aliens from other worlds. At the beginning of the century, two Australian merchant turned the vast plains of Sichuan Province in central China. Here they found more than a hundred pyramids. The Australians decided to check with the abbot of the local monastery, and he told them that the pyramid is "very old". Records of them were allegedly made more than 5,000 years ago, so the age of the pyramids themselves can only be guessed at.

Chinese pyramids — watch online satellite

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Chinese pyramids — watch online

The traders were told that the pyramids belonged to the epoch when China was ruled by ancient emperors who are convinced of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Moreover, the emperors claimed to be descendants of the "sons of heaven, which in iron dragons with a crash down to Earth." Aliens from outer space supposedly were the builders of the pyramids.

In March 1994, Austrian Hartwig Hausdorf made a trip to areas closed to foreigners, adjacent to the city of Xi'an — the capital of Shaanxi Province, on-races in the central part of China. During this trip, he found six legendary pyramids. Then, in October 1994, he again came to China, taking the video camera. Hausdorff managed to shoot an 18-minute film. Returning home, the first thing he decided to see videos, but what was his surprise when, making an increase, he found the background pictures taken other pyramids! Total area of 2,000 square kilometers has been more than a hundred pyramids!

Some of these pyramids are now in very poor condition because they were looted by local residents. In general, they are not built of stone and clay and earth, which some peasants were taken and used in their fields and farms.

With great difficulty Hausdorff managed to get permission for the continuation of studies of these amazing pyramids. However, the Chinese government banned the site.

Great White Pyramid

What exactly are these ancient structures? The height of all the pyramids, located on the plains of Sichuan, ranging from 25 to 100 meters. The only exception is the one that is located north of others, in the valley of the river Jia Lin. This is the so-called Great White Pyramid. It's huge, the height of this building is about 300 meters! It could be called the mother of all Chinese pyramids.

Not so long ago, the Chinese government declared the area adjacent to the Great White Pyramid, closed areas, as there is built a launch pad to launch rockets that bring satellites into orbit.
In appearance very similar to the Chinese pyramids pyramids of Central America. Just striking resemblance. Maybe the U.S. and the pyramids were built, "sons of heaven"?


Secrets of the Chinese pyramids

Chinese pyramids still represented for humanity, the Earth puzzle about them almost no one knew. What they all have in the world, helped to understand only in the middle of the XX century, aerial photographs and satellite images of the area. The Chinese government is somehow categorically prohibit researchers from other countries relate to these places. The writer of George Hunt Williamson through his connections with the U.S. Air Force took a photocopy of the topographic map of Xian. The map was made on the basis of photographs taken by satellites. And not far from the city of Xi'an was sixteen specified location of the pyramids. New Zealand aviator Bruce Kagi in 1963 sought diaries and Schroeder article, written in 1912. Fred Meyer Schroeder was a trader from Australia and led caravans of the Great Wall of China into the country. One day he was driving along the Mongolian-Chinese border with the Mongol emperors spiritual guru, who said: "We will pass the pyramid. Seven of them, and they are located near the ancient capital of China Xian Fu (on a modern map is Xian). "

"After several days of tedious drive, we suddenly noticed something towering on the horizon. At first glance it looked like a mountain, but it came closer, we saw that it was the construction of a four-well flat beveled edges and tip. "

Schroder felt reverent wonder at the most magnificent creation of human hands, which he had seen in his life. It shook the idea that people have the knowledge to enable them to plan and construct a building, now completely disappeared from the face of the earth.

"We approached them from the east, says Schroeder, and saw that it was in the northern group of three giants, and the rest of the pyramid consistently decreased in size to the smallest in the south. They extended to six or eight miles across the plains, towering over cultivated land and settlements. They were under the noses of the people and were totally unknown to the Western world.

Great Pyramid was about a thousand feet in height (about three hundred meters, almost twice as high as the pyramid of Cheops), and almost one and a half thousand feet at the base of 500 meters, that is twice the pyramid of Cheops). The four sides of the Chinese pyramids were strictly oriented on the compass points. Each face of the pyramid was a different color: black meant the north, east green and blue, red and white south west. The flat top of the pyramid was covered with a yellow ground.

Once on the faces of the pyramid are the steps leading to the top, but now they have been inundated with fragments of stones, crumbled on top. At the bottom of the stairs looked through roughly hewn native stone (a stone of about three square feet).

The very same pyramid, like most buildings in China was mud. Along its walls were huge trough-sized mountain canyons. They, too, were covered with stones. On the slopes there were trees and bushes, smoothing the contours of the pyramid and giving it a resemblance to a natural site. I captured the spirit of this magnificent spectacle.

We drove around in search of the pyramid entrance, but did not find anything. " When Schroder Bogdykhan asked about the age of the pyramids, he said that it is more than five thousand years. When asked why he believes Bogdyhan said: "In our oldest books written five thousand years ago, these are referred to as the ancient pyramids."

Schroeder was one of the very few Europeans who were lucky enough to see the pyramid complex in Shaanxi, and there is hope that the Chinese authorities will remove the veil of secrecy in the future and allow outsiders here.

"The main thing that interested me, says American researcher Vance Tede, the geographic coordinates of the Chinese pyramids. Xi'an is located at the 34 degrees north latitude. A location plan is very similar to the Chinese pyramids of Egypt. This suggests that their construction of a hand in the same ancient builders belonging to the same civilization. I vaguely knew that each of the pyramids served a specific function, and that between the pairs of pyramids from different parts of the world there is some geometric correspondence. If the Egyptian complex is located on the 30th degree of north latitude, the Chinese set at the 34 th degree. I think that someday will calculate many different relations between the coordinates of Giza Plains and Shanxi, Williamson stated in a letter Tede that the pyramid in Shanxi, designated number four on the map, was in all likelihood the same structure, which was photographed in 1947. "According to my estimation, writes on VA Tede — could be a link between it and the great pyramid of Cheops, as laid the foundation of both the number 16944. Computer indicated the pyramid N 6 as the most interesting in the group.

A distance along the circle drawn between the pyramid N 6 in Shanxi and the Great Egyptian, was found to be 3849 degrees 5333 minutes of arc value or nautical miles (plus or minus one hundred feet). This is equal to 64.15888 degrees. This number is twice squared is equal to 16944430 harmonic equivalent mass.

The distance between the pyramids NN 4, 5 and 6 in Shanxi and the Great Egyptian Pyramid, calculated in degrees of arc values gives the same number.

These initial results indicate that the harmonic equivalent of the mass associated with the center of the light field, has some connection with the location of pyramid complexes in the world. As a result, a variety of mathematical combinations invariably pops up number 16944430.

There is no doubt that the biggest pyramid perform a specific function in each group, and in time we will know which of the pyramid complex in Shaanxi biggest. But in each group as a whole based on all the harmonic relations allowing to resonate in unison with all the existing fields (light, magnetic, etc.). What does this mean? We now know that if you build electronic stations in various parts of the globe, geometrically related to each other in phase, we can keep the connection between two points across the globe. Perhaps these ancient structures were built for the same purpose. The location of the pyramids, and perhaps other ancient structures could be due to some electronic process.

It is possible that within the pyramids were special electronic devices that excite vibrations necessary for communication. All entries for this lost through the ages. And maybe for communication and did not need any tools except the pyramids? The very same design made it impossible to direct the exchange of thoughts, if priests or scientists housed in special rooms inside the pyramids in a well-defined point.

Contact could not be limited to the Earth. Under certain conditions was possible contact between the different dimensions or through millions of miles of space. The globe was used as a transmitter. A lot of assumptions, but so far no real answers. "

These reflections Tede Vance and George Williamson were published only in Western countries, and in the Russian translation of this unique study done in 1991, the Vladivostok newspaper "The nature of the anomalous phenomena," a joint publication with an international UFO organization IKUFON. Without these studies, the world in general would not have learned about Chinese pyramids. It is surprising that Shanxi Province falls in the middle of the ribs pentagon "Russian grid." And this refers Vance Tede:

"In my last book I mentioned that two Russian specialists in electronics and Valery Makarov design engineer Vyacheslav Morozov published in the scientific journal" Chemistry and Life "of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR," Theory of a worldwide network of energy meridians. " The geometric pattern of the grid was different from mine, but it was opened the same mathematical relationships. I remember that the two systems complement each other and fit into one concept. The basis of their article went to study in various fields of geochemistry, ornithology and meteorology. They claim that the earth forms a double ordered structure. The first grid -12 pentagons, 12 second grid of triangles form icosahedrons. They argue that by imposing these two grids is possible to comprehend a network of energy channels of the Earth.

Looking at the chart, I realized that if the Russian right, on the same latitude as the Great Pyramid at 72 degrees east longitude, the other must be a pyramid or other megalithic structures. And this place has fallen on the eastern outskirts of the Chinese city Setchan. There is evidence and photographs of the great pyramid, located in a mountainous area on the border of China and India. I am sure that this pyramid is closer to the Indian border. To obtain further information from readers, I have to get a report. During the Second World War, the U.S. Air Force pilots made many flights over the Himalayas between India and China, providing Chinese army provisions and ammunition. During one of these flights through a place called "Valley of Death", one of the pilots named James Kausman began to act up the engine, an engine almost stalled, and it was a nightmare in a country where the weather conditions are normal, if you fly over mountain peaks, then get into the area of eternal ice, and if the lower between the mountains around you dense fog and clouds. When it was freezing fuel Kausman decided to embark lower, although it was very dangerous. The plane was strange zigzagging over the tops of the mountains towards the base, which was located in the Indian state of Assan. Kausman flew over the valley. And then right at the bottom, he saw a gigantic white pyramid! It was made of white shiny material. It could be a kind of metal or stone. It was pure white on all sides. At its top was a huge crystal, gleaming like a jewel. It could be a man-made crystal. The crew was struck by the enormous size of the pyramid. To land near it was not possible. Kausman pyramid circled three times. Then he saw under the wing of the river Brahmaputra and flew to his base. He was confident that if this pyramid discovered, it will hit the whole world.

Why are silent about it, scientists studying satellite photos? The entire area is covered with centuries of mystery. But now with the help of cameras placed in orbit, we can see any point on the surface of the globe.

This question Vance Tedatak remained unanswered, although this huge marble pyramid, located on the border of China and India, have already taken military satellites and pictures were miraculously to the press. These photos we provide. But research on why this pyramid is located at 72 degrees east longitude from the Pyramid of Cheops, is still there. And the fact of the existence of the pyramids and pyramids of Shaanxi Province hiding space agencies superpowers.

Kausman mentions the "Valley of Death", which it passed in front of the pyramid. About this valley, located in the province of Sichuan, are legendary. It is also called "Valley of black bamboo." In the summer of 1950 there was gone about a hundred people, as reported in the press, and for some unknown reason the plane crashed. In 1962, the valley swallowed geologists, survived only a conductor, he described the incident: "As soon as the squad entered the gorge, his thick fog enveloped. Heard indistinct sounds, and when the shroud was dispersed, the site was empty.

Recently, the anomalous zone of Szechuan visited scientists. They believe that the cause of the local poor rich fumes from rotting plants, from which a person begins to choke, losing direction and dies in the deep clefts, which many in this place.

But recently discovered a strong magnetic field in the "Valley of black bamboo." Such a field is open in another Chinese "Valley of Death", located in the mountains Chanbayskih Jilin Province, where he mysteriously disappears and people are fighting aircraft. At this point begins to go crazy with the compass, and the people fall into a strange state, losing memory and orientation. The travelers are circling here in one place and can not find my way.

Is not that mysterious barrier of the strongest magnetic field protection from outsiders, so they do not find their way to the Great pyramid of marble, the essence and the purpose of which is unlikely we will be able to solve in the coming years. We can only guess what this mysterious place belongs to another, or an alien civilization that may have led our civilization. Marble pyramid, probably as many thousands of years, like Mars or Egyptian, but as yet no one in the world could not understand and decipher the complex power grid, which is left to us alien civilizations millions of years ago, but that a cosmic scale is still in effect and we have nothing of this suspect.

Warns us about it and Helena Blavatsky, "The Great Dragon has respect only Snakes Wisdom, nor traces of which are now under the triangular stones" (From the book Dzian).

In other words, under the "pyramids on the four corners of the world." The adepts, or wise men of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth races lived in underground shelters, usually under structures, a kind of pyramid, if not under the pyramid. For, like the pyramids existed in the four corners of the world and have never been the monopoly of the country of the Pharaohs, though really there was speculation that they were the exclusive property of Egypt, until it was discovered that they were scattered all over the Americas.

If Europe is no longer there are real, geometrically precise pyramid, it nevertheless many of the previously proposed Neolithic caves, as well as a huge triangular pyramid and conical menhirs in Morbigane in Britain … and numerous Danish timuli (mounds), and even the grave Giants in Sardinia with their inseparable companions "nuraghi" they are all more or less rough copy of the pyramids.

Most of them are the works of the first inhabitants of the races, settled on a newborn mainland and islands of Europe, some of which are "yellow, brown and black and the other red" remained alive after the last dive of the continents and islands of the Atlantic 850,000 years ago, except for the island, said Plato, and the coming of the great Aryan races, while others were built the very first immigrants from the East. "

Is not our modern science is at least somewhat agree with these brilliant ideas of Helena Blavatsky? No, science attributes to the pyramids and Stonehenge two or three thousand years before Christ, and no more. At the same time, our science believes that our Earth 4, 5 billion years, and mankind is only five thousand years?

But back to the Chinese pyramids. Schroder in 1912 describes only seven pyramids near the city of Xian. But George Williamson, in his letter to Vance Tede points to the location of sixteen Chinese Pyramids, "Schroeder was first around the pyramid, which I labeled number four … Two small pyramids to the east of No. 4, he probably would not have noticed. He writes that he saw the seven pyramids. In fact this group of ten. The tenth is a good distance from the ninth, and I think he was able to see her. Perhaps she, too, is small in size.

Number 4 on the map is, in my opinion, the Great Pyramid, its height about one hundred feet. A pyramid Room 3 has a height 500 feet. The village is about … Paymaodzun 4th pyramid should be, the same village, which is visible in the background photograph taken later in 1947.

So, we've got 16 pyramids in Shanxi province, among them three giant repeating arrangement of Egyptian pyramids. But the three pyramids in China more than doubled the Great Pyramids, and they repeat a copy of Martian pyramids, located on Mars, on the plateau of the Bastion.



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