The mechanism which is difficult to suspend

In September, the British and Russian media reported that some analog "Magnitsky list" is now in London. So Makar, the people involved in the death of a Russian lawyer bullpen, in the future could be closed as early as lap two countries. The fact that this controversial move is unlikely to help conduct a real investigation of the death of Sergei Magnitsky, in an interview with "Rosbaltu" said Dr. international relations department of the Military research the Royal Institute in London, a senior researcher at the "think tank" New American Foundation Anatol Lieven.

— What do you think about the decision to ban the South American race in the United States to certain Russian politicians and bureaucrats — people from the so-called "Magnitsky List"? How effective this step, whether it will some results?

— I do not think that this move somehow affects the Kremlin. It may force people to think of any, but less so. Until such time as the United States did not follow for other countries, and this action will not carry an international character, its impact will be limited. Importantly, what it may lead — is worsening relations between the West and Russia. The emergence of such a list — this is a precedent, which can then be used, including against American officials and politicians. Among them there are people who were involved in the obscure stories that took place around the world, and their names will be entirely possible in the "blacklist." Although, of course, the usual approach is to negotiate with the representatives of the country, and not to solve the sample to "punish" them, as it is not provided international law.

In addition, you must keep in mind that the compilation "Magnitsky list" is not a legal decision. List has not been entered on the verdict of any court, it is a political act passed by the South American Congress. And it also undermines its value.

Together with those to Russian side as before very many questions in connection with the case Magnitsky. Russian government has most severely investigate the incident, and Russian citizens and Russian parliamentarians should seek to do so. United States simply can not investigate the death of Magnitsky, and, indeed, they were not entirely concerned. But this does not mean that the matter should not be investigated in general.

— It has become clear that such a list is now in the UK. It affects whether you have it? We should expect the growth in the number of states that are guided by a list of Magnitsky?

— I never surprised when England repeats something for the United States. This is the everyday modus operandi for London. Yet only recently the Western colonial powers committed terrible things in various parts of their own empires, but if something similar to "list Magnitsky "would be taken against British officials, the British public opinion would just explode with anger. Even if it was about the people who in fact have done terrible things. So it's a very contradictory situation.

I do not think that the other EU countries — for example, France and Germany — will go to such measures. Maybe those countries that copy outside the U.S. in its own policy to do so. I hope that the Poles to refrain from doing so, as the Polish-Russian business has just started to improve.

— Some Russian politicians argue about the ability of a symmetrical response. If that happens, then we will, indeed, long waits "diplomatically winter" …

— I hope that the Russian Federation will have enough common sense not to answer the same measures as for the other to be launched mechanism, which it will be very difficult to stop. And it is very much affect relations between the countries. But, on the other hand, if someone has done something similar for the U.S. or the UK, then they would immediately retaliated.

— Were there precedents in England? Or, are usually not allowed into the country of those who are in international criminal lists — terrorists, drug dealers, etc.? Which companies were Russian bureaucrats?

— Usually in the race to England denied if there is substantial evidence that people involved in international criminal activity, or else a warrant from Interpol. How do I clear precedents "Magnitsky list" no. It has never forbade check bureaucrats from other large countries.

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