The methods of information war: the West against Russia

The Western world prefers to wage war without contact, information warfare — his favorite instrument.

The real masters of the West replace the values of other peoples to own. Thus, the core values of Russia have long had such a thing as Truth, Justice, Creative Work, Love, Conscience, Catholic-communities. From these pillars on which rests the Russian civilization, to build the whole system of values.

Puppeteers of the Western world could gradually, evenly replace Russian concepts to their — competitiveness, individualism, selfishness, Sex, Fear, Gain, Enjoyment, making people capable of defeat in open battle at least some of the enemy, in a perverted animal.

Apart from the replacement of the basic concepts on which the plan is built fabric of life of all civilization, puppeteers began to crush the historical memory, crossing mucky, distorting the origins, the fulcrum, pull up the roots of the Russian people.

They succeeded, that many Russian people do not believe in yourself, in people, in their strength. They have forgotten that the Russian 150 million, and if you include the Belarusians and Ukrainians, which equates to one creator superethnos Russov, we have more than 200 million. This power, which is considered the world! All planetka remember that we are "Scythians, Huns," that we are the descendants of those who break apart though any enemy's invasion, those who took Warsaw, Königsberg, Berlin, Paris, those who took the forbidding mountain passes of the Alps. We are the direct descendants of those who gave us a huge area from the Caucasus to the Kuril Islands. We are the direct descendants of those who for 10 years has managed to overcome the 50-year gap between the advanced nations of the West, and prevailed against the creatures of darkness — Hitler's Nazism, these stately people still among us.

You should always keep in mind the instructions of Alexander Suvorov

— Russian and therefore we will win!

— Do not fear death, then surely pobesh. A man can die but once.

— Threats better to go forward, rather than wait on the spot.

— Obedience, training, discipline, cleanliness, health, neatness, courage, courage, courage — a victory.

— The three main advantages of the leader: courage, intelligence, health (physical and mental).

— Without virtue, no glory, no honor.

Rus was majestic, often remember his sayings and "Science of Victory", who do not read — read.

Part of the Russian people still keeps the memory, here is a good example —

At times like hamsters in zhezhe and people are quite experienced in real life, express the same idea.
Like, "if the attack on this country, then to end it, none of it will not make war, the collapse of the army, some to wage war, people will sit and wait."
It's so strange to, I decided to speak out.
My dear friend.
Let me describe to you a similar disposition.
Here, for example, NATO struck the first blow. Part of the core, but the main thing — do not.
Well, there is our sluggish in response, turned out badly, tanks run across the border, the advanced units overturned, crushed and partly destroyed, fleeing to the east. The resistance of small, "Abrams" bar on Moscow.
Here begins a certain discrepancy between perceptions and reality hamsters.
In fact, when a similar issue where the perceived need to happen subsequently.
At your door call.
Opening it, you're hungover uzreesh ment, more hangover and a pair leteh sodlat.
For you will hand over the agenda and utter that the order of the Supreme Commander you are called up for military service. And I have to pack up and get out of the house right at the moment, otherwise you will be arrested.
Realizing that more of them and they are stronger together, you obey, and, dressed in horrible, with a couple of changes of underwear and socks, get out into the yard.
There will be a bus stand. An old and pokotsali. Either two.
It will sit your neighbors — the same which you have every day beheld in the parking lot when he came back for his own "Corolla" in the morning.
You svezut the nearest Lads Camp. They are not currently listed as Training Grounds, but returned a short time.
However, in the barracks will miss the windows, and hide NIGHT MODE will have a mattress, but it is not fatal.
Naskoryak you teach. You vyroesh another five-trenches "in growth." Shoot three or four hundredths of AK ammunition, several 10-s time kolnesh bayonet withered scarecrow.
Will throw a fake grenade. 10 times.
One thing for you would have to run on the field under explosions of firecrackers on the go shooting blanks.
Later, the same thing you do NIGHT MODE, under hanging in the sky, illuminating projectiles, not fully understanding what you're doing.
There, however, are the men who will make two 10-ka shot of Granicus. But you — no.
And later you hunt for war.
Like you at the appointed place he met others who fired guns, pulled out from the warehouses of storage — on some of them you uzreesh stigma of "1956."
Later, catch up with others — have seized on them will be a "citizen" and KamAZ ZIL, which brushes hastily repainted in olive green.
You will be walking in the middle of senior officers — personnel, who sent you to command, and when you get to behold what eyes they are looking at you, you will create the horror and pity.
Next to these are leveraged already pulled an emergency, and you'll be with greed to elicit them all in a row, subconsciously knowing that you do not know what you need for survival.
You will have a battered steel helmet — not that which thou beheld on TV before the war.
You will not have Bronicas — for you it will not be enough. You will kirzachi shoe instead. But at least for you not to get Russian form — in the middle and you will be the ones who gave his coat and breeches might.
On the last day will come scowling gray-haired general with a thick belly. He will hand you the commander of the banner, will deliver what you are now — 105th Motor Rifle Brigade and should proudly bear the name. He hopes that you will do your own debt.
Standing army, where were the real tanks and real fighters, which were common in Kevlar helmets and boots, has died, there is no one you feed.
In the afternoon you will antitank who lucky — one-RPG for you of an old anti-tank grenades and languorous, two pieces.
In sysadmin to be followed in the list after you, will generally SKS carbine instead of the machine. And he is not one such.
Later on you own requisitioned trucks, towing the little old gun, leave the deployment area.
Pobombit adjacent columns, you will build cars and scorched corpses, but you have time to turn around on the ground and dig.
To give you vodka, and you will in turn applied to the fusel bottle, since you have forgotten to give out mugs.
And then finally with the world on the thread gathered host will stop the hordes sverhtehnologichny tanks, boats, helicopters and airplanes. Around the flame will be hell at the last second before the first explosion on your positions you with fear finally realize how the enemy stronger.
And then they will go on the attack, and you will stop them with his gun and a pair of grenades. A system administrator — a carbine and a grenade. And it would seem that's all.

And you know what, young man?

You stop them. Yes, yes, that's exactly do and do it, and then you stop them again in another place, and then you drive them back, and, mark my words, votknesh flag in the ruins of their capital.
And if you destroy, it will make the system
administrator. And if you destroy it, too, the one that is similar to the fag Tipoca who was selling phones in the store across the street. And if it is destroyed, then the bastard who you thrashed for what he shits in the entrance. If not you, then one of them will make it fail.

Just because they will have to be suspended, as in the one day when they were not suspended, darkness will cover the universe, as this will be the end of mankind. Since this will be the end of everything in general.

Just remember — they always stopped. With that, they have always been stronger. And at this time, that honor falls to you, homyachek.
Since no one else.

ZY I seem to understand that and I'm waiting, but unlike you, I know about it and how to treat a certain irresistible givens. Why and specifically to address to you, because you do not know something. In the end, you can dissemble and squirm as you like, but impossible to avoid death. When you pronikneshsya that, for you, too, will be simple and easy (

And here is another example of the hotel I passed.

Extracts from the Order of Stalin "Not one step back!"
The Order of the People's Commissar of Defence of the USSR on July 28, 1942.

Some stupid people … on the front console themselves with the discussions that we can continue to retreat to the east, because we have a lot of terrain, lots of land, a lot of people, and the bread that we will always be in surplus. In this way they want to justify their shameful behavior at the front. But such discussions are thoroughly phony and false, only profitable for our opponents.

Each commander, political commissar of the Red Army and to realize that our resources are not unlimited. Russian territory of the country — this is not a desert, and the people — workers, farmers, intellectuals, — our fathers, mothers, spouses, brothers, kids. The territory of the USSR, which is captured and aims to capture the enemy — is the bread and other products for the army and the home front, metal and fuel for industry, factories, factories, supplying the army with arms and ammunition, steel road. After the loss of Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, the Donets Basin and the other areas we have much smaller area, therefore much less people, bread, metal, plants and factories. We have lost more than 70 million people, more than 800 million tons of grain a year and more than 10 million tons of steel per year. We do not already dominate the Germans nor in human reserves, no bread's stores. Retreat further — means to kill themselves and kill coupled with the fact our country. Each new piece of terrain will be left us in every way and in every possible way to strengthen the enemy to weaken our defenses, our homeland.

Because you need to stop the root of the debate that we are able to retreat without end, we have many areas, our country is great and rich, a lot of people, bread is always in surplus. Such discussions are false and harmful, they weaken us and strengthen the enemy, because if we do not stop the retreat will be without bread, no fuel, no metal, no raw materials, no factories, no railways.

From this it follows that it is time to end the retreat.

Not one step back! So now should be the top prize.

Need stubbornly to the last drop of blood to defend every position, every meter of Russian countryside, clinging to every scrap of Russian land and defend it to the last ability.

Russia is going through languorous days are. We must pause, and then discard and destroy the enemy, whatever it may cost us. The Germans are not as strong as it seems alarmist. They strain their last strength. Withstand their impact at the moment, in the coming months — which means to ensure our victory.

Can withstand the blow, and later discard the enemy to the west? Yes we can, because our factories and plants in the rear are now working perfectly and our front gets all the more and more planes, tanks, artillery, and mortars.

What are we missing?

There is a lack of order and discipline in companies, battalions, regiments, divisions, in the armored units and air squadrons. This is now our main drawback. We need to set our army strict order and discipline of the metal, if we want to save the situation and defend the homeland …

Since then, the steel law of discipline for each commander, Red Army, and commissar should be a requirement — not a step back without order from higher command.

Company, battalion, regiment, division, appropriate commissars and political workers, retreating from the battle without orders from above are traitors to the motherland. With these commanders and political workers to do as the traitors of the motherland.

Such a call Russia.

Making this call — means to defend our land, save the motherland, to destroy and defeat the hated enemy …

As these words are reminiscent of our days are, Russ retreat, losing their native land, the enemy is strong and tough, but no one, except ourselves can stop him …

We are Russian, and God is with us!

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