The Minister of Defence has confirmed the helicopter recovery school in Saratov

The Minister of Defence has confirmed the helicopter recovery school in SaratovRussian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov looked promising probable site for construction Helicopter School in Saratov. A high-ranking bureaucrat sent over 20 thousand signatures of residents of the regional center, supporting the idea of recreating a military university in the town. Deputies say that this will create new jobs, and also note intrigued by the regional government in the project.

As told in the regional government, the visit on Thursday, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has been dedicated to the construction, to be exact, rehabilitation Helicopter School in the regional center. Sovereign Serdyukov looked promising site for building the future of the university. Also, being in the military School pos.Sokolovy in the Saratov region, he held a meeting on the creation of the flight school. As one of the possible sites for the location of the school called the territory disbanded last year Caratovskogo Higher Military Institute of Radiation, Chemical and biological protection. The final decision about the site perceive the Ministry of Defence.

Recall that in January Saratovites collected signatures for an appeal to Vladimir Putin to return to the closed 20 years ago, Saratov Higher Military Aviation School pilots. The document, which was planned to send the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, it was said that the letter — a "reaction to the reduction of armed forces and the first military education institutions (HEIs) of Russia."

State Duma deputy Nikolai Pankov argues that passed yesterday by the Minister of Defence of the appeal is more than 20 thousand signatures.

"In the near future the Government of Russian Federation, many manufactured, developed advanced weapons systems, the troops received brand new military equipment, conducted large-scale military exercises and maneuvers, built a lot of homes for discharged military personnel in store. But there are still severe difficulties for our defense industry. This is recognized and controlled the country. Military science is not in the best position — its development is not enough money. All this can reduce the potential defense of the state ", — stated in the text of the appeal.

Saratov Higher Military Aviation School Pilots (Saratov VVAUL) — Flight School in the town of Saratov. It was from 1969 to 1991 and has specialized in the training of pilots for the Army Aviation. Flight training school students was conducted in 3 educational Helicopter Regiment, based at the airfield, "Sokol" Saratov region — there is within Syzransky VAI, "Ozinki" Saratov region — disbanded, "Serdobsk" Penza region — disbanded. In 1991, the School was disbanded, and the students transferred to Ufa VVAUL.

The founder of Renaissance military Helicopter School was the head of the Saratov Oleg Grishchenko. In February of this year at a meeting in the Ministry of Defence was supported. The Emperor himself Grishchenko Commenting on the event, said that "this decision is very crucial for the Saratov, because for the last 20 years have been closed four military establishments of 5, and the need for specialists at the moment is very high, there are those who are willing to work there teacher and very many wanting to get this profession. "

Nikolai Pankov also emphasizes the social aspect of the new project. "The region is a significant investment and new jobs. Our children will have the opportunity to receive professional training in modern conditions without leaving the boundaries of the region, "- he says. His co-worker Olga Batalina argues that "in the field has accumulated a wealth of experience in training pilots, formed by Prof. tradition, the act of teaching and training facilities." "Anatoly Serdyukov said that severe visible support for this idea in the region, sincere intrigued by the fact that the project was successfully implemented, a sense of shared, teamwork region governor Valery Radaeva, deputies of the State Duma, representatives of Saratov garrison pilots," — she added.

Note that at this time in Russia there is only one helicopter School — Syzran VVAUL in the Samara region. Until next time, the university threatened to disband the military, but on 13 January this year, the headquarters of the Army Air Forces decided to maintain Helicopter School Syzran.

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