The Ministry of Defence has dispelled the myth that Stalin deported all the prisoners in the Gulag

The Ministry of Defence has dispelled the myth that Stalin sent all the prisoners in the GulagIn fact, all the inhabitants of the Russian Federation knows is popular among liberals stereotype that the "bloodthirsty tyrant" Stalin sent prisoners of war who were languishing in captivity Nazis in Russian camps.

This dark myth appeared in the late Soviet Union, often found in films in the works of liberal writers in Russia and in the West.

Major-General Alexander Kirilin, head of the Defense Ministry to perpetuate the memory of those killed in defense of the Fatherland, at a meeting with journalists in the Fund to promote research security problems "Science-XXI", said: "For some reason, has become the norm to believe that there was an order of Stalin Tipo all prisoners of war be considered traitors, and their families — to punish. Had never seen such documents. "

Russian control of poorly applied to the prisoners, often surrendered prisoners without offering any resistance, but there are no regulations that would have confirmed the status of prisoners of war as traitors.

It is often the Western "historians" generally brazenly lie, so, for example: Joachim Hoffman in "Stories of the Vlasov Army", argues that the weight of prisoners of war died in Stalin's camps. Peru this figure, generally belong to such a fantastic on its own arrogance phrases as "Stalin outlined, and then carried the war against the German Reich as an aggressive fighter and … Incitement to murder of German prisoners of war and the wounded were the order of day or the first day or the war and took on the devil's swing when Reddish army at the end of 1944, Germany and headed for the countryside, following the own leaders and political agencies began to kill, rape, pillage and burn the German civilian population leaving the occupied territories it a trail of blood, including in the weeks after the May 8, 1945. "

To the credit of the Germans, most of it is not at heresy and falsification, and are often served on him at the tribunal, with accusations of revanchism and rehabilitation of Nazism.

But, here in Russia it has found many adherents, because the deceased has Alexander Solzhenitsyn, they sang on the theme of "exposing the horrors of Stalinist totalitarianism." And along came to the conclusion that "the methods of warfare and command and control, used by Stalin and the Soviets did not have analogues in the armies of other countries at their own barbarity and a contradiction of international law." Sounds like "do not have analogues", you need to consider the German army, the Land of the Rising Sun, the United States have been subjected to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, acting purely in the framework of international law.

With the notable Vladimir Rezun, which Called "Suvorov" Hoffman became friends on the topic: Stalin wanted to capture Europe, but Hitler struck a preemptive strike.

One of the fakes are very popular in some circles, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian historian rubbished Dyukov. Sozhenitsyn in the famous "The Gulag Archipelago" refers to the order number 0019 of July 16, 1941, where Stalin Tipo recognized that: "At all (!) Fronts are numerous (!) Elements that are even running towards the enemy (!) And the first contact with him throwing weapons "(Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956. M., 1990. Pr. 3. S. 22).

But there is no such order in nature. From July 16, 1941 has a resolution of the Municipal Committee of Defense-169ss number 00381 of the arrest of the commander of the Western Front, General Pavlov and other senior officers. And it says right back words than Solzhenitsyn wrote: "… part of the Red Army in the battle against German invaders almost always hold high the banner of the majestic Russian authorities and behave satisfactorily, and from time to time — just heroically, defending the homeland from Nazi looters . "

Often recall the famous decree number 270 of August 16, 1941, there are such harsh words: "Is it possible to sustain the ranks of the Red Army cowards, deserters and surrendering to the enemy prisoner, or such cowardly bosses who at the first hitch on the front rip off insignia and deserting to the rear? No you can not! If you give vent to these cowards and deserters, they lay the short term and our army will destroy our country. Cowards and deserters should be destroyed. "

The document orders to shoot commanders and political workers who rip off decals, surrendering to the enemy, or running to the rear.

Orders each serviceman if some had been surrounded, to use all the skills to get through to her, and if the commander or fighter group would prefer to give up, to destroy them.

Measures tough, even ruthless, but there was a war, and not just a war, but a war for the survival of the Russian people, the liberal baby talk peace time there was no room.

By order of the number 270, surrendered prisoners were considered malicious deserters' families are subject to arrest as a family have violated the oath and betrayed their homeland, "but it only concerned the families of commanders and political workers. Families fighter (Red) captured deprived of state aid and grants.

This item is only of the order looks so scary, in fact, according to General Kirilina, commanders often sabotaged this item. They fed information about the fighters who surrendered as a missing: "According to official reports, during the war we have of more than 5 million missing prisoners of war are recorded on the strength of 100,000. De facto, this is 4.5 million. That is, most of the missing persons — prisoners of war. Everyone knew it. I'm sure he knew Stalin, Molotov, and knew, Shaposhnikov, Zhukov, Antonov, Vasilevsky. "

Thus, the "terrible blood-sucker" Stalin, knowing that most of the "missing" surrendered, gave the order, according to which in funeral notices wrote "faithful oath, military duty, and the socialist homeland", was missing. This notice has been and certificate on which the family paid the allowance.

General Kirilin also refuted the legend of the conclusion of the polls released from captivity in the camp. According to official figures, of 1,832 thousand people who came back from enemy captivity, the others were subjected to repression or 333,400 people.

Moreover, not all were specifically in the Gulag, someone was sent to restore the destroyed town, factory, without infringing on the rights of civilians, some drafted into the army. Part was 6 years old settlements (such as links), and after him, without a mark on the conclusion, could live in any town of the Union (not including closed).

After acquaintance with similar information, dark myth about the sad fate of Russian prisoners of war, after their release, it looks like a very bad idea. Designed to dishonor our past. Until the end of the stateliness Russian war, more than 90% of all released after checking in special camps of the NKVD, SMERSH, vorachivalis reddish Army or were torn down to restore. And only a very small percentage, about 4%, were arrested, and about the same number were sent to wash away the blood of shame in shtrafchasti.

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