The Ministry of Defence has lost Rosoboronzakaz

The Ministry of Defence has lost "Rosoboronzakaz"The Federal Service for Defense Contracts ("Rosoboronzakaz") is out of control of the Ministry of Defence RF and now directly subordinate to the government. This is stated in the decree "On the structure of the federal bodies of executive power," signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on May 21, 2012. With all of this Federal Agency for the supply of arms, military and special equipment and material means ("Rosoboronpostavka") remained under the control of the military authorities.

So makarom ability to control placement of municipal defense contracts remained with Russian military department. "Rosoboronzakaz" is responsible for control performance defense procurement, and "Rosoboronpostavka" is the ordering agency of the Ministry of Defense.

In the middle of May 2012 Putin signed a decree according to which in Russia are to be made new bodies of executive power, directly subordinate to the Russian government and responsible for placing the state defense order and control its execution. Russian media meant that the new decree practically means speedy conclusion "Rosoboronzakaz" and "Rosoboronpostavki" out of control military. It was also assumed that due to this government wants to resolve the price differences between the military and defense companies.

Price differences between the Ministry of Defense and defense companies are the second year in a row are a prerequisite for late contracts and, as a consequence, disrupt the plans of certain defense contracts. Specifically, the company is not satisfied with the trial of war significantly lower prices for military products. In 2011, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation introduced a scheme of "20 + 1", according to which the mark-up on products of head contractor can not exceed 20 percent, and subcontractors — 1 percent.

May 10, 2012, Putin said that Ministry Defense RF and defense companies have signed a least 2-thirds of the contracts, scheduled under the current gosobornonzakaza year. The president also podtreboval from the War Department and the Military-Industrial Commission a detailed report on the situation. Later, the Government of the Russian Federation announced that the state defense order for 2011 was fulfilled by 96.3 percent. Earlier, Russian department evaluated the degree of fulfillment of the state defense order at 92.7 percent.

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