The Ministry of Defence izderzhalo 36 million rubles for the development of a website

The Ministry of Defence has spent 36 million rubles for the development of the siteInstead of computer games, which can make a worthy konkurentnst is popular strategy and shooter, Ministry Defense on your own Web site has four flash games, three of which — "Battleship", "Tetris" and "Minesweeper" — there are other online resources. With all of this fourth game "The test for the rank of" very much looks like fraudulent crafts with SMS. Ministry Defense for the development of the portal in the last year of the budget izderzhalo 36 million rubles, reports the newspaper "Izvestia".

The developers of computer games at all it is considered that the Defense Ministry is seriously overpaid. Agranovskii Anton, CEO of Destiny Development, engaged in the development of browser games, held that even if Ministry Defense created the games that are on the website department, without the help of others, the price of each of them could not exceed 320 thousand rubles.

— "The development of each of the games that are currently placed on the Ministry's website, you need a month and the efforts of three people — an artist and programmer flasher. At the same wages programmer and artist are about 100 thousand rubles per month, and wages flasher from 45 to 50 thousand. other words, the highest price development of such games, even when you consider the cost of electricity and the purchase of computers, is less than 10 thousand dollars, "- said in an interview with" Izvestia "Agranovskii.

— "For the 30 million rubles, you can make really exciting game, not conceding," Legends of the Dragon "or" Battle online "high-end graphics, a huge number of parts, the highest loads, the ability to keep constantly on the website approximately 10 thousand players," — explained the developer.

But Igor Konashenkov, head of the press service of the Ministry of Defence and disk imaging explained that these games take up only a small part of the information portal, made on these funds.

— "Made an information portal of the Ministry of Defence is fully modern information platform, which has virtually unlimited powers of development and filling it with multimedia content. Web site consists of several 10-s aimed at a specific subject sections that talk about the different qualities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and designed to various age categories of Internet users, "- said Konashenkov.

According to head of the press service, "Test for the rank" on the website of the Ministry of Defense did not appear the case: During the study the information needs of different age audiences found that "tests in the form of a game is one of the most effective forms of verbovaniya young audiences on the Web website of the Ministry. "

— "Positioning Shooting on such a resource is incorrect. Our main goal is to create something more cognitive and mental, rather than the usual load of ammunition, through the levels, shooting, and the like. Now conducted development more sophisticated goods. Those who wish to shoot, better go to the electric range, "- said the" News "Konashenkov.

Stop Ministry Defense is going. In a short time on the website of the Ministry will be two new tests — the first dedicated to the knowledge of Russian war of 1812, the second — the Air Force. To test were similar to the game and more than exciting, it is planned to equip them with 3D-graphics and infographics.

Platon Fomichev, those. Director of IT-companies Elverils notes that test knowledge of history with the help of graphs can not be reincarnated in a war game:

— Test even if a "screwed" multimedia is still a test. War Games — is not just questions and answers, it is a virtual world that has its own characters, weapons, equipment, and a host of other objects with which the player must guide the interaction.

According to the views of Fomichev, games, exposed on the web portal of the military departments are also not vsepolnotsennymi computer games, and only electric puzzles.

The idea of creation of military computer games, no matter what kids played "not for the Yankees, and for the Russian", was proposed in June 2010, Nikolai Pankov, State Secretary at the Ministry of Defense joint board of the Defense Ministry, General Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Education Minsportturizma. His proposal was a response to criticism of Sergei Sobyanin, the then deputy prime minister, which referred to the available methods of patriotic education ineffective and "mossy".

A year later, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev proposed to make the Russian equivalent of the well-known network World of Warcraft. In September 2011, two months later, the Ministry of Education announced a competition for the creation of "engine" (the technical core) games for 90 million rubles. But it did not take place due to lack of participants.

Most are popular computer games in the middle of a military orientation are the «War of Tanks» (strategy) and "IL-2 Sturmovik" (flight simulator). But development these games have not been associated with municipal puzzles of patriotism.

The website of the Defense Ministry developed an IT-company "Taxonomy." In 2010, she won the tender for 36 million rubles. Games are in the section "Multimedia".

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